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Your Girlfriend’s Boyfriend: Cuckoldry by Erotic Hypnosis MP3, Discounted for Followers

Erotic hypnosisThe Potential of Erotic Hypnosis

Much as we all enjoy erotic hypnosis, we’ve missed some of its true potential.  It’s not just for mind control and turning you into a little cock addict.  It’s not even just for the therapeutic values of relaxation, creative visualization, and taming those dirty, filthy habits you’ve picked up.  And you’ve picked up some very, very dirty habits, haven’t you my pet?

No, erotic hypnosis can be fun and productive, but it can also be for achieving clarity.. discovering those truths you’ve already known, but somehow managed to suppress.

Today’s Erotic hypnosis MP3 is going to take care of that for you.  I’m going to help you discover the perverted truth you’ve hidden from yourself. You’re going to discover the truth about your girlfriend and your girlfriend’s boyfriend.

Buckle your seatbelt, cuckold.  It’s going to be a humpy ride.

Erotic hypnosis
And as a special treat for being such a loyal pet, this button will take you to a discounted version of this week’s MP3.  Well done, sissy.  Don’t forget to say a special thank you in the feedback.

For More of Mistress Shayna and Her Erotic Hypnosis

This coming week, I’ll be available Midnight-ish to 6am ish, Monday to Thursday.  Then I’ll be spending a happy American holiday being thankful that I’m such a Goddess.

Hypno-fetish MP3: How to Please Your Woman in Bed, Limp-dick!

hypno-fetishMistress Shayna understands you, Pet.

It’s not easy being a man, especially for a man like you.  There’s so much pressure to perform and so many ways you can fail.  It’s no wonder some men (again, like you) will spend half their lives incapable of performing sexually and all your lives incapable of bringing a woman pleasure.

Offering A Hypno-Fetish Solution

Never fear pet, once again, Mistress Shayna has a hypno-fetish solution and is here to help with this week’s new hypno-fetish mp3 designed to ease your mind and give you the confidence you need in the bedroom and the ability to make your wife or girlfriend as happy as she can be with the multiple orgasms she’ll receive.. as another man fucks her.

What? That doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything to contribute to her orgasms?  Never fear, Pet.. You will.  Oh, you will.  Of course, it will mean you have to get him hard and give him some cock licking encouragement to fuck her the way she likes it.. but you’ll be there in the bedroom, at least.  And that counts, right?

All you have to do is click the little button below to purchase my latest hypno-fetish mp3 and all your limp-dick problems will be solved for a mere $20.  Now isn’t that a lovely idea?


Or call for one-on-one hypno-fetish training

Sometimes it takes a little more training for recurring problems.. like an addiction to hypno-fetish sessions, for instance.  And for those men who need a little something extra, I will be available this coming weel from Monday through Thursday, from 8am to 3pm, Pacific time.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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New Hypno-fetish mp3: Bound To Be Cuckold

hypno-fetish cuckold man tied to chair

Hello my little sissies, cuckold boys and hypno-fetish mind-slaves.

After a short break to have a tantrum over a shredded rotator cuff, I’m back and better than ever (how is that even possible?) with a brand new hypno-fetish mp3 for you, this time taking you through a virtual cuckold session as I ride my lover’s fat cock.

What patient pets you’ve been, my cuckold loving little hypno-fetish toys.

I know it’s been difficult with me being out of commission these past few weeks and many of you have been missing your regular dose of Femdom fun.  But let the cuckolding commence and the hypno-fetish be indulged once more cause I’m back in .. well,  partial action.

This week’s mp3 was inspired by a little cuckold sycophant who caught me while I was just logging in to check my email. For those of you without Yahoo email, the webpage for their email has a little messenger widget in it, so he was able to see me pop online and we chatted for a bit.

Well, while I was directing little mister sissy love to send me tributes and leave me feedback, my lover was sexing me up and getting me all hot and bothered.  I told the messenger-cuckold all about how good it felt to be fucked by a real man while he was trying to get my attention and her got all a-twitter at the idea of me taking my lover’s thick cock.

He got a little excited, even without the hypno-fetish element added into it, and waxed rhapsodic about how he would like to get my lover’s cock ready for me with his drooling, cuckold mouth.  Of course, being the real man my lover is.. he doesn’t care to have a little faggot pawing at his man-meat, even if he *is* all dolled up like a sissified version of Madonna.  And so my lover asked me to convey the message that he needed to shut the fuck up before we tied him to the chair so he could watch how a real man works.

And what do you know?  Mistress had a lightning strike of an idea.   As I took him in me, deep and hard, I was thinking of you, my dear little hypno-fetish freaks, and how much I’d love to play in your minds to make good little cuckolds out of you.  The result, of course, is my latest cuckolding hypno-fetish mp3, Bound to be Cuckolded.

It’s time to site back, relax, and let Mistress take care of everything a little cock worshipping cuckold like you needs.  Enjoy my new hypno-fetish cuckold MP3, Bound to be Cuckold.

If you’re in desperate need of a personalized hypno-fetish session to release your inner cuckold, you can call me through my hypno-fetish phone sex listing.

Cuckolding Bitch, Super Hot Teasing Femdom MP3


Oh, not fucking you.. let’s not get carried away.  But I came so fucking hard while I made this MP3, I think you can even heard the sloppy wet sounds of a cunt warmed up by another man.




You only get to listen, like the worthless dicked loser you are.. maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you be my fluffer.

Ya want it?  Of course you do..Come and get it..

Don’t you love it? Want more? Of course you do, you’re a subbie little sycophant.For something different, try Shayna’s Hypnosis Fetish Phone Sex.

A Creamy Cumfilled Femdom MP3

I’ve gotta say, I think tomorrow’s MP3 might be my HOTTEST ever.  I know I sure as hell got off on it, and you can hear it in my voice.

I’m releasing the preview early, because.. well, it gets me off to tease the fuck out of you. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Come and get your Crazy Hot Cuckolding Bitch mp3 Preview.



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Making Your Wife My Slave: Cuckold Femdom MP3

Femdom Whipper SnapperOh Pet, I know you think it was all about you and your
little dicklet, but no.  No, no, no, it’s about me, you glorious
Femdom Goddess and what I want.  Today, what I want is for you to
present me with your wife as a submissive little gift.  Don’t
worry, little cuckold, I’ll tell you all about how to make it
happen.  You will carry out my orders and bring her to me, ripe
and ready for my teasing torment.

Of course, you may have a little taste of your wife’s subjugation
Femdom mp3 sample.

You like the idea of me dominating another woman, don’t you?

Hear the real thing with my In-person
Training Femdom mp3.

Or get off to more wife betrayal in my Wife
Enslavement Femdom mp3

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My Big, Black Lover Is Taking Over! Cuckold Teasing MP3

It’s time you knew..I’m going black only…

your little white dick just doesn’t do it for me,ya know?

You’ll watch, little clit throbbing, not allowed to fuck.. At least you get to touch yourself as you admire what he can do with his superior cock.

Listen To A Clip

Femdom mp3

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