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Femdom Fan Mail

Mistress has been meaning to reply to my dear Dirty boy to an email he sent me a few weeks ago. I’ve been so busy, I decided to share with you all and give him a little added humiliat… err.. attention.

He writes:


Some us learn that lesson the hard way.

Ever seen the disappointment on a chick’s face when you drop your pants and it aint hanging like the thought it was hanging?  Well of course you haven’t personally, but do you know of, heard about, or other wise 2nd hand experienced it?

Hurts like the Dickens, like, “that’s where your dick ends, pssht! C’mon let’s get this over with. Fuck!”

Seriously though, what’s even worse than out right humiliation is seeing the disappointed look on her face, and she tries to hide it.  Tries to play it off like she’s still as excited for it as when she was squeezing it through my pants.  I’ve got just enough to pull off the illusioin.  6 inches hard in jeans, she’s feeling it, looking at it, licking her lips, thinking “Oh yeah, it’s on.” Hot, ready, wondering what’s taking me so fucking long to get a move on toward the bedroom.  I’m stalling.  I know what, or at least sense what lies ahead.  I let her rub it through my pants a lil’ bit more.  I’m squeezing her breasts. We’re kissing.  Fuck it.  I’m horned up enough not to care any more.  We stumble playfully over each other on the way back to the bedroom.  More making out, clothes coming off, she’s got surgery scars from breast reduction, I’m licking them, she’s like “really?,” I’m like, “Hell yeah, all of you, I’m gonna make love to all of you, beauty and faults alike.”  Feeling smooth, like I just dropped the mack line of the century on her.  Dick comes out. Facial expression immediate change.  Fuck! I’m thinking I know what she’s thinking, but she’s not gonna let it show, not intentionally any way.  The enthusiasm, the energy, the heat, it immediately takes a dive.  I’m struggling just to stay hard now.  If she’s not hot for it, then how can I be.  I ain’t a rapist, I need the woman turned on too.  The wetter and hornier she gets, the more it excites me and she just aint into it that much any more.  She’s still willing to go through the motions though,  So we do.  I keep a stiffy miraculously, but it’s not IRON like it was earlier, the motherfucker aint throbbing and straining no more.  “Dammit, aint 6 inches enough?” I think to myself.  I’m not gonna acknowledge it out loud either.  It’s not a skinny 6 either, it’s kind of thick.  I’ve had girls really enjoy it before.  I’ve also had this kind of experience before too.  I realize I sit on the fence.  Never know what kind of reaction I’ll get.  6 can be enough, like just enough, or it can be too small for some.  But I’ve prepped her good.  I’ve eaten her out great. I’ve sucked her breasts, licked her nipples, and breast reduction scars from surgery and all.  I’ve held her tight damn near all day today. And yesterday too. It’s only our third date, I was feeling like the fucking man before I dropped my pants and she gave me the gas face.

OK, here’s Mistress Shayna’s Miracle Cure for your little dick problem.. and yes.. it’s little.  Not average, not just a little under, not straddling the fence.  How do I know?  Because I understand the kind of HO scale, one inch equals one mile, mapquesting mentality of men who look at their dicks and *always* see it as being bigger than it is… frankly, I’m amazed so many of you fuckers are carpenters, since not a one of you seems to be able to tell inches form centimeters when you’re measuring your dicks.

..but I digress.

My advice to you, my darling, Dirty, is to get the name of your girlfriend’s plastic surgeon.  Get him to give you the big titties she surrendered to the knife, and start dating lesbians.  No dyke is gonna be disappointed with that bloated clit you call a dick.

You’re welcome, Poppet.

Need more Femdom indulgence? <a href=”http://www.niteflirt.com/MistressShayna”>Call Mistress</a>


Doesn’t this all sound compelling? Not as compelling as Mistress Shayna’s Hypno-fetish phone sex.

Phone Sex Fan Mail: Religious Domination, Jew Couple, & “Home Wrecking Bitch”

You all remember Freshly Dirty, don’t you?  He’s my precious little sycophant and shirt stirrer who never fails to amuse me.  I just received an email from him I simply had to share, along with my response.



—— Original Message ——
From: freshlydirty
Sent: 05/07/2011
Subject: Religious Domination, Jew Couple, & “Home Wrecking Bitch”

I was thoroughly entertained by the spat with Rosalind on your blog.  Did she ever contact you again?  What about her hubby who you made your Jew subby?  That whole discourse was both funny and titillating to me. Deep, deep down, she needs to admit that she belongs down on her knees offering licks and sucks to her your sweet juicy pussy, right beside her husband.  Either that, or she needs to apologize to you and ask you for tips and advice on which strapons to use to bring her husband back in line.  I guess what I’m saying is she needs to pick a side, stop bitching, or get out of the way.  Either dominate the boy who wants to dominated or serve the goddess right along with him. Kinda sad that soap opera is over, it was better than watching a sitcom on nbc.



I wrote back:


🙂  It amused you and me both.

I’d blocked him from calling me because he made a pest of himself when Rosalind was pitching a fit about what I’d posted.  He begged, whined, pleaded, and even threatened to leave me bad feedback if I didn’t remove my posts about him.

After he was blocked, he waited about a month and called me again using another, non-blocked account and has been a good boy ever since.

They’d broke up and finally got back together again, though they are no longer engaged.  At least, I think that’s what he said.  Honestly, I can’t recall if he said they’d just gotten back together or if he said they were once more engaged.  I tend to zone the moment he starts blathering about how he’s going to be in so much trouble if she finds out.

He still contacts me and I keep meaning to put an update to my blog about it.  Since I ocassionally look for her IP address, I know she still checks my blog from time to time.  I think it’s unkind of me to nelgect her, don’t you?

In fact, I think I’m going to copy this to my blog right now and bring her into the loop.


Got your panties in a twist? There’s always Mistress Shayna’s Sissy Phone Sex.