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Sissy ToDo List: 55 Ways to Go Fuck Yourself

Ok Sissy, you clearly can’t get enough of that deep down, depraved sissy fucking.

sissy fuck it list You want it any way you can get it.  Lucky for you, there are so many ways to get your sissy needs, and your sissy holes, filled.

Here’s a starter list of ways to go fuck yourself.   It also works well as a list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  You’re welcome, Sissy.


Sissy Fuckit List

  1. Shove a finger up your ringer
  2. Stuff it in a pocket pussy
  3. Pop a pen in your pooper
  4. With a hair brush handle up your hairy hole
  5. Boogie with a banana up your butt
  6. Back up to a butt plug
  7. Get it on with a glue stick
  8. Make out with a medicine bottle
  9. Zip a zucchini up that ass
  10. Lube up a lipstick tube
  11. Pump your dick between the pillows
  12. Corn-hole with a candy cane
  13. Spoon with a spoon handle
  14. Dildo your dung hole
  15. Cut a love tunnel into a honeydew
  16. Fist your dick
  17. Sit on a soda Bottle
  18. Cuddle with a carrot
  19. Flush out that cum with a toilet brush handle
  20. Cuddle with a candle
  21. Get baseball bat in your dugout
  22. Go dogging with some doggie toys
  23. Pop a popsicle in your pooper
  24. Make it with a marker
  25. Frig a flashlight
  26. Pound on a hammer handle
  27. Get it on with a condom filled with gelatin
  28. Shuck a shaver handle
  29. Cum with a cucumber
  30. Buddy up to a broom handle
  31. Stick it to a lubed up rubber glove
  32. Hum with a vibrator
  33. Cum on a condom filled with water and frozen
  34. Travel with a mini shampoo bottle
  35. Roll up with a roll of coins
  36. Cozy up to the couch cushions
  37. Ketchup with a condiment bottle
  38. Be all about the anal beads
  39. Perfume your ass with a cologne bottle
  40. Tug it with a Tenga
  41. Lay a PVC pipe
  42. Love a lint roller
  43. Fuck a Fleshlight
  44. Take a toothbrush handle
  45. Sit on a Summer squash
  46. Catch an orgasm with a fishing rod handle
  47. Cornhole yourself with a Corn cob
  48. Do a douche nozzle
  49. Screw a screwdriver handle
  50. Wave on a Magician’s Wand
  51. Sink a model submarine
  52. Slip the soap up there.
  53. Inflatable dong
  54. Beat off with a bratwurst
  55. Cum on a cock!


If you need more ideas, you could always check me out on Niteflirt.

Now go, be fruitful, ya fruity sissy fuck.  And have a happy Thanksgiving.


Gas, Grass, or Ass: A Sissy Road Trip MP3

I’ll tell you a secret.. I love big rigs.  I love big, butch, manly truckers.. you know, the kind of man you’re not.  I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip, just hitching rides from truck stop to truck stop.  But of course,  we all know the rules, ‘gas, grass, or ass, nobody rides for free.’  Of course, that’s not going to work for a Dominant Diva who doesn’t smoke, really doesn’t care to pay for anything, and god knows I’m not spreading *my* legs for some unwashed stranger with a big rig.  That’s what I have you for, my little sissy-whole.  Now grab your hooker-gear and click the button.. time for you to hear how it’s gonna go on this forced-bi, Femdom, road-trip of a lifetime.

Of course, the faggot fun doesn’t have to stop there. Call Mistress for more Forced-Bi Phone Sex.

The Sissy Maid: A Hypno-fetish MP3

The most erotic thrill you’ll ever know, the most intense pleasure you’ll ever feel, will always be connected to serving your Mistress.  You may think you’ve experienced the erotic pleasures of serving a femdom Goddess, but you haven’t yet tasted the intense arousal of being Mistress Shayna’s Sissy maid.  Welcome, pet.  You’ve just crossed over into the erogenous zone.


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The Peter Meter: Resetting Your Orientation MP3

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Pet.  With all the work we’ve been doing in faggotizing you, you’re still having those urges, aren’t you?  You just can’t help yourself.  You see a hot woman with a sweet pussy and you want to pretend you’re a man and go fuck her.

