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What a Gurl Wants: Forced-bi Hypno-fetish mp3


Yet another Forced-bi hypno-fetish MP3 and it’s all about Mistress.

It’s not fair is it, pet?  the way it’s always about me and my wants, me and my needs?  The greedy, self-indulgent hypno-fetish  Domme who always gets her way.  What’s more, I somehow manage to get you to pay me for the privilege of listening to how I’m going to make you do filthy, dirty, depraved things all fore my personal amusement and profit.

It really is very good to be me.

Still, as a show or appreciation for my pets and my position, I’ve decided to make this week’s erotic hypno-fetish MP3 all about you for a change.. about your wants and your desires.  This week’s sensual, scintillating hypno-fetish MP3 is all about fulfilling your wishes for a change.

The beautiful part about it is that what you want most of all, is to give me what I want most of all.  What you want and need and wish for is for me to tell you what to do, who do do, and how to suck him.  What you want is to serve me as my little hypno-fetish cock slut.

I love how that works.  Did I mention it’s very good to be me?

Get 19 minutes of cock slurping surrender for just $20.  Go on.. you know you want it. hypno-fetish


  and when you’re done with that, I have lots more Forced-bi hypno-fetish fantasies where that came from..


Double Date:  A Romantic Forced-bi Hypnofetish fantasy



The Cabana Boys:  A Cuckold/Forced-bi Phone Sex Love Story 



Fuckmeat Forced-bi Femdom mp3 



Mistress Wants a New Whore: Hypno-fetish MP3 


Theater Fag: An Erotic Hypno-fetish MP3

My latest hypno-fetish mp3 is dedicated to the arts..

 ..ok, so it’s dedicated to the theater fags.. well, sorta.. ok, so really, it’s dedicated to the guys who suck random strangers’ cocks in porn theaters.  That’s an art, right?

When I was in school, the kids in the drama club were unkindly called “theater fags.”  As I was so well reminded last week,  by a clever little cocksucker and hypno-fetish enthusiast, the name can be applied much more aptly to little sissy fuck toys like you who go to “theaters” and end up as part of the show.

Today’s Hypno-fetish release

Today’s hypno-fetish MP3 takes you on a dreamy little journey into the porn theater of your filthiest imagination and turns you into the theater fag you’ve always known you were on the inside.

It’s 25 minutes of dreamy dick hypno-fetish sucking, and it’s all yours for just twenty dollars.

Enjoy it, faggot.


For more hypno-fetish entertainment, you can catch me taking calls most nights during the week, after midnight, Pacific time. you’re welcome to come join my google community.  I think you’ll find it easily enough, funny enough, it’s called “Hypno-fetish.”

Swinging Sissy: New Sissification Hypnosis mp3

It’s no surprise your sissy sexuality swings like a hammock with my latest sissification hypnosis mp3.

Sissy SwingLet’s face it, part of the goal with a sissification hypnonis mp3 is to drift lazily and comfortably into a relaxing state of mind where Mistress can access your deepest desires without the filter of your uptight, conservative, conscious mind.  What could be more relaxing than to drift lazily in a swing, swaying easily forward and back.. just like your questionable sexuality.  Of course, Mistress’ principles being what they are, soon enough your open mind becomes not only my playground to release your inner desires, but to create a few tawdry and addictive new desires to keep you coming back for more.. forever addicted, forever under my control, forever listening to my sissification hypnosis  mp3s

Oh what a swinging sissy you’ll be, drifting easily from a lazy hammock to a bondage sex-swing..  the transition will be as easy as going back.. and forth… back.. and forth.. back.. and forth…

Because you’re a loyal follower, this sissification hypnosis MP3 is discounted to just $15 for this 22 minute sissy submission fantasy mp3.

 sissification hypnosis


More sissification hypnosis by phone this coming week.

In the upcoming week, you can look for me during the days.  My appointments change from day to day, but right now, it’s going to be the days for me.. before 3pm pacific.   As some of you are aware, next month is my birthday and this year, the celebrations will go throughout most of the month.. oh who am I kidding, that’s every year.  But this year, I’ll be going on a little trip for a couple of weeks and you won’t be able to catch me during the second half of the month.  Fortunately for you, I’m sure to come back with all kinds of tawdry stories about sissies. sissification hypnosis, and kinky sex.  I’ll keep you posted. For those of you not following my twitter feed, that’s where you can find little 140 character glimpses into the life of your Mistress and her lovers.  My member name there is ShanyaDomina.  Be warned, while sissification hypnosis is what I tend to focus on here, in my real life, there’s less of the hyponosis and more of the ass-fucking and tag-teaming of sissies with my lover.  I like sissification hypnosis online and by phone because it can create a feeling of control and submission.. it can fuck with a sissy’s mind and make her my fuck toy.. but in face to face encounters, while I do incorporate sissification hypnosis at times, the focus of my energy tends to be more.. mmm.. hands on.  If you’re reading strictly for the sissification hypnosis, you might be a bit unsatisfied.  Still.. I think the ass fucking and sissy training will be enough to keep your interest, don’t you?

I thought so.

Alright.. back to your sissification hypnosis, you addict. sissification hypnosis

I’ll talk to you soon.

A Special Hypno-fetish Treat for a Special Sissy

A Very Sissy Hypno-fetish  Birthday Treat

All you hypno-fetish sissies can all thank a good pet for this special treat.  In observance of his birthday, I’ve discounted two sissy Hypnp-fetish MP3s he’s been lusting after and yearning for.  For just fifteen dollars each, you can also purchase the hypno-fetish mp3s I’ve reduced for him.  Now wasn’t that nice of him?  Make me like you as much as I like him, and perhaps one day all the little sissies will be praising your name as well.



