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Cocksucker Cure: Hypno-fag mp3


You’ve had the cocksucker sickness, not it’s time for the cocksucker cure with my latest forced-bi hypnofetish mp3


You’ve been a chronic cocksucker for longer than you can remember, chasing that dick with a feverish zeal.  Thank goodness Mistress Shayna has a cure.. and for just $20, you can have it in this 21 minute hypno-fetish MP3.


(Disclaimer: There is no cure.. you’re just a faggot.  But at least you’ll get some temporary relief from that swollen clitty cock by the time we’re done here.)



Chug and Tug: A Forced-bi hypno-fetish MP3


Because you can’t getr enough of that good ol forced-bi hypno-fetish:

Everyone has their own little routine for relaxing on the weekend.. and of course by now, I know what yours is.  I thought this time I’d combine two of my favorite weekend celebrations into one.. drinking games, and watching grown men go all faggy for Mistress.  Of course, I’m not much for seeing people get sloppy drunk and stupid, so I suppose we’ll stick with something non-alcoholic for out drinkin game.  Hmmmm.. now what should I have you swallow down?  … click, pay, and tug, to find out, little cum guzzler.  At just ten dollars for twelve minutes, you’ll be able to come back for seconds… or cum *in* seconds.. I forget which.


Hypno-Fetish mp3: Wet Dream Catching

Hypno-fetish Mistress Shayna returns with a brand new MP3 for you

Well let’s see.. So far in my delicious and delightful hypno-fetish mps I’ve given you your wildest dreams to experience in sensations so vivid, they seemed real.   And each and every one of those dreams have been as wet as the tides, haven’t they my pet?

hypno-fetish dream catcherThat’s right.  And now you can take a moment to say ‘”thank you Mistress.”

Continuing this tradition of creating cum churning head trips for you to enjoy, I’ve come up with yet another dose of intense mind fuckery.. and face fuckery.. and ass fuckery..

For today’s spin on the hypno-fetish theme, instead of getting to have the wet dream, you get to BE THE WET DREAM.  You’ll get to be the perfect receptacle for all those tawdry fantasies of other men.  Big, hard, horny, other men.  You’ll get to be the wet dream catcher.  (Yes.. that means you get to swallow the cum, you addict.)  Today, I’m going to turn you into the focus of their spunk spewing wet dreams in this 24 minute hypno-fetish mp3 that will turn you into the target of the dreamiest and creamiest of wet dreams.   And it’ll only cost you 20$ and of course, you’re masculinity.  But you weren’t using that anyway now, were you, my pet?

Once again.. you can take a moment to say “Thank You Mistress.”

You’re welcome.

More Hypno-fetish form Mistress Shayna

it’s been a busy few weeks for my pets, and I expect to be particularly tied up from the twelfth on until.. well.. not sure, but a good few days at the very least. I”m afraid I won’t have a schedule to give you.  But, as always, you can check my site for the little button that says “call now” or “sent a mail.”  Those will always tell you if I’m taking calls at the moment or not.

I don’t say this often, and I’m not likely to repeat it, but I’m always impressed and touched to see how patient and dedicated so many of you devoted hypno-fetish lovers are.  I appreciate it and I appreciate your enthusiasm for the things I enjoy doing.

Hypnotic Mistress Shayna Presents a New Forced-Bi Hypnofetish MP3

Hypnotic Mistress Shayna is Always Thinking of Her Hypnofetish Fanatics.

Your hypnotic Mistress Shayna comes through for you once more, Poppets, with a new mp3 designed to give you your new hypnofetish fix.  In fact, speaking of fixes, it was the faggot-fix therapy which has recently been in the news that inspired this week’s hypnofetish and forced-bi  fantasy MP3.  Oh, you know the therapy I’m talking about, don’t you? Not the kind some hypnofetish peddlers talk about.. I mean the gay conversion therapy, usually offered by churches, which was recently banned in California for being more harmful than beneficial.

Now, your dear, darling, hypnotic Mistress Shayna has strong opinions about such practices, of course.  For one thing, as a forced-bi enthusiast and hypnotic Mistress with a penchant for turning bois into gurls, I love my little sissy sluts and would hate for anyone to cause you grief by confusing you into thinking you might not be drawn to cock like a magnet to an iron dildo. For another, fucking with your mind is a job for a hypnotic Mistress such as myself, and I don’t take kindly to people trying to break my toys.

