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Mind Control Hypno-fetish MP3: Losing Your Mind

mind controlHypno-fetish Mind Control: Your Wasted Mind is Mine Now.

You know you must have lost your mind to chase after such a destructive mind control and hypno-fetish fantasies.  You know you must be completely mad to be here, reading this.. thinking of buying my latest mind control and hypno-fetish mp3, even though you know it will only further your mind control and hypno-fetish addiction.  You know you must have lost complete control.  Well you know what they say, pet..  it’s time to admit you have no control and surrender yourself to a higher power.

I am your higher power, Poppet, and this is your audio thorazine.  I’ll take the control you’ve lost… control of your mind, control of your body, and control of your life.  It will all be alright and you need never think again.

Come.. get yourself a nice, cozy straight jacket and a comfy padded room.. you know you’re a Shayniac, and this is your mind control and hypno-fetish addiction.

mind control



Mind Control and Hypno-fetish MP3s, customized just for you.

On occasion, I take suggestions for mp3s that pique my interest and may appeal to my usual listeners.  For those who want something more personalized, or something I don’t think I could sell to my listeners, you can still get a custom mp3.

The cost is $4.99 per minute with a usual running time of 20 minutes.  A deposit of 50% of the estimated final cost is due before  recording begins with the remainder do upon completion.   Turn around from the time a deposit is paid and the time you receive your mp3 is usually within 2 business days.   It’s best to email me at niteflirt phone sex  to be sure I’ll do the recording you have in mind and confirm I’m not on vacation that week.

mind control

Hypnotic Mistresses: Following More than the Swinging Watch

hypnotic mistressesHypnotic Mistresses

Hypnotic Mistresses, for those not in the know, don’t just spend their days dangling watches in front of unsuspecting victims to turn them into their mind control fuck-zombies.

Well, not all of us anyway.  A lot of hypnotic Mistresses only, like me for example, only do it at parties to entertain our other guests.  After all, it does make for a great floor show.  Who doesn’t want a mind control fuck-zombie at their party?  I’ll tell ya.. no one! That’s who.

Hypnotic Mistresses at Work

But no.  As lovely as that scenario would be and as much as I may daydream about having legions of dressed up, lubed up, skewered and fucked sissy cum dumps ready to service my lover, my friends, and myself.. that’s just not the way reality works, even for hypnotic Mistresses,  whose realities are most people’s fantasies.

For most of us hypnotic Mistresses, every hour we get to spend enjoying the fruity fruits of our labor was preceded by dozens of hours of work.  We have to learn and stay up to date in our craft, promote ourselves online and in person, network with others who share our interests to stay current with trends, information, theories and technology in hypnotism and other overlapping fetishes.

Hypnotic mistresses even have to do a bit of market research to know what trends our audiences are following and what they’re growing bored with.  It was this kind of consideration that prompted my deviant little mind toward my most recent hypno-fetish MP3.

This week’s delicious descent into erotic mind control bliss is a little something that tickled my mind and my libido while I was considering what kinds of things I could present to my beloved audience of cock obsessed kinksters.  My goal was to put a little variation into my usual theme of sissification and faggotization.  Of course, I really, really love sissification and faggotization, so they, along with strap-on fucking, are always going to be the main features of all my MP3s.. but aside from that, I’m always thinking of new and unusual ways to get my little sissy faggots to line up for the cock like pigs to the trough.   So it was that while doing my market research this week, it occurred to me I’d rather just bend the market to my will than to appeal to their interests.. let’s face it, hypnotic mistresses, and mistresses in general, kind of prefer to have things go their way than to cater to the whims of others, even if we do, ultimately, use people’s desires to get what we want anyway.   As I daydreamed, thinking of how I would go about turning my research subjects (IE: those who love hypnotic mistresses) into my little puppets, the fantasy began to weave itself into a surreal story of experimentation and manipulation with the listener set as the center of my depraved machinations.

I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.. if not, at least I’ll have gotten your $15 for this 22 minute faggotizing mind control MP3 chock full of trannies, cock sucking and mistress controlling your mind and your body.

hypnotic mistresses

 For the best of hypnotic mistresses by phone:

In the upcoming week, I expect my schedule to be similar to the past week.. which is to say I *may* be available form 9am to 3pm Pacific time, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I’m over my cold, so I’ll be more inclined to actually log in during the days i say I’ll be around.  You can also look for me early in the mornings.. obscenely early.

The button below will let you know if I’m taking calls or if you can email me to make an appointment.. go on. click it.. you know you want to.  After all, how many hypnotic Mistresses are there in the world, much less one who’s going to take you deep down into your dirty little cock-desiring fantasies.  Not many, that’s how many.  I’m a golden fucking unicorn for a sissy like you.  Ok, well.. me and the few dozen other hypnotic mistresses who do it.. but you’re here now.. go on.. do it. Dooooo eeeeeet!
Call MistressShayna for phone sex on Niteflirt.com                                             Call MistressShayna for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

Besides.. you know I’m the one you want.. the one who understands you.. the one you most need to please.  I’m your dream girl of  hypnotic Mistresses.

