The Feminine Path: Feminizing Hypnosis MP3

all night long feminizing hypnosisAll Night Long Feminizing Hypnosis

Today’s feminizing hypnosis MP3 is a little break from the norm. Instead of taking you through a dream world of sissification and forced faggotry, this little gem is a simple deepener and intensifier to bring out your inner girl as you sleep.  It’s intended to play on a loop as you sleep, so that not a minute of your day is wasted in shaping you toward your girly goals.

There’s no real beginning, and certainly no end to the feminization you’ll experience through the night as you listen to this 10 minute MP3 on a loop, taking you continuously deeper and deeper into that blissfully feminine state.

After a night of listening to this feminizing hypnosis MP3, you’ll find it harder and harder to ignore those teasing, tingling, girly tendencies that have already begin to fill your thoughts.

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