Frankly, as the American Psychiatric Association has long ago determined that being gay isn’t a mental illness, I think any “therapist”  trying to treat it should have their license or certification revoked as quickly as any other medical professional would if they treated an ailment which they knew didn’t exist.  (At this point in time, they have issued no statement on the beneficial effects of having an erotic, hypnotic Mistress gently coaxing and forcefully fucking you out of the hypnofetish closet and into glorious cum guzzling freedom, but I expect to have their seal of approval any day now.  As soon as they do the right thing and give me their seal of approval, I’ll let you know.  Or just put the phrase Hypnotic Mistress or hypnofetish on alert in your yahoo news or other aggregator and you can be one of the first to know )

In the bright side, some of these “therapies” (yeah, no.. I can’t use the word without a sneer and air quotes,) employed by these fuckwits are techniques any hypnotic mistress would highly approve of.  For instance, in group therapy, they would get all the little gay bois naked and have them cuddle.  Now I don’t know about you, but where I come from, that’s called a daisy chain.  They would also have them role play locker room scenes where they would be teased and tormented as “fags” and “homos.” Because clearly, if gay men had only been teased by the jocks in school, they never would have gone all limp wristed like they are.

Hypnotic Mistress Shayna loves daisy chains

Did you hear the sneer in my voice there, my darling hypnofetish lovers?  Still, I’ve got to say, if I were trying to turn a man gay, that’s exactly how I’d go about it.

Oh wait.. that’s not what they’re trying to do… heh heh heh.. but it’s *exactly* the kind of thing I enjoy doing, and you enjoy paying me for…  and of course, I’m not pretending to help people do anything but get off.  I’m a hypnotic Mistress, not a “therapist.”

Your Hypnotic Mistress Shayna’s own spin on gay conversion in this weeks hypnofetish mp3

But all that is a bit off the subject, and you’re not here to have your beloved hypnotic Mistress rant about the unethical behavior of a small group of people.  You’re here to surrender your mind and your free will.. and of course.. your last shred of dignity and masculine pride.  You’re here for the hypnofetish mind fuckery and the forced cock sucking tendencies.  You’re here to be a good little sissy slut for your hypnotic Mistress Shayna.

hypnofetish mp3 for saleThat’s alright pet.. your hypnotic Mstress Shayna hasn’t forgotten the reason you come here, and for your patience, you will have access to my latest recording focusing on forced faggotry redemption.  As a bonus, you’ll get it at a 25% discount for being one of my devoted followers.  That brings the price down to a mere $15.  It’s chock full of youe hypnotic Mistress Shayna giving cock sucking encouragement, and for a bit of irony, I’ve titled it Gay Conversion Therapy: a Forced-bi  Hypno-fetish mp3.    Personally, I think it’s quite apropos.. after all, the phrase “gay conversion” would seem to imply the subject was converting to being gay, not the other way around.

Fortunately, the state of California has only banned the conversion therapy used against homosexuals.. It doesn’t say anything about a wicked minded and perverted hypnotic Mistress taking that kernel of bi-curiosity and cultivating it into a full blown dick addiction.

Hypnotic Mistress Phone Sessions

For those of you who keep track of such things, my schedule has switched to overnights for the next few weeks.  Look for your beloved hypnotic Mistress to be available for phone calls between the hours of midnight and 8am pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Call MistressShayna for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

For those of you who would like a bit more, I suggest checking out my Hypnotic Mistress themed Twitter feed as well as my Hypnotic Mistress and Forced-Bi and hypnofetish themed Tumblr blog.  Here’s a tip.. there’s lots and lots of strapon fuckery and sissy videos on my Tumblr.  You’ll get a good look at what kind of porn your hypnotic Mistress Shayna jills off to.. heh.. and by the times I’m posting, you’ll also have an idea of when.

Enjoy, pets.. and Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish pets.. except for the self-hating Jew bitch.. no latkes and gelt for you, mother fucker.

To everyone else, scratches and kisses from your favorite hypnotic Mistress.


Big Black Balls: A Faggot Making New Hypnosis fetish MP3

A Hypnosis fetish Treat

Hypnosis fetish can be such a crippling addiction, I know.  That’s why you are such lucky, lucky pets to have a hypnosis fetish Mistress who takes such good care of you and your weakness.  In past hypnosis fetish mp3s, Mistress has helped you to overcome anxiety, become more productive, envision success, and learn how to pleasure a woman, just to name a few.  And now, I’ve moved on to caring for your physical health.

I mean seriously.. you cock suckers are addicted to the hypnosis fetish.  You’ve got it bad.  I’ve seen heroin addicts with stronger will power and more resolve in front of a needle than you sissy fucks have when faced with a new hypnosis fetish mp3.  And considering what I keep training you to do while you’re in those trances, It’s amazing to me you ever get anything else done when you’re always so ready to drop to your knees at any given moment.  But I realize I’ve digressed from the subject at hand.. and while I realze by now it’s actually your panty covered dick at your hand, what Iwas actually referring to is your mental, emotional, and physical well being.. and how I can use your hypnosis fetish to help you.

Because I’m such a caring Mistress, this week’s hypnosis fetish mp3 is going to be all about motivating you to become more physically fit, which of course, will leave you more mentally and emotionally well balanced.

No matter who you voted for in this last election, you can thank President Obama for giving me the idea when I saw him take a break on election day to play a little basketball.  That’s when it occurred to me… my sissy faggots LOVE playing with big, bouncing balls!  Not to mention how much they love a big, tall, powerful black man.

