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Washing Away Your Masculinity: Hypnotic Feminization mp3

hypnotic feminizationMy poor sissies and hypnotic feminization freaks..

I neglected you last week, didn’t I?  Well rest easy, pet.  Mistress is back in action with a new hypnotic feminization MP3 to wash away your dreams of masculinity and immerse you in the luxurious, relaxing pool of feminine slutdom. You were very good girly-bois, waiting patiently while Mistress played with the other slaves, and today, you shall have your clitty-making hypnotic feminizationreward. All you have to do is click.

hypnotic feminization

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The First Femdom Podcast of 2012

femdomIt’s been a fabulous Femdom new year, so far.

Two weeks in and I’ve hardly done a lick of work.  And yet, the money keeps on coming in.  It’s good to be the Femdom Queen.

Not just the money, but the fan mail, fan fiction, and in one case, an amusing bit of photoshop fun when a dear pet caption some filthy., dirty, cock-sucking images dedicated to yours truly.

I’d post the images here, but as I have no license to publish them, I’ll do the next best thing and post the links to these little snippets of femdom debauchery.

First he sent me glorious images of what he called “fat, throbbing, German cocks” being sucked, and I’m sure you could just hear his little faggot mouth drooling over them as he said it.  You can find it at http://postimage.org/image/a9gtonlvn/

The second was a quick little flash fiction set against an image of a little truck stop jizz junkie who loves to be pimped out by Mistress Shayna.  You can find that one at http://postimage.org/image/jnkjuogzf/

Now wasn’t that a good use of my little pet’s time?

Now, for that new Femdom Podcast.

This week, I’ve also put together a new femdom podcast for you.  Remember, if you’re not on my mailing list here at the website, you won’t be notified when new podcasts come out.  Niteflirt members are the first to hear about my latest releases of MP3s and other pay to view offerings, but it’s the little Shayniacs who sign up right here who get to hear when my podcasts come out.

This will mark the first podcast of the year, and talks a bit about the upcoming MP3 as well as another response to a femdom fan letter.


Enjoy it, my little femdom pets.

Oh, the Femdom Fun You’ve Been Missing.

An update form your Femdom Goddess.. and treats!

femdom adventIn the past month, I’ve released a kinky femdom advent calander. It’s a re-release of something I did last year and I let my dedicated members at NiteFlirt have it for a crazy low price of only $50. It’s 24 days’ worth of mp3s, pictures, assignments, and assorted treats and, though the holidays have passed, it’s not too late to get in on this amazing femdom deal.

femdom chanukah


Also for the femdom holidays, I released a Chanukah Femdom Hypno-fetish mp3. It’s a kinky, freaky, femdom way to celebrate the miracle of the oil. The next miracle will be how little oil it takes to fuck that juiced up man-cunt of yours with my strap-on.

Finally, there’s a new Femdom-alicious podcast for you, where I get to tell a Dirty boy if he’s gay or not. (Spoiler alert” The answer leaves him with a cock in his mouth.)



As you can see, there’s been afuck-ton of femdom fabulousness going on.

I’ve hardly had time to post.

Well, I have time now, so I’ll throw a little extra in to clue some of you in to how you, too, can be one of the first in line to get my latests mp3s

For those of you who were unaware, when my new MP3s come out for sale,. The quickest way to find out is to be in my niteflirt phone sex customer list. If you’re not a niteflirt member, you should be. It’s free to join, and new members get their first three minutes free to the flirt of their choice.

I highly recommend Nite Flirt Phone sex for its reliable billing, its clear calls, and its stellar customer service. I’ve never had a complaint and I know thousands of callers. 😉

Members who are on my mailing list get to hear about my new releases as soon as I have them out, including some that have never yet made it to the site here. You can get on my member list by going to my listings at http://www.niteflirt.com/MistressShayna and clicking any of my buttons. You won’t ever be billed just for clicking, you’d have to click a confirmation for that, but once you’ve perused my offerings, you’re in my contacts list. If you choose *not* to receive email with new offers from me or any other flirt, you can just use the handy-dandy little “block” link at the tome of each email and in your own contacts list. Easy peasy.

