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Creating a Crossdresser: a New Feminizing Hypnosis MP3


My Poor, Deprived Sissies…

It’s been too long since I’ve offered my pets a deliciously debauched feminizing hypnosis mp3.  I’ve made up for it today with this new 21 minute deep induction hypno-fetish mp3 for just $20.

Time to get back into the closet, sissy.. it’s where all the pretty clothes are.


While you’re making your purchase, don’t forget to take a look around my new goody bag store on my Niteflirt profile page where you’ll find an ever-growing list selection of sissifying, face-fucking, faggot-making and cuckolding mp3s, videos, images, and assignments.

You know you wanna..

Cock B Gone: Cumming With Your Cunt Feminizing Hypno-fetish mp3

Who needs to be a man, anyway?

You’ve heard it countless times about the superior pleasure of the female orgasm and envied women their intense, long lasting, and recurring orgasms. It’s all a part of why it’s so much better to be us than you.. and now, thanks to your beloved Mistress Shayna, you too can experience the powerful pleasure of the female orgasm.. all you have to surrender is your manhood.. and that’s not so very much to ask now is it?


Then when you’re done with that, and done with your cock..

Be a good girl, and leave feedback when you’re done with those rolling orgasms.



And then when you’re craving more and more cock-shrinking, feminzing, hypno-fetish fun, there’s always my other MP3s

Tic Tock: Shrink Your Cock 


and Condense the Pleasure, Condense the Cock 


The Feminine Path: Feminizing Hypnosis MP3

all night long feminizing hypnosisAll Night Long Feminizing Hypnosis

Today’s feminizing hypnosis MP3 is a little break from the norm. Instead of taking you through a dream world of sissification and forced faggotry, this little gem is a simple deepener and intensifier to bring out your inner girl as you sleep.  It’s intended to play on a loop as you sleep, so that not a minute of your day is wasted in shaping you toward your girly goals.

There’s no real beginning, and certainly no end to the feminization you’ll experience through the night as you listen to this 10 minute MP3 on a loop, taking you continuously deeper and deeper into that blissfully feminine state.

After a night of listening to this feminizing hypnosis MP3, you’ll find it harder and harder to ignore those teasing, tingling, girly tendencies that have already begin to fill your thoughts.

Buy Mistress Shayna’s The Feminine Path: Feminizing Hypnosis MP3 from Niteflirt

Just $10… and it will be the best money you’ve spent since that dildo you love so much.




To speak with Mistress Shayna personally, you can try contacting her at Niteflirt

The little button below will tell you when Mistress is available for calls, or you can email her to chat about your feminizing hypnosis needs and fantasies.

Contact her now.  Calls are just $1.99 per minute with the first three minutes free for new NiteFlirt members.

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Think Pink: Erotic Feminizing Hypnosis

You’ve waited a long time for another erotic, feminizing hypnosis mp3

What could be more girly than the color pink?  Just seeing it can make you feel softer and more feminine.. or if it doesn’t yet, it will, once you’ve listened in on my latest feminizing hypnosis MP3 which will place triggers in front of you wherever you go.  Just $20 for 21 minutes and countless little after effects.

And when you’re feeling all girly and needing even more, you can always try my previous feminizing hypnosis mp3s


My Fair Sissy: Feminizing Hypno-fetish MP3 

16 minutes for just $10

Change of Seasons: Feminizing Hypnosis mp3

18 minutes, just $10

Washing Away Your Maculinity: Feminizing Hypnosis MP3

21 minutes for $10

Institutionalized demasculinization: Hypno mp3

18 minute hypnosis mp3 plus a bonus 21 minute trance word induction MP3

all for just $10

Dream Wedding: Feminizing hypnosis mp3

It’s time for another deliciously feminizing hypnosis mp3

feminizing hypnosis mp3 dream weddingI know how badly
you wish to be a proper sissy and a real
girl.  That’s why
I’ve worked so hard to
bring you all those feminine experiences in my feminizing hypnosis
mp3s, from
school-girl crushes, slumber parties and developing breasts, to
learning a sissified
trade like being a maid or a secretary, or even just going out for a
at the
. You’ve gotten to experience them all through my little
you pet?  You’ve
even gotten to losing your
virginity to me… and then to a man..  and
then to a few men.

Your dream wedding, through the lens of a feminizing hypnosis

But one experience has escaped you so
far in all these feminizing hypnosis mp3s,  And it’s a big
one in a sissy-boy’s
life.  It’s her
wedding day.  What
could be more enticing to your sissy
soul than that most feminine and exquisite of dresses, the wedding
gown?  You and I both know that in your sissified heart of
hearts, your dream wedding would feature you as the bride.

Well here’s your chance, Petal..
Just close your eyes, take a deep, relaxing breath, and join
me.  Come
walk down the aisle to you sissy destiny and say “I do” to the wedding
night in today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3.