Nevermind, Poppet.  Mistress will fix it for you.  My little peter meter here will work as a sexual lie-detecter, telling me exactly what sights, sounds, and smells your little lizard brain responds to.  From there, it’s just a matter of rewarding the desirable responses.. and of course, punishing the undesirable.

In no time, you’ll be a proper little sissy-faggot, and the only woman who will hold any power over you will be your Mistress Shayna.  Won’t that be liberating for you, Pet?

Of course it will.

Now.. you just undress and lie on the exam table.. try to relax.  You’ll feel a little prick.. that’s alright, masturbation is allowed.


For more forced-bi phone sex fun, call your Femdom Phone Sex Goddess, Mistress Shayna

Slumber Party for the Sissy Brigade!

The sissy slumber party is a long running tradition for me and my little carnival of debauchery.  It’s impressive the hoops some people will jump through to please a small group of Mistresses.  Disgusting, cum-covered, hoops. 

Today’s release of teasing, denying, sissy-making, femdom deliciousness is all about one of those sensational sissy-fests.  You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll cream your little sissy-panties.



Doesn’t this all sound compelling? Not as compelling as Mistress Shayna’s Hypno-fetish phone sex.

Shayna’s Tranny Army Femdom MP3

Has the Femdom power finally gone to Mistress Shayna’s head?

Perhaps, perhaps not, but it’s time to start walking on eggshells either way, cause she’s been busy creating a vast army of sissies, faggots, and hypno-slaves. And guess who’s just become a new recruit?

That’s right myPoppet. You’ve just received your draft card into the Shayniac Tranny Army. What? You’re not a tranny? No worries, pet, that’s what boot camp is for.

Pack up your dildo, sissy-boi.. you’re in the army now and training is gonna be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.



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Panty Addict Edging MP3 and Picture Packs

What a little panty sniffing loser you are. 

   Luckily for you, Mistress is fully prepared to exploit that little addiction of yours with a glorious little panty-addict edging MP3. 

For those of you sissies who are unfamiliar with edging, it’s the ultimate in cock-controlling, teasing, and denying  games.  This little Femdom gem brings you to the point of no return again and again until you couldn’t possibly hold back from dribbling all over yourself.

As special treat today, I put together a second Pay to View to go with it.  This second temptation includes three cock-teasing images of Mistress in her panties.  Come and get it, cum-dribblers and panty-soakers.   

For personal abuse check out Mistress Shayna’s SensualDomination Phone Sex. For the niteflirt members, check out Shayna’s Niteflirt Phone Sex listings.

Gender Bending Femdom Role Reversal Fantasy: Male Nurse

It just makes a greedy Mistress’ heart bleed to see so many men unemployed or underemployed, unable to properly tribute their femdom Goddess. But of course, Mistress Shayna thinks of everything and has created a job training program with your very particular talents in mind, Poppets.

Welcome to the Shayniacs Work Release Program. And oh yes, work will be your release.

Just as Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corp helped lead us out of the Great Depression, I will lead my nation of sissies, mind-slaves, and assorted losers out of their great repression. Individually, you are pathetic, little men; collectively, you will be a mindless force to be reckoned with.

Grab your dicks and grab your credit card.. today’s job training will leave you as weak kneed as you are weak willed.

Today’s course?

Male Nursing:Prostate Exams

……… don’t ya just love the forced-bi fantasies?  Heh, forget I asked.  I know you do, ya sissy,

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Sexretary: Gender Bending Role Reversal Femdom MP3

Sissy Secretary  The economy is hurting.. or so I’ve heard.. and a lot of people are unemployed.. so the rumors say.. as for me, the Femdom business is booming and I need to take on a new secretary. Do you take dictation?

  You will.. you’ll take a lot of things from Mistress, won’t you?  Of course you will, Sissy. After all, what are little Sissy-sluts made for except to be put to use?

  Now be a good little office wife and get Mistress her coffee, sissy-slut.

Makes you want more, doesn’t it? Come and get your Mistress Phone Sex,then.

Sissy-Maid Tag Team Femdom MP3

I probably should not have let it get so far as it did…

but you know how it goes.  One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, the sissy-maid is being gang-banged by two straight guys who thought she was a bio-woman.

Ce la vie… that’s French-maid talk for “that’s how the tranny blows.”


Come and get it, sissy-faggot.

Don’t you love it? Want more? Of course you do, you’re a subbie little sycophant.For something different, try Shayna’s Hypnosis Fetish Phone Sex.