I can tell you all this because I’m confident you would never choose to block me, now would you, my femdom Poppet?

Look for me to post my femdom, sissy, and hypno-fetish mp3s on Friday nights or, if I’m running late, Saturdays. Isn’t it kind of me to consider when you get your paychecks?

Alright my little femdom freaks, that’s all for tonight. Go.. scoot.. get your sissy asses out of here before I show you what a real femdom bitch does to chase the little subbies away.

A Femdom Sissy Threesome mp3

I have a little femdom bedtime story for you today, Sissy.

But instead of “once upon a time,” this fairies tale begins with “so I was at this tranny spot with my lover.”

In truth, I spent so much time last night fucking my lover and our new friend that I diodn’t really leave myself time to write up a script for a new hypno-fetish mp3, so I just decided to clue you little fucks in on the kind of life you’re missing while you pretend to be good, vanilla boys during your work day, only to get your sissy freak on behind locked doors, with your phone in one hand and your clitty-cocks in the other.

Go on sissy.. click.. buy.. and listen to what life is like for those who live their sissy fantasies and femdom dreams.  You weren’t even there and it’ll make you squirt that sissy cock of yours,  Can you just imagine what it must be like for the men I play with?

There is no substitute for a loving relationship between a Femdom Mistress and a sissy.

but I understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to have Mistress of their very own.  Isn’t it lucky for you, then, that I’m available to feminize you by phone?  You’re sissification is never far away.  Just call, or visit my Sissy Femdom Phone Sex listing on niteflirt.

Do it Yourself Religious Domination and Racial Humiliation, from Lowes.. for All-American Muslim.

[podcast]http://www.shayniac.com/podcast%205.mp3[/podcast] Lowes dishes out some Religious Domination and Racial to All-American Muslim.

religious domination

And here I thought I was the big bitch of religious Domination and Racial Humiliation.  It looks like I’ve got nothing on Lowes Home Improvement.


The issue of corporate religious domination began when an upstart little homophobe at the Florida Family something or other.. (oh, I know who they are, I just won’t give them the glory of mentioning their name) took a break from trying to stifle anything with a hint of gay in it to go after Muslims once again.  This time, the fearful leader of this civil liberties hating group called for corporate sponsors of the show All-American Muslim to withdraw their advertising dollars.  They’ve been proudly proclaiming that sixty five corporate sponsors have pulled their advertising due to their campaigning.


Now, normally, this  fuckwit is to be taken with a grain of salt.  He wants to be a religious domination playa, and he’s not above claiming victory where there is none.  For example, when General Mills was asked to pull their advertising from the show Pretty Little Liars for its sympathetic portrayal of lesbian character, General Mills said quite simply that they didn’t advertise on that show.  It just didn’t fit their demographic and they had never considered it for their advertising dollars.  The group proudly proclaimed “General Mills Says No To Pretty Little Liars Content.”


You get the idea. The guy running the group and its website is just not someone you want to take at face value.


To their credit, these guys make me look like a rank fucking amateur at religious domination.. and for the right price, I’m damned fucking good at it.  I’m a fucking religious domination queen.  But he beats me hands down with his fervor, his devotion, and his dedication.  Yes pets, it’s true.  when it comes to religious domination, I’m all about the fetish and fantasy and utterly lacking in the hate.


Enter Lowes and it’s display of bigotry and religious domination against All-American Muslim people.


While the religious domination fervor of  the fundamental extremist group, Forgettable Family something or other, is perfectly understandable.. they are, quite simply, motivated by fear and hate, the folks at Lowes become even more loathsome still.  Why?  Because they try to play both sides of the fence, proclaiming themselves to be supportive and embracing diversity, while pulling their advertising and joining in with the religious domination attempts at the first sign of a few angry letters sent by religious extremists.