Complete Obedience: Hypno-fetish

Complete Obedience, Complete Bliss, Complete Hypno-fetish

At last, the hypno-fetish mp3 you’ve been waiting for since my Total Slave Reconstruction series began.

The Complete Obedience hyono-fetish mp3 is here to turn you into the mindless drone and liberated slave you’ve always wanted to be.  No thoughts, no concerns, just simples acceptance and obedience.

 Five Hypno-Fetish MP3s

This is the final installment in my five part, Complete Slave Reconstruction hypno-fetish series and the one which turns you into an exquisite example of the perfect, no-limits slave.

Surrender your will and accept that your life is no longer under your own control.


Previous MP3s in the series were:


Blank Slate:

Create the perfect canvas for the perfect Mistress.


Utter Devotion

Know the emotion of devotion and the intensity of it’s lustful expression.


Service is Bliss


and Beauty is Pain

Because it’s not just about making you pretty and turning you into a sex toy.

Blank Slate: Hypno-fetish mp3

hypno-fetishTotal Hypno-fetish Slave Reconstruction: First of a Five Part Make-over

Today I’m releasing the first of a five part total slave hypnotic-reconstruction to make you into the deeply submissive and perfectly serene slave you’ve always wanted to be.

Today’s hypno-fetish recoding is titled Blank Slate.  As the name implies, it will scrub clean your psyche and your soul to create a fresh canvas for Mistress Shayna to create the new you on.  You’ll discover how liberating and pleasurable it can be to be cleanses and reborn, ready to offer Mistress a brand, spanking new you.  Well.. not so much spanking.  That will come later, in step four “Beauty is Pain.”



 A five part hypno-fetish slave  reconstruction.

While each mp3 will work as a stand-alone product to achieve their individual goals, they work best as a complete set.

The five steps to a totally reconstructed, perfectly pleasing and pleasurable new you will be released each week in a seductive and addictive new hypno-fetish recording.  Look for them on the weekends.

The titles of the hypno-fetish mp3s will be:

1)      Blank Slate

2)      Utter Devotion

3)      Service is Bliss

4)      Beauty is Pain

5)      Complete Obedience

By the time I’m done with you, there will be nothing left of “you” left.  But really now, is that such a bad thing?

As a special treat for my Shayniac readers, I have a new podcast out for you with a few more details about today’s mp3.




Driven: A Hypno-fetish mp3

When was your last trance, you little hypno-fetish freak?

For most people, it happens all the time without them even realizing it.. you can be performing ordinary, everyday tasks and before you know it, you’ve slipped into a light trance.  It’s so calm, so relaxing, with your conscious mind just taking a little break.  For you though, it takes on an added element.  For the hypno-fetish enthusiast, it’s not just slipping into a trance, it’s leaving your sub-conscious open and available to my manipulations.  It’s almost as if you’re  compelled to leave yourself vulnerable.  It’s almost like you’re driven to submit…

And you are.  

It’s a hypno-fetish dream come true.

Think of it.. what fan of mind control and hypno-fetish could ask for more than to have their thoughts simply drfit from them at any possible moment?  Think of the utter surrender, knowing your mind is never really your own.

It would be sheer bliss.

And now is as good a time as ever.. you can call my hypno-fetish phone sex line and see for yourself.

In to the Deep: Hypno-fetish mp3

Get ready for a relaxing nex hypno-fetish mp3.

Today’s Femdom Hypno-fetish release focuses on the bliss and beauty of simply submitting.

Drift deeply and serenely into your subconscious mind to fine that erotic, exhilarating, addicting state of pure submission.

You’ll find yourself enveloped in the gentle, calming waters of your most deeply seated desires to surrender fully to the comforting embrace of my control.  Say good bye to that tedious sense of free will as my soft, seductive voice coils around your mind and pulls you into hypno-fetish bliss and hypno-fetish slavery.

Drift in to the deep.. lose yourself in hypno-fetish submission.

Sacrifice Your Wife: Femdom MP3 and pictures

Your Femdom Mistress Shayna wants something special from you today, pet.

I want you to give me something you’ve never given me before.. a rare commodity you don’t see much of.  I want you to make an actual sacrifice to me, today.

… this time, you’re going to sacrifice your girlfriend to me.  Your sweet, vanilla girl, to be my little femdom pet slut.

Finally, a chance to show the little slut what an addicted little femdom slave you’ve become.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you get out of any of the fem-dom fun.  You didn’t think you were going to get out of being all sissified and used, did you? Tsk, tsk, Poppet.  Now, just who did you suppose is going to teach her how to be a good little whore?  Who do you suppose is going to show her how I want to use her? Hmmm?

