Zen Chastity

I asked the Buddhist “what is the sound of one hand jerking?”    It’s a question that cock-caged chastity fuck will never answer from personal experience.

Though he has a clue, what with the monster cock I made him kneel before as it’s owner jacked off in his face.  I figure if he can’t use his own cock anymore, he should at least be reminded what they’re for.  So I let Monster-cock fuck his ass.

Poor little chastity boy.  He really seemed to think the little padlock I had him buy on the way over was for my cockatoo’s cage.  He had no idea just which little birdy was going to be locked away.

Silly idiot.. I would never do something so cruel to my beloved parrot.   But then, he acts like more of a man than little mister locked-cock.

To top it all off, after he left, I told him to call me, and I charged him to tell me all about how humiliated he was by the whole thing…  As he was talking, I was fucking the man whose dried cum he still wore on his face.

It’s just another fine day in Shaynaland.

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