No reasonable person could have credited the zealots with knowing, much less telling the truth about why Lowes was no longer advertising on All-American Muslim, but Lowes stepped up to the plate and admitted they’d done it.  As they did, they tried to explain away this blatant racism on their facebook page by saying “ Individuals and groups have strong political and societal views on this topic, and this program became a lighting rod for many of those views. As a result we did pull our advertising on this program. We believe it is best to respectfully defer to communities, individuals and groups to discuss and consider such issues of importance.”


That’s right.. Lowes has taken a brave and enlightened stand to state that racial humiliation, bigotry, and religious domination are a lightning rod for strong political and societal views… and they needed a fucking opinion poll to tell them on which side of the debate they should fall.  Well done, fucktards.  Pity you stopped listening after the first rush of morons clicked “send” again and again to flood you with an automated email telling you what to think.


Look on the bright side, since you’re so quick to embrace religious domination, I made this week’s femdom podcast just for you.  After all, clearly, you’re easy marks.  Thank you Lowes, and thank you All-American Muslim for giving me the material for this week’s *fantasy* religious domination.


Yeah.. fantasy.. as in.. this shit isn’t acceptable in real life.  What they fuck is the world coming to when you have a Mistress who dishes out religious domination for a living is telling someone else how fucking immoral they are?  Shit.. learn the difference, when I do it, it’s fucking funny, erotic, and profitable.  When you do it, it’s obscene, unattractive, and gets your ass boycotted.  Just fucking stick to home improvement and leave the religious domination to the professionals.

Enjoy your religious domination podcast, assholes.  And do us all a favor, huh?  Next time you feel like indulging in something like religious domination, give me a call, it’ll cost you less.


Yule Log: A Sissy Servant Hypno-fetish MP3

hypno-fetishHypno-fetish Festivities

The holiday is drawing near, as so many of you delicious little hypno-fetish  freaks are aware,  after buying my kinky advent calendar.  In yet another celebration of the season, I have a yule themed hypno-fetish mp3 for all you sissy servants and knob polishers.   Today’s little treat will have you feeling warm and cozy in no time.. and of course, hot and bothered a few moments after that.
Enjoy the mp3, my kinky little elves.




And to keep you busy for the rest of the month, don’t forget to buy your Femdom Advent Calendar.

It’s not a strictly hypno-fetish offering, but it’s pretty delicious.  And after all, you guys don’t need to always be mind controlled, tricked, and seduced into being my little minions, do you?  Nooooo.. I thought not.

Of course, if you do, there’s always my hypno-fetish phone sex line over at niteflirt.com.  I’d be more than happy to manipulate your mind and rape your wallet over there.

In other Femdom hypno-fetish news..

I am out of physical therapy now.  Thank you for all the well wishes I’ve had while I’ve been busy and away.  You’ve been a very patient bunch of slaves.  I’m slowly but surely increasing the hours I’m available for my lower rate of $1.99 per minute.  These days, your best bet is to catch me during the weekdays so far.  I’m gradually increasing the nights I set aside for you guys as well.

In the mean time, if you *really* want to speak with me, I’ll be happy to pause what I’m doing to take your call for the exorbitant sum of $11.99 per minute.  Or, as I like to think of it, over $700, per hour.

Last but not nearly least, little hypno-fetish pets..

If you haven’t been listening to my Femdom Podcasts, you’ve been missing out.  It’s not too late to have a listen to the old ones, and sign up to receive the new ones right up there in your in-box.

Click to Hear Anout Upcoming Femdom Podcasts and Hypno-fetish offerings.

Black Friday Deal: Forced-Bi Femdom MP3 and Pictures

femdomWere you hoping for a Black Friday deal out of your Femdom Mistress?

