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Queen for all Days Forced Bi Phone Sex, Femdom MP3

It’s good to be Queen and faggot, you’ve been headed that way for a long time.

You’ve practiced your sashay, your flirting, you’ve worked hard at taking that dildo like a good little whore, practicing all your queenly skills. And now, your moment is here.  It’s time to pamper, primp, and put-out, little Queen.. and enjoy my latest.


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Schoolgirl Sissy: Teasing Femdom mp3

Time for you to put on that school girl uniform and learn your lesson.  Femdom School

The bell rings, the class begins, and your masculinity is left in
the hallway.  Come up to the desk, pull down those panties.
It’s time for a pop quiz.

Listen to a

Yes, my pet, you’re going to be schooled in the art of sucking it
up and amusing the fuck out of me.  Now.. get to class.

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Sissy Assignment

Sissy Assignment


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