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Condense the Pleasure, Condense the Cock:Small Penis Humiliation Hypnosis mp3

Mistress is going to take such good care of you today, Poppet.  

You just sit back and relax and I’m going to make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before.  it’s gonna be pure, uncut,crystalline arousal and you’ve never felt anything like it before.  Of course, there’s always a trade off, and this time, the price will be the size of that nubbin you call a dick.. but what’s a little sacrifice like that in the face of so much pleasure?  hmm?  Go on, Poppet.  Make the trade.





Then you can indulge in more small penis humiliation with

Tick Tock Shrink Your Cock: Hypno-fetish mp3


Two Domme Humiliation mp3 



And my Mocking, Laughing, Teasing Picture Pack 

Coin Operated Whore: Hypno-fetish MP3 for Hypno-doll Fantasy Lovers

At last, a new hypno-fetish mp3 from Mistress Shayna


Well my pets, it’s been a while since I’ve brought you any new Femdom, Hypno-fetish fun to listen to, but after a lovely vacation and a not so lovely bout of Bronchitis, I have a new recording for you.

It’s called Coin Operated Whore amd it’s my latests Hypno-fetish MP3 for Hypno-doll Fantasy Lovers

Of course, you can buy it here.


Hypno-fetish Inspiration Is Everywhere

This week, I was focused on the hypno-doll theme once again.  I was inspired by the human statues I saw this month, all sprayed silver and standing stock-still and lifeless, until someone put a tip in their jaw and they sprang to life.  The seed was planted and I couldn’t help but imagine with my wicked little mind, all the possibilities for a hypno-doll to be used as a coin operated whore.

My goodness, I could practically box the sluts up and gift wrap them!

For hypno-fetish freebie treats..

If you haven’t been following my femdom hypno-fetish blog, you should be.  It’s not only where I let everyone know about my latest femdom and hypno-fetish mp3s, it’s also where I release my free podcasts.  If you listen closely to the podcasts, you’ll learn all kinds of nifty little real life secrets about me and also get a special offer or treat I don’t send out to my mailing list.

To make sure you never miss a release or a podcast, just sign up in the sidebar to get notifications of pics, updates, podcasts, and mp3s right up your inbox

What you can do however, is sit back, relax, and enjoy the recording.


Your Favorite Femdom Hypno-fetish Mistress is Back


Oh the horror, it’s been over a month without any femdom, hypno-fetish mp3s!

I know, I know, you poor little Femdom Hypno-fetish freaks have been neglected and deprived.  I promise I’ve had good reasons for my absence and I’ll tell you all about it in today’s femdom podcast.  There are some special treats for you in the podcast, including a tip to go read The Capture and Control of Professor D over at my sissy site, www.sissyspot.com.  The direct link to the story in all it’s Femdom goodness (minus the usual hypno-fetish) can be found here, you little sissy.

And of course, here’s the podcast..

Best of all, there’s a new Femdom Hypno-fetish MP3 coming out soon.

I already have the next on recorded.  I think you’ll like it.  It’s another hypno-doll type recording, turning you into a mindless, helpless, usable little hypno-fetish fuck toy we both know you want to be.

The new recording will be out and ready for purchase either tomorrow night or Friday morning… you know, just in time for you to spend your weekly paycheck on me.  Isn’t it nice how I worked it out that way?

I’m still not back to taking hypno-fetish phone sex calls on Niteflirt just yet, I’m afraid.  Again, all is explained in this weekds femdom podcast, but hopefully I’ll be back soon..  Until then, enjoy your podcast and I’ll talk to you soon.

Of course, since my podcasts are usually in response to listener mail, you can always message me on niteflirt me with any of your femdom, hypno-fetish, or Mistress Shayna questions or comments.

Cock FreeFemdom MP3 s On Sale Now

femdom mp3Cock Free Femdom MP3 s

It recently came to my attention that it would be difficult for anyone not into forced-bi and femminization to find any of my femdom MP3s that weren’t all about turning you little loverboys into my little sissy whores.

Admittedly, its a hobby of mine.  And most of my few hundred MP3s reflect my favorite interst.  But for those of you who might want to go on a cock diet for a short time, I’ve put together a collection  of MP3s and put them on sale for you for half the usual selling price.

Enjoy the cock-free Femdom MP3 collection.

  • Primal Urges Hypno-fetish MP3 femdom mp3
  • Homewrecker Femdom MP3 femdom mp3
  • Smal Penis Femdom MP3femdom mp3
  • Listen to an In-Person Session Femdom MP3femdom mp3
  • Cum Control Game MP3femdom mp3
  • Cock Mocking MP3femdom mp3
  • Tick Tock, Shrink Your Cock Hypno-fetish MP3femdom mp3
  • Two Domme Humiliation MP3femdom mp3
  • Making Your Wife My Slave mp3femdom mp3
  • Replaced By A Toy: Cuckold Mistress MP3femdom mp3
  • 1st Time Small Penis Humiliation mp3femdom mp3
  • The Ledger: A Fin-Dom Hypno-fetish MP3femdom mp3
  • Controlled Urges MP3femdom mp3
  • Sacrifice Your Wife MP3 and Picturesfemdom mp3
  • Small Penis Humiliation MP3 and Picfemdom mp3
  • The Spanking Contest Story MP3femdom mp3
  • Wife Enslavement MP3femdom mp3

New Femdom Resolutions: I hypno-fetish mp3

a hypno-fetish femdom resolution

A new, femdom yearand a new hypno-fetish MP3

Well my little femdom, hypno-fetish  fanatics, it’s a fresh new year for you and time to make a real push for all those new year’s resolutions you’ve failed at every year previous. It’s alright, pets.  Mistress can help.  Of course I can. Whatever is a hypnotic Mistress for?