So get ready to join the big, tall, many  basketball team and learn to enjoy a deep, erotic pleasure as you take your.. um, exercise.  Your new found love of fitness begins with this week’s new hypnosis-fetish mp3


A discount for my devoted hypnosis fetish lovers.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I’ve offered this MP3 to you guys at 25%  off my usual cost for new release MP3s.  It always pays to follow my blog and my twitter where you’ll find the occasional sale I offer only to my followers, but now, for the foreseeable future, I’ll be releasing my MP3s to my followers at a discount, at the same time I release them for the full price to my customer list.

Consider it my little thank you for your interest (and my little way of sussing out the more addicted hypnosis fetish addicts.)

Go  ahead, pets.. enjoy and indulge yourselves in your deep, dark, delicious hypnosis fetish.

Assnotized: an Ass Worshipping new Hypno-fetish mp3

Hypno-fetish and ass worship in the very same MP3.. bless your submissive soul, it’s rear-Valhalla.

The way it looks, the way it feels, the way is sways, and the way it captures your attention, refusing to let go.  You’re hypnotized..  You’re assnotized.. you’re taken in and brought under in this ass worshiping hypno-fetish MP3

Are you ready for this kind of mind fucking, ass adoring hypno-fetish?

Prepare yourself for the most intense derriere devotion you’ve experienced to date as you slip into an easy trance and deep, erotic, hypno-fetish bliss.


You’ll never get out with your mind in tact, but then, being the littlem hypno-fetish fiend you are, yuo don’t want to, now do you?

Ass Fucking Hypnotic Pain Relief: Hypno-fetish MP3.

You won’t even feel a little prick, but you’ll enjoy that big, monster cock in today’s forced-bi hypno-fetish mp3.

We’ve all heard the stories about dentists and midwives incorporating hypnosis, if not hypno-fetish, into their pain relief arsenal.  Well, if it’s good for mouths and pussies, I think it’s right up your ally, don’t you?  Your back alley, that is.  Personally, I think a trip to the dentist would be far more appealing if more of them worked no only hypnosis, but erotic hypnosis into the experience.

I should talk to my dentist about is.  He might finally be able to make as much as I do per hour.

Now you come along, and don’t be worried about a thing.  The only little prick you’ll feel is that pathetic little thing between your legs.  Hurry now, pet.  Scoop up my latest little venture into hypno-fetish bliss and enjoy the ride.


Of course, there’s always more mind fucking,  hypno-fetish fun where that came from.

And when your taste for all that crazy hot hypno-fetish deliciousness has you addicted, and forever craving more, you can always call my hypno-fetish phone sex listing on niteflirt.

Black Friday Deal: Forced-Bi Femdom MP3 and Pictures

femdomWere you hoping for a Black Friday deal out of your Femdom Mistress?

Ah, silly sbitches.  I tell you what.. here’s the deal I’m offering, if you manage to keep from getting a faggoty little pudgy from today’s forced-bi, femdom recording and pictures, well then, I won’t use your cocksucking impulses against you to turn you into my little slave.  If you do.. well then, kiss your heterosexuality goodbye.

Oh.. and no cumming without permission, my little femdom fanatic.  If you do, there will be a loser’s tax to pay.


Go ahead, you know you want it.. click the button and slip further into your femdom  faggotry.


And when you’ve proven yourself to be as weak-willed as I know you are, you can call directly and get your personalized Femdom fantasy Phone Sex on niteflirt. 




An Ass Fucking Femdom Appendix

It’s another few days before your next dose of Femdom deliciousness, pets.

..and let’s face it, it’ll likely hypno-fetish, I’ve been in that kinda mood. In the meantime, you little femdom, feminization, faggotization freaks, I have put together a little ass fucking appendix of all my analicious femdom MP3s for all you unfulfilled assholes to tide you over.

Oh, I know it’s not the same as getting to speak to me personally, but it’s the best you’re going to get for now.  So count you’re lucky fucking stars and don’t be such a needy bitch, huh?

femdom Ass Fucking Femdom MP3s

The Sexretary Forced Feminization Femdom mp3
Dildo Bouquet Ass Fucking Femdom mp3
Gas, Grass, or Ass Forced Faggotry mp3
Stealth Cock Forced Faggotry mp3
Damned Faggots Forced Faggotry mp3
Filthy Cum Dump Forced Faggotry mp3
Fuckmeat Femdom mp3
Forced-Bi Assignment
Cum Dump Fantasy

Soon enough, I’ll be back to train your ass myself, and we’ll be back in femdom action once more.

Stealth Cock: A SheMale Experience MP3

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into manhood.. along comes Stealth Cock!  Face it sissy-faggot, a hot tranny is the closest you’re ever going to get to fucking a real woman.  Good thing for you, huh?  What with you being a jizz-junky and all.

Go on.. click.. pay.. cum. Ya cock-whore.


 Of course, when you’re done enjoying that cock, there’s always more forced-bi phone sex, Femdom fun to be had by calling Mistress Shayna.