Erotic Hypnosis, What is it?

How have I never explained Erotic Hypnosis before?Erotic Hypnosis

I just had a message from a lovely crossdresser who asked “What is Erotic Hypnosis?” [1] It surprised me to realize that I’d never before addressed this very basic question on my website.  I mean certainly, I’ve occasionally heard the question posed before.  Usually from some unsuspecting party when they learned I’m a professional Domme and asked for details. But for the most part, I tend to attract people who already know about Erotic Hypnosis.  Hell, of my tens of thousands of contacts, most found me because they were already searching for Erotic Hypnosis or feminization to begin with.

I realize I’ve been a little insulated in the kink community.  Increasingly, Erotic Hypnosis is becoming a go-to tool in a Mistress’ bag of tricks. These days, Erotic Hypnosis is almost as much a part of the sissifying game as the strap-on and panties. But all through the kinkster community, Erotic Hypnosis is being put to good use. It’s grown noticeably in both demand and supply over the past ten years.  For those who haven’t tried it, I highly recommend doing so. It can be a safe, sane way to ease into all forms of BDSM. And despite how hypnosis is portrayed in movies and TV, it’s always consensual. No one can be hypnotized without their consent.  No one can be made to do anything which goes against their moral compass. [2]

So again.. what the hell is Erotic Hypnosis?

Ok, so Erotic Hypnosis is when a hypnotist guides a subject into a trance which has an erotic element to it. The hypnotist in question may be a Dominant or not. The hypnotist could be the subject himself (self-hypnosis) or could be another person. It could be done face to face, by phone or voice-chat, through a prerecorded video or audio recording, or it could even be done just by having written text that the subject reads and follows as they relax.

Erotic Hypnosis may be used to guide a subject into a deeply relaxed, dream-like state where fantasies seem more intense.  In a trance, improbable or impossible fantasies become easier to accept and respond to. In this way, I’m able to guide them through a vicarious experience they could never have in real life.  In fantasy, they can become becoming a bubble-headed bimbo for a day, put on this planet only to take cock. In a trance, drinking cum can give them breasts.  Nothing is too unlikely.

Erotic Hypnosis could be used to intensify a reaction to erotic imagery.  It can also encourage an erotic response where there would have been little or none before. For instance, in Sissification Hypnosis, I often encourage my submissives to react with arousal to sissifying ideas or situations.  Things like wearing panties or putting on make-up will make them hard or harder than before.

Now, we come to another common question…

Does Erotic Hypnosis really work?

My answer is “it depends on you.”

I’ll explain. I’ve already stressed that hypnosis can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. That’s absolutely true. But for people who actually want to do what a hypnosis session prompts them to do, then absolutely. It can help reinforce their commitment, help them visualize success, and keep their mind on their goals.

I’ve made a good living making many, many Erotic Hypnosis mp3s. You can see for yourself by my reviews, that there are people who have come back to buy every one of my MP3s. All 200+ worth.  While I will flatter myself that it’s because I’m good at what I do, I’ll also be honest enough to say that it’s because this is what they want for themselves.

Everything about hypnosis, erotic or otherwise, is dependent upon the subject being hypnotized. No one can put you into a trance without your willingness to be tranced, no one can make you do anything, and frankly, the post-hypnotic effects of a single session generally last all of a few minutes. But as with anything, the more you do it, the more it will stick with you.


  1. Notice how I didn’t call her a “sissy?” If you’re unclear about the differences between a sissy and a crossdresser, feel free to call or contact me and I’ll be happy to clarify for you. The differences are subtle and sometimes take a series of anally invasive toys and cocks to figure out precisely where in the scale you fall.

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  1. For the sake of fantasy, a hypnotist will often portray imagery in which the person hypnotized has no control over what is happening to them.. while this may enhance the experience and feeling of submission, it is ultimately a lie. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do, even in Erotic Hypnosis.