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Longer Erotic Hypnosis MP3s?

Needing More Erotic Hypnosis

podcastflowersI recently had a little subby contact me about recording longer feminizing, erotic hypnosis mp3s than my usual twenty or so minutes recordings.  This clever perv wants to take an hour long erotic hypnosis mp3 to a massage parlor and have the *ahem* masseuse play them while he gets a massage, accomplishing the task of both deepening his relaxation experience while also serving to give him a fat dose of humiliation when it becomes obvious to the … *ahem* masseuse.. what a little sissy faggot he really is on the inside.

Now.. the conundrum.. as many of you know, I do custom hypno-fetish and erotic hypnosis MP3s for some people.. if someone wants an mp3 that is personalized, or otherwise too specific to appeal to my usual, wider audience, then for the right price ($4.99 per minute of play time) I’ll make them their own little MP3. If, however, I think it’s an idea I can use, I’ll just release the mp3 to my list of customers for the usual $20 flat rate.

Because of the price, most people who would like a custom erotic hypnosis MP3 agree to wait until I can incorporate the idea into my next general release mp3 and they buy it for the usual price.  this customer was hoping for the same thing.  But.. I think a 45 minute to 1 hour mp3 wouldn’t have a wide enough appeal for me to be able to sell enough to make it worth my while.

What do you think?  Want an hour long erotic hypnosis mp3?

Because of the extended length, I’d charge $45 for a 45 minute mp3 or $60 for an hour long mp3.. so I put it to you, my readers.. would you buy an extended MP3 for this price or is the usual 20 or so minutes for $20 good for you?

Let me know in the comments, or message me on NiteFlirt.  If I get enough positive responses to indicate it would be worth my while, I’ll go ahead and make one.

In the mean time, for those of you who want it and want it now..

One alternative you may wish to consider is to combine two MP3s.. in my Two Part Hypno-Fetish treat I’ve included a trance word deepening MP3 and a Femminizing MP3.  Together they cost $20 and run 39 minutes.  That trance word deepener can be paired with any of my other erotic hypnosis MP3s to give you a deeper, more intense experience.


Similar to that is my Virtual Reality 2 Part Hypno-fetish MP3s Including a Fresh, New Trance word Induction.

That one is also a $20 package and has a 14 minute induction and a seventeen minute virtual cock sucking session.  Again, the induction can be paired with any of my other erotic hypnosis MP3s to bring you deeper into hypno-fetish bliss.

Your Cock is a Dowsing Rod: Erotic Hypnosis MP3

A Powerful New Erotic Hypnosis MP3

erotic hypnosis mp3Your cock is a dowsing rod, leading you to the source of power you find within your Mistress. In this new erotic hypnosis MP3, Mistress Shayna brings you back to the basics of simply enjoying the intoxicating power of a femdom Goddess. Follow your cock into delicious enthrallment and playful mind-fuckery, surrendering to the pleasure, submitting to my will, and sacrificing your notions about your free will, independent thought, and even your sexual orientation.

You will be fucked and mind fucked.. and you’ll love every moment of it.

This MP3 is 21 minutes and costs only $20.

New Erotic Hypnosis MP3: Surprise Butt Sex

erotic hypnosis A New  Erotic Hypnosis MP3 from Mistress Shayna

Everyone likes the pleasant little surprises in life.. and even the not so little surprises.  Like a hot erotic hypnosis session, a rockin threesome with two hot, fucking women.  Or like surprise butt sex.  Oh hey.. and how much better would it be if the surprise butt sex where thrown in with the two hot, fucking women for an anal-licious good time?

In this week’s erotic hypnosis mp3, I use visualization to put you into that most erotic of male fantasies, the two girl threesome.  Of course, being the ass pounding bitch I am, I’ve got to put my own little spin on it, don’t I?

After all, This is an erotic hypnosis MP3 from Mistress Shayna we’re talking about.. so you know odds are good that one of the ass getting pounded is gonna be yours.


erotic hypnosis


And of course, Erotic Hypnosis isn’t just for MP3s

This coming week I’ll be available Monday through Thursday from 8am to 3pm pacific time when I’ll be taking  live, erotic hypnosis calls through my Mind Fuckery by Shayna niteflirt listing. You can call or make an appointment by clocking the button.  Call Button


Every once in a while, you’ll be able to catch me on during unscheduled hours.  The best way to find out if I’m on and ready to give you an intensely erotic hypnosis session t is to keep an eye on the button.  For those of you on Twitter, you can follow me and while I’m posting my wit and wisdom about erotic hypnosis  BDSM relationships, and life in general, all  in one hundred forty characters or less.  Once in a while I might just post an announcement that I’m logging in for a while.. or hanging around on my yahoo messenger and interested in chatting for a while about erotic hypnosis and sissification.