Just $20 for 23 minutes of panty
twisting, clitty throbbing romance in this exquisite feminizing hypnosis mp3.

since that will never be enough for you, here are more feminizing
hyopnosis mp3s to
provide you with the girliest of vicarious experiences

A Day At The Spa: Hypnotic
Feminizing hypnosis mp3

The Sissy Maid:  A Hypno-fetish MP3

Sexretary: A Gender Bending Role Reversal MP3

Your New Breasts: A Forced Feminization MP3

School Girl Sissy Crush: Teasing Femdom MP3

A Sissy Slumber Party:  An erotically feminizing MP3


A New Tranny Lover’s MP3 and Sale on Old Favorites

All Your Tranny Wet Dreams Come True!  All New MP3 and a Sale on Old Girly-Dick Favorites!

Today’s new MP3 is made esspecially for my tranny loving little cocksuckers.  It’s a quick little, five minute mp3 with some mouth watering chick-dick pictures for you.

Five minutes, five dollars, and all the tugs you can manage before you splooge all over yourself.

Tranny Lust

Then Enjoy Even More Tranny Fantasies

When you’re done jizzing all over that little treat, wipe off the computer screen and enjoy some more hot tranny action with my previous MP3s, on sale now with little cock gobblers like you in mind.

Stealth Cock:  A Shemale Experience MP3

strealth cockJust when you thought it was safe to go back into manhood.. along comes Stealth Cock!  Face it faggot, a hot tranny is the closest you’re ever going to get to fucking a real woman.  Good thing for you, huh?  What with you being a jizz-junky and all.

$10.00 and 15 minutes will indulge your addiction

Go on.. click.. pay.. cum. Ya cock-whore.

Your Girfriend’s Cock: Feminizing Hypnosis MP3

girlfriend's cockIn today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3, I take you into your dreams and introduce you to your dream girl.. the one with the features that appeal most to you.. specifically designed for you, created for you to your own specifications, even the specifications you might not have realized you wanted.  In today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3, I introduce you to your dream girl.. and her dreamy cock.

Just $10 for 19 minutes, and I’m sure you two will get along fabulously.

Sissy Maid Tad Team MP3

sissy maid

I probably should not have let it get so far as it did…
but you know how it goes.  One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, the sissy-maid is being gang-banged by two straight guys who thought she was a bio-woman.

Ce la vie… that’s French-maid talk for “that’s how the tranny blows.”

$10 for 16 minutes.  Come and get it faggot.


Tranny Army Hypno-fetish MP3

tranny armyHas the Femdom power finally gone to Mistress Shayna’s head?  Perhaps, perhaps not, but it’s time to start walking on eggshells either way, cause she’s  been busy creating a vast army of sissies, faggots, and hypno-slaves. And guess who’s just become a new recruit?

That’s right my Poppet.  You’ve just received your draft card into the Shayniac Tranny Army.  What? You’re not a tranny?  No worries, pet, that’s what boot camp is for.

Pack up your dildo, sissy-boi.. you’re in the army now.  Training is $10 for 18 minutes and it’s gonna be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Sucking Sorority Sissy: Feminizing Hypnosis mp3

Is there any woman bitchier than a popular girl?  The whips and ropes of the most sadistic of Dommes can seem like fluffy bunny kisses when placed along side the kind of Machiavellian machinations  of a sorority sister who’s jockeying for power and social status.  Frankly, I find it inspiring.

This weeks sissifying hypnosis mp3 takes you into a dream where you become a sorority pledge, charged with keeping the fellow fraternity house entertained.  Will you make it through the humping and the hazing to become a sister of Omega Pi?  Or will you puss out and never, but never, have a social life during your college career?

I think we both know the answer to that, you sissy cocksucker.  You can’t wait to prove yourself and become one of the popular sluts.  All you have to do is click and pay the $20 for this 20 minute femminizing hypnosis mp3.

Feminizing Hypnosis mp3: Your Girlfriend’s Cock

feminizing hypnosis and your girlfriend's penis

Feminizing hypnosis is the balm for your burning sexuality.

And that’s for the best, Poppet.  Because you’re going to need some balm by the time I’m done with that ass of yours in my most recent feminizing hypnosis mp3.

Buy from MistressShayna through Niteflirt.com

But as addicting as  feminizing hypnosis can be, it’s really never more than an extension of your own mind’s desires.  While it may feel like I’ve taken control of your thoughts for the time being, you and I both know, you always go willingly along on the journey, knowing where it will lead and knowing what will become of you.  We both know the truth, Petal.   All I ever do when guiding you through the feminizing hypnosis session is allow you the comfort of being a passenger in your fantasy, while the feminizing hypnosis does the driving.

