The Ledger: A Fin-dom, Hypno-Fetish MP3

What a lovely little bit of creative visualization we have for you day, Poppet.  It’s just a little bit of tingling hypno-fetish, incorporating two of my favorite hobbies, wallet raping and mind fucking.  Before you know it, you’ll be chanting a new mantra, “ I put the penny in the piggy and I feel my peepee plump,” as you stroke away to financial destruction and heavenly bliss.

Looks like you can buy your way into heaven after all.. of course, once you’re hooked, I’m going to put you through hell.

And as always, you can enjoy the sweetly sadistic attentions of Mistress Shayna personally by calling her Femdom Phone Sex line.

2 thoughts on “The Ledger: A Fin-dom, Hypno-Fetish MP3”

  1. I miss You, Mistress. I hope you’re having a good summer. Thank you for the great MP3s but wish you would post more.

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