Good luck in catching my generous moments.

Erotic Hypnosis mp3: Sissy Cock Cleaning Service

erotic hypnosisUnleashing your potential with erotic hypnosis.

The economy is bad, and things are tough all over, but with Mistress Shayna’s handy, dandy erotic hypnosis mp3 you can explore your inner depths and unleash your true money-making potential.. and what better business for a sissy bitch like you to go into than a cock cleaning service, hmm?


Go ahead and put your latent faggotry talent to work in this latest erotic hypnosis mp3 by Mistress Shayna


erotic hypnosis


Erotic Hypnosis by phone

Or for a more personal touch, call Mistress Shayna’s erotic hypnosis phone sex listing on NiteFlirt.

This coming week Mistress Shayna will be available after midnight, Monday through Thursday until 6am (ish) and some days.

Use the button below to call or make an appointment.

Call Button

Erotic Hypnosis MP3: Sissy School

Sissy School is in session with lessons in erotic hypnosis


It’s fall, Pet, and you know what that means.  It’s back to school time for all the good and bad little sissy bitches.  School is in session with today’s spicy new erotic hypnosis MP3 and it’s time for you toe get your little plaid skirt on and get your sissy-ass in to gear for your cock sucking lessons.  Now go on.. off to school with you.





And when you’re done with that, don’t forget to leave your apple-ass for the teacher, and be a good sissy.

Leave feedback on your erotic hypnosis mp3s and erotic hypnosis phone sessions.

Mistress’ New Schedule

In other news, many of you devoted pets and playthings have noticed how difficult it was to get hold of your favorite erotic hypnosis mistress, Mistress Shayna.  Well, summer is over and things are getting back into a regular schedule, so you little addicts can have a hope.

At least, for the time being.

For live erotic hypnosis sessions, Mistress Shayna will be available for calls between the hours of 7:30 am and 3pm Pacific tim Monday through Friday, and some nights.

Use the call button below to give her a ring, or send email to see about setting an appointment

.Call Button


Erotic Hypnosis MP3: Past, Present and Future Faggot

Erotic Hypnosis to discover your past, understand your present, and create your future faggorty.

erotic hypnosis

In today’s erotic hypnosis mp3, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane to find out just how, when, and where you became such a cock loving faggot. We’re going to delve deep into your twisted, sissified psyche and find that little seedling of sexuality. We’re going to cultivate it and watch it grow into the blooming faggot you are today, and the sissy whore you’re going to be tomorrow.

 erotic hypnosis


Regression and erotic hypnosis

I’m going to take that kernel of concentrated faggotry and nourish it so that is grows big and strong, becoming more than just an aspect of your sexuality, but your entire being. There will be no escaping your destiny and no questioning your reason for being put on this planet. Through Mistress Shayna’s erotic hypnosis mp3, you’ll put an end to the struggling and insecurity over your flagging masculinity and find the kind of peace and contentment only possible when you know and fulfill your destiny. And of course, your destiny is to be my little cock sucking, faggot whore.

What are you waiting for? An invitation? How about an order… buy the erotic hypnosis mop3, faggot.


erotic hypnosis

Visualizing Your Faggotry: Erotic Hypnosis mp3

The Power Of Erotic Hypnosis To Make You Think.. To See.. To Feel… and to Suck

Erotic Hypnosis Vizualisation


We all know that erotic hypnosis visualization can help you achieve your goals and prepare you for the life you truly want to lead. Well, for a little Femdom variation on the theme, today’s erotic hypnosis MP3 helps you visualize the life I want for you. A life of faggotry and slavery. And let’s face it.. if I want it.. you want it.

So come and get it, faggot.


erotic hypnosis


Erotic Hypnosis on NiteFlirt

I’ve been noticeably absent, even during my high rate hours these past two weeks and, summer principles being what they are,  it will be a bit before my schedule is regular again.  However, if you wish to schedule an appointment for an erotic hypnosis session, we can work something out.  You may contact me on niteflirt to check my availability, and, if I am free, the call will be $1.99 per minute, plus a ten dollar reservation fee to put a hold on my time for the call.  Appointments are not set and the reservation fee is not due until my availability is confirmed. anyone not responding with payment of the reservation fee withing 24 hours of confirmation being sent will lose their appointment and will have to re-check for availability.

Erotic Hypnosis mp3: Beauty is Pain

The fourth erotic hypnosis mp3 in the five part total slave reconstruction series.

Beauty is pain and with erotic hypnosis mp3, you’re about to become a stunner.

In this week’s erotic hypnosis lesson you’ll learn to embrace and to take pleasure in erotic pain and submission.  By learning to relish pain and turn it into deep, intense arousal, you’ll find yourself that much closer to becoming the perfect pet you’ve always wanted to be.

erotic hypnosis


erotic hypnosis

This MP3 is the fourth in a five part erotic hypnosis series on Total Slave Reconstruction.