Lick Your Addiction: Sissy Hypno-fetish

It’s time to admit you have a hypno-fetish problem.  Time to surrender control to a higher power.


Now who do you suppose that higher power is, hmm?  Come, I’ll help you lick your addiction.. You’ll lick alot of things.


This MP3 includes a free copy of my trance word induction mp3.  Be sure to check all the links inside.



Gas, Grass, or Ass: A Sissy Road Trip Hypno-fetish mp3

I’ll tell you a secret.. I love big rigs.  I love big, butch, manly truckers.. you know, the kind of man you’re not.  I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip, just hitching rides from truck stop to truck stop.  But of course,  we all know the rules, ‘gas, grass, or ass, nobody rides for free.’  Of course, that’s not going to work for a Dominant Diva who doesn’t smoke, really doesn’t care to pay for anything, and god knows I’m not spreading *my* legs for some unwashed stranger with a big rig.  That’s what I have you for, my little sissy-whole.  Now grab your hooker-gear and click the button.. time for you to hear how it’s gonna go on this forced-bi, Femdom, road-trip of a lifetime.


Your Girlfriend’s Boyfriend: Cuckoldry by Erotic Hypnosis MP3, Discounted for Followers

Erotic hypnosisThe Potential of Erotic Hypnosis

Much as we all enjoy erotic hypnosis, we’ve missed some of its true potential.  It’s not just for mind control and turning you into a little cock addict.  It’s not even just for the therapeutic values of relaxation, creative visualization, and taming those dirty, filthy habits you’ve picked up.  And you’ve picked up some very, very dirty habits, haven’t you my pet?

No, erotic hypnosis can be fun and productive, but it can also be for achieving clarity.. discovering those truths you’ve already known, but somehow managed to suppress.

Today’s Erotic hypnosis MP3 is going to take care of that for you.  I’m going to help you discover the perverted truth you’ve hidden from yourself. You’re going to discover the truth about your girlfriend and your girlfriend’s boyfriend.

Buckle your seatbelt, cuckold.  It’s going to be a humpy ride.

Erotic hypnosis
And as a special treat for being such a loyal pet, this button will take you to a discounted version of this week’s MP3.  Well done, sissy.  Don’t forget to say a special thank you in the feedback.

For More of Mistress Shayna and Her Erotic Hypnosis

This coming week, I’ll be available Midnight-ish to 6am ish, Monday to Thursday.  Then I’ll be spending a happy American holiday being thankful that I’m such a Goddess.

Sissification Hypnosis MP3: Sissy Center of Attentionsi

sissification hypnosisSissification Hypnosis Is Your Life

Sissisfication hypnosis rules you.  We both know it.  I’ve been right inside your mind and I know your filthy little thoughts.  Hell, I’ve placed a few of them in there myself in previous sissification hypnosis phone sessions and sissification hypnosis mp3s.

The bottom line is, I know how you’ve always craved it and all the attention which comes with it. The attention you get during the session, the attention you get from the people who later knotice how much more of a mincing sissy you’ve become.  You love and desire all of it.  Sadly though, you’ve never been fully satisfied.  You’ve never quite gotten all the sissy inspired attention you’ve yearned for.  You’ve always wanted to be able to command attention from a room and be the focus of all eyes and ears. Well sissy, isn’t it lucky for you that you have a Hypnotrix who cares for you and wants to see you develop as a person and a sissy slut.

When sissification hypnosis meets your inner attention whore.

In today’s sissification hypnosis mp3, you’ll learn to garner attention and recognize when you’ve have it already.  It’s a sissy exhibitionist’s dream come true as I take you through a little creative visualization and erotic hypnosis to bring that inner sissy out to the front and center.  Just like you’ve always craved but rarely admitted, even to yourself.


sissification hypnosis


Sissification hypnosis by phone with Shayna

For those pets who enjoy, prefer, and desperately  desperately crave live sessions with me, You can try calling.  During this upcoming  week I’ll be available Mon-Fri from about 8am to around 3pm Pacific time and I expect I’ll be around for a lot of nights when I find myself bored and itching to do more calls as well so it’s always worth taking a look to see if I’m logged in.

Call Button  For your convenience, click this button with will give you a heads up when I’m taking calls.  Just give it a click to give me a ring or to set an appointment for your next session of sissification hypnosis.

A Fagottizing New Erotic Hypnosis mp3

erotic hypnosis

Say bye bye to the bi with today’s new erotic hypnosis mp3.

I know how hard it’s been, Pet.. having all those confusing feelings about women, and now men as well.  I think it’s time for me to stop teasing you and making you have all those dirty, filthy, bisexual tendencies.  Today, as you listen to my latest erotic hypnosis mp3,  it’s time to say bye bye to the bi tendencies and embrace your one, true path… as a full-fledged faggot.

erotic hypnosis


Feel the tingling power of my erotic hypnosis mp3 and surrender your sexuality

You want it.. it’s what drives you to return for more and more.. it’s why you seek out erotic hypnosis mp3s.  You yearn to be under the kind of control which not only captures and torments your body, but your mind as well.  And what better way to demonstrate just how under my control you are than to alter your entire sexuality?

That’s right pet.. you’ll no longer be straight, with the exception of when “Mistress makes you suck a cock.”  You’ll no longer merely have some bisexual tendencies.  You’ll surrender your mind to my erotic hypnosis mp3 and surrender your sexuality as well.  You will be completely faggotized by the time I”m done with you.

And it’s going to feel do good to be so badly abused by all that cock you love.

And for more personalized erotic hypnosis, you can always try my hypno-fetish phone sex line on niteflirt.