In today’s MP3, I’ve decided to make a change and use my femdom hypno-fetish powers for good for once.  I’ve decided to help you with that terrible addiction to femdom porn you’ve been wrestling with.  That’s right, Poppet, I’m going to help you to spend less time and less money on all that worthless wanking that only leaves you unfulfilled and craving more, shortly after you’ve cum.

I’m going to inspire and train you, Poppet, to have bigger, harder, more intense orgasms that will leave you satisfied and able to concentrate on the tasks you have to accomplish.  Now won’t that be nice?  All you have to do is buy my handy-dandy little hypno-fetish mp3 and sit back to relax, and allow the soothing, comfortable, arousing sound of my voice to carry you away and into the most satisfying hypno-fetish orgasm of your life.

It will transform you and set you free… honest.

After you’ve found your femdom hypno-fetish freedom.

Once you’re done with that, if you feel the need to talk about your thoughts or experiences, you can always call my lovely little hypno-fetish phone sex line over at Niteflirt.com and I’ll be happy to listen to what an extraordinary loser you were, wanking away every day and going broke on porn as you developed carpal tunnel syndrome.. until you found me and my blazing hot, erotic hypno-fetish mo3, that is, to put all those compulsive, cock stroking behaviors behind you.

You’re welcome, my hypno-fetishPoppet.

The Whispering Cathedral: Hypno-fetish

Whispers and hypno-fetish.. two of my favorite things.

A whisper can be so intimate, can’t it?  So conspiratorial.  And today, you and I will conspire to relieve your favorite girl of her cares and freedom.  You will become more than just my slave, Pet.  You will become my missionary and my minion in today’s new hypno-fetish mp3 I’m calling The Whispering Cathedral.  It’s a little bit hypno-fetish and a little bit religious domination.  It’s a touch of mind fuckery and feminization, and as usual, a whole lot of ass fucking.. but mostly.. more than anything.. it’s fucking exquisite.

I have to admit.. I really enjoyed this weeks recording a bit more than usual and I think you can hear it.  I’ve long liked whispering in hypnosis mp3s and videos, and I’ve seen the potential for creating a deeper sense of intimacy in a hypno-fetish mp3, but by the time I was done, I thought it was more intimate than I’d imagined it would be when I started.

I’m really pleased with it.  I’m sure you will be to.

And when you’re ready to take that next step toward hypno-fetish bliss. go ahead and give me a ring on my hypno-fetish phone sex line.

I’ll talk to you soon, pets.  And don’t forget.. it’s always good to be me.  The only thing better than being me, is serving me.

What a lucky, lucky Hypno-fetish pet you are.

Kiss Your Manhood Good-bye: Sissification Hypnosis Fetish MP3

Time to put your head between your knees and kiss your masculinity good-bye, Sissy bitch. In my latest mind bending example of hypnotic feminization, you get to take an erotic spin in the mind of a happy, relaxed, multi-orgasmic woman.. the one that’s already there inside you, Poppet. So kick back, relax, and say hello to your inner woman, and enjoy my latest sissification hyponisis mp3.

I know how much you love that sissification hypnosis fetish play, coming to you from the goddess of Hypnosis Mistresses, Shayna.

And I know how much you yearn for all the sissification hypnosis fetish I dish out on my Hypnofetish Phone Sex line.. so it’s a damned shame for most of you I’m not usually available for anything less than twelve bucks a minute these days.  (And yes, some devoted, addicted, Hypnosis Fetish freaks eat it up, even at that rate.)

If it’s personal attention you need, your best bet for catching me for the ultimate in sissification hypnosis phone sex is to catch me at night, or message me with a time your available.  Be forewarned, weekends and evenings, I’m never available, even for my beloved hypnosis fetish.

Pampered Pimpstress

I’m back from a weekend at a resort and spa, all buffed, smoothed, massaged, and glowing. I have some work for the sissy-maids to do, as I wore silver jewelry into the saline whirlpool and it went from sparkling to tarnished in a day.

So… I get home and what do I find? For three days off, I come home to a full day’s worth of messages to respond to, asking when I’ll be back. Honestly people, it’s not like I ever make myself readily available to losers during the weekend anyway.. What’s one more night? Get a grip, losers.

In other news, Bob’s wife isn’t the only one being well trained. I’ve been using Casper’s little girlfriend now and she’s so addicted to my pussy now she won’t take his anymore. We have finally retired his dick for good and locked it in a pretty new cb6000. My goodness, Casper, it’s one thing to be cuckolded by a man, but by a woman who hasn’t even so much as a cock to tempt your lover away with? Tut, tut.. replaced with a clit and she didn’t even mourn the loss of your cock.

Poor, poor Casper.

For personal abuse check out Mistress Shayna’s SensualDomination Phone Sex. For the niteflirt members, check out Shayna’s Niteflirt Phone Sex listings.