More Erotic Hypnosis

In case you missed them, the previous three are listed below.  Each works as a stand-alone erotic hypno-fetish mp3, but all together, the recreate you into the perfect slave you’ve always yearned to be.


Number 1 of 5 is Blank Slate:

Create the perfect canvas for the perfect Mistress.

erotic hypnosis


Number 2 of 5 is Utter Devotion

Know the emotion of devotion and the intensity of it’s lustful expression.

erotic hypnosis


Number 3 of 5 is Service is Bliss

erotic hypnosis


On a side note, I love the image in today’s post.  It depicts the results of a practice known as giving a submissive his “wings.”  I do it with a flogger for a set of wings that go down the back and flanks for a more butterfly wings shape.  The Domina who did this image used a knife to get the lovely, clear marks and crisp definition.   This was a fabulous job done by Mistress Sara Eileen.  She created a work of art in flesh.

Erotic Hypnosis MP3: Service is Bliss

erotic hypnosis

Blissful Erotic Hypnosis

What could be more blissful and productive than an erotic hypnosis mp3 entitled Service is Bliss?  I’ll tell ya what.. nothing! That’s what!

Today’s erotic hypnosis mp3 will twist your mind and contort your sexuality so that all forms of service, from the most sexually explicit fuck-toy duties, all the way down to the most mundane things like cleaning for Mistress, will become delightfully, erotically charged experiences.  There will be no end to your productivity, nor to your sexual bliss as you listen, and relisten, to this erotic hypnosis mp3.


erotic hypnosis


Erotic hypnosis can be, quite simply, the most exquisite and intense experience a submissive can have.  After all, it’s easy enough to control the body, by using the carrot and stick that are sexual arousal and pain.  And it’s simple enough to make the body obey through the use of force or coercion.. but to control the mind.. to make a submissive’s very thoughts and desires reflect the wishes of a Dominant.  Now that is complete control.  After all, as I always say, if you control the head, the body will follow.

So now that we’ve established that it doesn’t get any better, it’s time for you to join your mind controlled brethren and surrender your thoughts, your actions, and your sexuality to Mistress Shayna.

More Erotic Hypnosis, Full Slavery Training

For those of you keeping track, today’s mp3 is the third in a five part Total Slave Reconstruction series.

While each works as a stand-alone product, creating that state of heavenly submission best acheived through erotic hypnosis,there is, of course, a more complete experience when you listen to all five in the series.

For the complete sense of freedom that comes with complete submission, you can begin with the other MP3s in the series.

Number 1 of 5 is Blank Slate:

Create the perfect canvas for the perfect Mistress.

erotic hypnosis


Number 2 of 5 is Utter Devotion

Know the emotion of devotion and the intensity of it’s lustful expression.

erotic hypnosis


A Special treat for my hypno-fetish freaks

It’s a bit sooner than my usual irregularly scheduled podcast, but hey.. I was thinking of you.  So here you go.[podcast]http://shayniac.com/shayniac%20podcast%2010.mp3[/podcast]


Personal Erotic Hypnosis by Shayna

For those who need more personal attention, you can always call Shyana on her hypno-fetish phone sex line at niteflirt, for the very best in erotic hypnosis.


Erotic Hypnosis mp3: Utter Devotion

Erotic Hypnosis Swirl

An Erotic Hypnosis MP3 to bring out the delicious, delightful, devotion in you.

As promised, today’s addicting, mind twisting, and erotic hypnosis fetish mp3 is the next step in becoming the complete submissive you’ve always wanted to be.  Serene comfort and erotic bliss await as you surrender your heart and mind to Mistress Shayna in this erotic hypnosis MP3.


Erotic Hypnosis: Utter Devotion is the second in a five part series on total slave reconstruction.


While they work best as a part of your ongoing training to achieve the perfect submissive state, each MP3 in the series also works well as a stand-alone product.  Each mp3 in the series addressed a different aspect of the submissive mind and personality. And each mp3 will bring you into that deeply erotic hypnotic trance you so crave, using your own compulsions and desires to make you in to a better, more submissive slave.

If you haven’t already begun, you can tart your journey.. or is it descent, with the first mp3 Blank Slate: Hypno-fetish mp3.

Go on.. what have you got to lose?  Aside from your heart, your mind, your soul, and your free will, that is.  It’s nothing compared to what you will gain when you’ve achieved that exquisite freedom which only comes from complete submission.  Surrender, pet.  And be made free.



And once you’re addicted and can’t get enough, you can always call Mistress Shayna and speak to her personally though her erotic hypnosis listing on NiteFirt.