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The Cabana Boys: A Cuckold/Forced-bi Phone Sex Love Story

Many of you have already heard of my cabana boys.  I’ve used them as both carrot and stick to tease my pets into some good old fashioned cuckoldry and forced-bi sex.


Here’s the story of how it all started… makes me go all misty to remember it.  Right after it makes me cum.


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Ass Training Erotic Hypno-fetish MP3

Continuing my little hypno-fetish kick.. here’s a new one to keep you cumming and coming back.  Enjoy today’s mind-fucking, clit-stiffening, ass training erotic hypno-fetish MP3.

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Makes you want more, doesn’t it? Come and get your Mistress Phone Sex,then.

New Humiliated Husband Story

We all know how well I enjoy a good cuckold.  I’ve been daydreaming a little today and entertaining myself and my body.. well, I thought I’d share the fruits of my mind’s labor and play.

I tapped out the thoughts that played through my head as I masturbated to the idea of a humiliated husband and released them as this Friday’s Pay Per View story.

That’ll be just $20 for me and burning obsession for you.

Savor the forced faggotization with Shayna’s Forced-biphone Sex.

Mistress’ Cuckold Fantasy

Many of you know I prefer sensual Domination like strap-on training, tease and denial, guided masturbation, chastity, forced-bi, orgasm control, cum addiction.. you know, all that happy ending kinda stuff.. well happy ending for me, anyway.

Lately, I’ve been on a bit of a cuckold trip, thanks to a particularly addicted little cuck who finds it all so “intense” it’s been more fun than usual to torment him.

Soooooooo long story short, alot of my solo-sex last week was spent thinking about all the fuckalicious ways to torment a lover while I was taking a big, fat cock in front of him.

Today’s new MP3, released to keep you company through the long weekend without me, is a reflection of those fantasies.

as usual, $20.. but totally free of your dignity.

You need a Mistress like Shayna, but you can’t have her. Of course, you can beg for scraps of her attention and call her Femdom Phone Sex line.

New Cuckold

I’ve been having so much fun guiding a humiliated husband through the emasculating and cuckolding experience of having his wife worship another man’s cock.  He’s been taking cuckold lessons and is making great progress in humility.

In order to help him better visualize what is being put to his wife while he stays at home playing the good little housewife, I had him get his cock as hard as he could and trace an outline on a piece of paper.  Then, he was to draw another outline to represent his wife’s lover’s cock.  He had to use a ruler to properly visualize the more than nine inches his wife is being stretched by.

You can see the results for yourself.  It’s no wonder she would look for cock outside the home.  Even if he could manage to fuck her like a respectable husband, he still wouldn’t be able to give her a real man’s cock.

The Cuckold and the CockHis poor wife.  Well, at least she’s finally getting a real cock.

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