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New 2 You Hypno-fetish: A Re-release and sale on MP3s You May Not Have Heard

Did you miss the Service Is Bliss: Erotic Hypnosis MP3 last month? 

You weren’t alone.  Due to either a glitch, or human error (I admit nothing,) the links to last month’s release of the third in the five part, Total Slave Make-over Series were misdirected and no one was able to buy the Service Is Bliss: Erotic Hypnosis mp3.

For those of you who need just this one, last, ellusive MP3 to complete the collection, here’s your button.. I promise it works this time.

Never let it be said I leave my pets lacking.  I am now making up for the teaseof keeping you waiting, and then some.



Hypno-Fetish Total Slave Make-over Series: 5 Parts, 100 Minutes, 50% Off

If you’re missing more than two of the series, I’ve got a treat for you.

This week I’ve put together a premium promotion on a popular hypno-fetish series, the Total Slave Make-Over five part series is now packaged together for half the original publishing price.  MP3s in the series are titled Blank Slate, Utter Devotion, Service is Bliss, Beauty is Pain and Complete Obedience.  Isn’t it time you became the total slave you’ve always wanted to be?


Remember 9-11, and don’t forget you’re a fuckwit: Rantings From a NYC HypnoDomme

No, we haven’t forgotten 9-11, you douche.


Stop with the pins, the bumper stickers, and the tchotchkes..  you’re not reminding anyone to never forget about those who were killed.  You know what you’re doing? You’re spending a dollar, or five dollars on some piece of shit that another person slapped together for quick buck.  It’s enough to make a even a hynodomme, who, let’s face it.. fucks with mind control to take your money, shudder in disgust at the lack of ethics and morality.


And in the case of pricier items, like the memorial coins or some bit of scrap metal or cement you were sold.. you may have bought yourself a small piece of history, but you also bought a huge piece of someone profiting from tragedy.


You’re not reminding anyone with your cap that says “never forget.”  That message is trite at best and fucking patronizing at worst.


You want to remember the people who have given their lives? Fine.. take your dollar shove it into a fund for the kids whose parents aren’t sending them to college because they’re too dead..

..or how about skipping the ribbon bumper sticker and sending the five bucks off to the responders who are now suffering cancer and lung disease from inhaling the dust and smoke that surrounded the site for months and months after the attacks?

There ya go, Shithead.. *now* you’re remembering 9-11.

Oh.. and just to keep this post on the subject of all things Femdom Phone Sex, you’re also a sissy, loser, mind-controlled cum-dump of a hypno-fetish mind slave.  There.. Your loving Hypnodomme, Mistress Shayna is sure you feel better now?

Click a fucking link somewhere else to get back to the Femdom Phone Sex, Hypno-fetish mind slave,and all the other things a mind control sissy craves from a loving Hypnodomme.

And as always, your Hypnodomme, Mistress Shayna is available for Hyno-fetish, mind slave, and mind control sissy, femdom phone sex calls at a rate you probably can’t afford to pay anyway now that you’ve spent your cash on pieces of moronic bullshit.. but you can always try giving your favorite, albeit bitchy today, hypno-fetish femdom Mistress Shayna a femdom phone sex call for a nice, relaxing mind control experience.

Don’t be surprised when I intersperse your fucking hypno-fetish femdom phone sex with all sorts of subliminal cues making it painful for you to even look at a piece of 9-11 “memorabilia” and make shooting pains shoot from your little sissy dick to your warped, mind slave brain if you ever so much as fucking think of putting a t-shirt on your pet decrying “freedom isn’t free” with a picture of the twin towers on it.  You have no idea what kind of mind control fucking games this hypnodomme will play with the sissy bitch who defies me on this.

Hypnodomme rant over.

Mistress Wants a New Whore: Hypno-fetish MP3

  It’s so very pleasant to obey, isn’t it pet? It’s so very delicious to do as Mistress says. And today, Mistress wants a new, mind controlled whore.

  Who do you suppose should step up and play the zombie part, hmm? I tell you what.. to answer that question, I’ll give you three guesses.. but absolutely no choices.

  Come, click, buy, and relax.. with my latest hypno-fetish mp3, Mistress Wants a New Whore.

And for more forced-bi experiences, you can call Mistress Shayna’s Faggotized Phone Sex line.

Where’s Mistress

  Ok, so a few of you (ok, more than a few) have noticed my scarce availability and fewer posts lately and have come begging for more teasing, feminizing, hypnotizing attention in email, messenger, and even blog comment.

I will take an uncharacteristically humble moment to say I appreciate all my fans, clients, pets, and Poppets and am glad to see how much I’ve been missed while I’ve been hard to come by.

With that done,  I’ll slip right back in to Mistress mode to tell you “bitch, please.”  I’ve been here all along.  You’ve always been able to reach me for the best Femdom phone sex.  I’ve  just left my prices at a premium because I have a lot going on during the summer, and even if it’s just sunbathing, you’re not pulling me away from the rays unless you’re willing to pay me a mother lode for the privilege.

The summer will wrap up in the next month, and my days will be less in demand.  In the meantime, the most pressing of  my summer activities are now behind me and I’ll have more time ti at least get those MP3s published on the usual schedule.

Thank you all for your patience and your devotion. I have the best pets in the world.

Mistress Shayna

Summer-Hot Halter Pics of Your Femdom Phone Sex Dream

Mmmm well into a bitch smothering summer and well into my favorite, cock-teasing time of year.  You’ve seen the bikinis.  This time, I’m breaking out my favorite little halter top to tease you with.    It’s just a perfect little slip of material for tormenting your pathetic little imagination.  And it’s just two little bows between you and the exposed bliss of your Femdom Goddess.

And of course, just ten bucks between you and those pictures, hmm?


Makes you want more, doesn’t it? Come and get your Mistress Phone Sex,then.