Ah, silly sbitches.  I tell you what.. here’s the deal I’m offering, if you manage to keep from getting a faggoty little pudgy from today’s forced-bi, femdom recording and pictures, well then, I won’t use your cocksucking impulses against you to turn you into my little slave.  If you do.. well then, kiss your heterosexuality goodbye.

Oh.. and no cumming without permission, my little femdom fanatic.  If you do, there will be a loser’s tax to pay.


Go ahead, you know you want it.. click the button and slip further into your femdom  faggotry.


And when you’ve proven yourself to be as weak-willed as I know you are, you can call directly and get your personalized Femdom fantasy Phone Sex on niteflirt. 




Femdom Podcasts

femdomI’ve been busy as a little Femdom bee lately, between my usual pay-to-view/listen offerings.

Lucky for you faithful followers though, I’ve also taken to making podcasts for my listeners.  Frankly, it was easier than addressing some of your questions by email.. and since so many of you ask the same questions, I thought I’d knock out a few birds with one stone.  You’re up for that, aren’t you my pets?

In order of appearance, my first podcast is just an introduction and explanation of what you can expect.  The second is a bit of me answering some of the more common questions I get from listeners.  Number three is for my sissies who want to know more about how I got into it being a sissy Mistress and if I *really* enjoy it and if I’d date a sissy.  (A hint: At the moment I’m dating a man who is a switch and sometimes plays the sissy-whore for me.)

Finally, we have my most recent femdom recording, where I respond to a listener’s questions about religious domination.  I have to say, I quite liked that conversation and look forward to it’s continuance.

On with the femdom fun:

Mistress Shayna’s First Femdom Podcast


Mistress Shayna Addresses Listeners’ Questions

Mistress Shayna Talks About How She Became a Sissy Mistress

Mistress Shayna Answers Questions About Religious Domination

Write to me, or better yet, call for some personalized femdom phone sex.

Sacrifice Your Wife: Femdom MP3 and pictures

Your Femdom Mistress Shayna wants something special from you today, pet.

I want you to give me something you’ve never given me before.. a rare commodity you don’t see much of.  I want you to make an actual sacrifice to me, today.

… this time, you’re going to sacrifice your girlfriend to me.  Your sweet, vanilla girl, to be my little femdom pet slut.

Finally, a chance to show the little slut what an addicted little femdom slave you’ve become.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you get out of any of the fem-dom fun.  You didn’t think you were going to get out of being all sissified and used, did you? Tsk, tsk, Poppet.  Now, just who did you suppose is going to teach her how to be a good little whore?  Who do you suppose is going to show her how I want to use her? Hmmm?

That’s right my little femdom fuck-toy.. it’s you.  And won’t she be surprised to see you like that?

Go ahead, my little femdom slut, click , wank, and be merry.  I’ve even included a handful of slut -topping images to help you visualize your girlfriend’s betrayal and, most importantly, her use.  Of course, you could never get a girl as hot as the tight little blond I have pictured.. but you know.. just imagine you were that much of a man.  Try hard.

When you’re all done, and all cleaned up, and need to talk about it, you can give me a call at my niteflirt listing for femdom phone sex, and I’ll tell you all about your own, personal relationship destruction.



Gas, Grass, or Ass: A Sissy Road Trip MP3

I’ll tell you a secret.. I love big rigs.  I love big, butch, manly truckers.. you know, the kind of man you’re not.  I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip, just hitching rides from truck stop to truck stop.  But of course,  we all know the rules, ‘gas, grass, or ass, nobody rides for free.’  Of course, that’s not going to work for a Dominant Diva who doesn’t smoke, really doesn’t care to pay for anything, and god knows I’m not spreading *my* legs for some unwashed stranger with a big rig.  That’s what I have you for, my little sissy-whole.  Now grab your hooker-gear and click the button.. time for you to hear how it’s gonna go on this forced-bi, Femdom, road-trip of a lifetime.

Of course, the faggot fun doesn’t have to stop there. Call Mistress for more Forced-Bi Phone Sex.