That’s right my little femdom fuck-toy.. it’s you.  And won’t she be surprised to see you like that?

Go ahead, my little femdom slut, click , wank, and be merry.  I’ve even included a handful of slut -topping images to help you visualize your girlfriend’s betrayal and, most importantly, her use.  Of course, you could never get a girl as hot as the tight little blond I have pictured.. but you know.. just imagine you were that much of a man.  Try hard.

When you’re all done, and all cleaned up, and need to talk about it, you can give me a call at my niteflirt listing for femdom phone sex, and I’ll tell you all about your own, personal relationship destruction.



Lazy Day Mind Control Sale On My Original Hypnotic Femminization, Hypno-Fetish MP3

Hypnotic femminization and mind control Hypno fetish MP3s

I am being a lazy, lazy Mistress today, and so instead of making up and releasing an all new mp3 for my poppets, I figured I’d just re-release the mind control mp3 that started it all for a lazy day sale price of half off.

This week only, get to purchase my very first mind control mp3 for just $10.  You know, the one with the oh so original title “Hypnotic Femminization.”   hypno

Once you’re done with that, you can go down my handy-dandy check list to make sure you have all the mind control delights I’ve offered so far.

Enjoy it, my darling Poppets.




A handy dandy checklist for the mind control fanatic

My Original Hypnotic Femminization mp3


A Two Part Hypno-fetish Treat

Another Hypnotic Femminization MP3

Primal Urges Hypno-fetish MP3

A Day at the Spa Hypnotic Femminization

Clitty Making, Ass Ramming Hypno-fetish MP3

Tick Tock, Shrink Your Cock Hypno-fetish MP3

New Mind Control mp3: Institutionalized Demasculinization

Your Girly Voice Hypno MP3

Panty Boy Mind Slave

Mind Control Sissy Humiliation

Virtual Reality 2 part Hypnofetish MP3s Including Fresh New Trance
Word Induction


Eye Opening, Mind Stretching, Ass Fucking, Hypno MP3

Lick Your Addiction Hypno mp3

Pygmalian: Feminizing Hypno-fetish mp3

Inadequate: Erotic Hypno-Fetish mp3

Rewritten: A Hypno-fetish MP3

Reprogrammed: A Hypno-fetish MP3

Hypno-Indoctrination Video

Controlled Urges: Hypno-fetish MP3

Bimbo-fication: An Erotic Hypno-fetish MP3

Panties-Pussy Hypnosis MP3

The Ledger: A Fin-Dom Hypno-fetish MP3

The Sissy-Maid: Hypnofetish mp3

Double Date: A Romantic Forced-bi Hypno-fetish MP3

Mistress Wants a New Whore: Hypno-fetish MP3

Femdom Dream Girl: Hypno-fetish MP3

Pliable: A hypno-fetish mp3

Breath: A hypnosis fetish mp3

Kiss Your Manhood Good-bye: Sissification Hypnosis Fetish MP3


I know, Pets.  As lovely as the recordings can be, some days, you just nee to speak to Mistress Shayna directly for that mind control experience.  I certainly hope by now, you know you can always speak to me by calling my mind control phone sex line.



The Ledger: A Fin-dom, Hypno-Fetish MP3

What a lovely little bit of creative visualization we have for you day, Poppet.  It’s just a little bit of tingling hypno-fetish, incorporating two of my favorite hobbies, wallet raping and mind fucking.  Before you know it, you’ll be chanting a new mantra, “ I put the penny in the piggy and I feel my peepee plump,” as you stroke away to financial destruction and heavenly bliss.

Looks like you can buy your way into heaven after all.. of course, once you’re hooked, I’m going to put you through hell.

And as always, you can enjoy the sweetly sadistic attentions of Mistress Shayna personally by calling her Femdom Phone Sex line.

Controlled Urges: Hypno-fetish MP3


I know it isn’t easy, Pet, controlling the urges which consume you, enflame you, distract you from your life and your goals.  You’re simply out of control, aren’t you?  Never fear, Poppet.  Mistress will take control and make it all better.

My latest Hypno-fetish MP3 will

correct those desires which cry for attention during undesirable times.  Surrendering control to me will allow you to go about your day productively, happily, and without distractions from your libido, until you can explore those feelings at controlled times and under controlled situations, because Mistress loves control.  And you love to give it to her, don’t you Poppet?


Under Mistress’ caring control, you will experience the most exquisite and intense orgasms, made more enjoyable for the wait.

As I always say, Poppet, obedience is its own reward, and when Mistress takes your urges and your mind under her control, the reward will be great.



Now that your appetite and your panties are wet,check out Mistress Shayna’s Femdom Phone Sex listings for more personalized abuse.