I just give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy being immersed in a fantasy that, for the time you’re in that trance, feels real.  In that way, it’s a lot like dreams.  You know what dreams I mean, don’t you?  The ones where you’re subconscious mind takes control.. and takes what it wants.  Those very special dreams that leave you in the morning feeling more aroused than you can ever remember being during your waking life, and even a bit uncomfortable with how intense they were.  Not to mention how uncomfortable you may have been with the content of those dreams.  They stick with you during the day, making you wonder at what your subconscious mind wants from you.  When all along.. you know the answer to that question.  Your subconscious mind wants cock.  Your cock wants cock.  Your entire being wants cock.

But alas.. the woman of your waking hours only has the cock you give her, and that much isn’t even enough for you, forget about her.

It’s that aching need.. that deeply rooted internal hunger for cock and craving to be fucked that spurs you on and sends you to women like me, and websites like mine, where you will find not only the sissy gallery, sissy stories,  and the feminizing tips to make you into the girl you want to be to get the man you want to fuck… you’ll also find that compelling feminizing hypnosis to feed your subconscious mind’s need to be immersed in your inner reality where you are the sissy cocksucker you’ve always wanted to be.

This Week’s Feminizing Hypnosis MP3 Release

In today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3, I take you into your dreams and introduce you to your dream girl.. the one with the features that appeal most to you.. specifically designed for you, created for you to your own specifications, even the specifications you might not have realized you wanted.  In today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3, I introduce you to your dream girl.. and her dreamy cock.

I’m sure you two will get along fabulously.

As one of my faithful followers, you get 25% off the usual price.. that’s just $15 for a 19+ minute MP3.

Buy from MistressShayna through Niteflirt.com


Feminizing Hypnosis Phone Sessions in the Upcoming Week

For those of you who need your mind fuckery and feminizing hypnosis to be personalized, I’ll be taking calls from about 9 am to 3pm, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.. just as soon as I get over my cold.  I’ll also be logging in for a few randoms hours, obscenely early in the mornings.

Call MistressShayna for phone sex on Niteflirt.com                                             Call MistressShayna for phone sex on Niteflirt.com


It’s all you could ask for in addictive, delicious,  feminizing hypnosis.

Feminizing Hypnosis mp3: Follow and Swallow

feminizing hypnosisFeminizing hypnosis mp3s can be inspired by the most unlikely of situations.

For instance, this week’s feminizing hypnosis mp3  came along when I saw an ad for a church dinner and sermon.. the event was called a “Swallow and Follow.”  Nuff said?  Yeah, I thought so.  It sounded a little too close to what I’m fortunate enough to do for a living.

So of course, today’s mp3 will be just chock full of  cock sucking, feminizing hypnosis fun.. After all,  who am I to turn my nose up at a sign from god? And who are you to say no to me?

Let’s face it.. whether it’s a church dinner or my feminizing hypnosis MP3 getting you there, either way you’ll end up on your knees and calling for god.  Has there ever been such divine inspiration put to such a perverted purpose.  (um.. I mean, discounting all those wars fought in the name of religion or like.. the inquisitions and stuff.  Ok, ya know what?  Just forget I said anything about perverting divine inspirations.. that shit’s been done to death.. literally.  Just focus on the perversion and debauchery.)

feminizing hypnosis

Feminizing Hypnosis by phone.

And of course, as always, I’m here for you pets who need a little more personal attention from Mistress.  In the upcoming week, you may call for one on one geminizing hypnosis during the weekday hours of 9am-ish to 3pm-ish pacific time.  You can use the button below to call or to send mail to check Mistress Shayna’s availability.  On occasion, Mistress will log in for some evening relaxation and teasing torment.  Keep your eyes open and your may get lucky

Call Button

There now, aren’t you looking  forward to continuing your process and evolution with feminizing hypnosis?

Feminizing Hypnosis MP3: Playing Doctor

feminizing hypnosis

A new feminizing hypnosis mp3 at long last

Today Mistress Shayna gets to the root of your pesky little problem with heterosexuality, providing both diagnosis and treatment in today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3. It’s not your fault pet.. you have a medical condition, and I know exactly how to treat you. But then, I always know how to treat little sissies like you, don’t I?

That’s right.. with even more feminizing hypnosis treatments to make you even more of an addict than you already are.

I love it when it works out like that.  It’s such a vicious cycle for you, and so very profitable and entertaining for me.

 Now go ahead.. click.. pay.. and cum to my latest feminizing hypnosis mp3.  You know you want to,

feminizing hypnosis

 And when that’s done and you still need more feminizing hypnosis fun.

You can call Mistress Shayna directly on her feminizing hypnosis phone sex listing at niteflirt.  They summer is almost ended and Mistress Shayna will be lowering her rates for longer hours come the middle of September so even though bikini season is almost at an end, you still have that much to look forward to, don’t you, you little femminizing hypnosis freak, you?