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A New Glory Hole Sissy Video For My Pets



Your beloved Mistress Shayna has done it again and produced yet another sissy for the glory-hole.  You’ll salivate and stroke as you imagine yourself in her place, listening to Mistress Shayna urging you to take it deeper and make it squirt.  A five minute quickie is all you’ll be able to stand before you blow your load, just like the sissy in the video.. just $7.50.



And if you haven’t yet seen the last little sissy cocksucker to crawl up to the hole, you can enjoy my previous Glory Hole Sissy #1 video right here

Glory Hole Sissy #1: Hardcore Video

You lucky, lucky sissies.. I have such exciting news to you.

Your beloved Mistress is part of a small and exclusive group of flirst who have been beta testing some new features to Niteflirt.. I’ll be exlaining more in the next few days about how you’ll be able to search by keyword for all your favorite video, map, and picture files produced by your favorite flirts.

Another exciting new development is Niteflirt’s new record keeping status which means for you, that flirts like myself can now put hardcore porn up for sale without having to worry about being our own record keepers..


This weeks new release is a clitty-twitching glory hole sissy suck-off.  Listen to Mistress Shayna directing this cock loving little whore to take it all and give it all.

Just $7.50 for this little five minute quickie.. I bet that turns out to be twice the time you need.



Glory Hole Sissy