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Little Pink Dicked Sissies Love Big Black Cock

I’ve had so many little white bitch bois lately begging me to get them some big, black cock to suck.

Clearly, real men are in high demand by little sissies.

While I’m always happy to indulge in a little comparison between the superiority in size and pleasure obtained from a well hung black stud, I’m afraid I just don’t have time this week to release a new mp3.

What I do have time to do though, is point you little pin-dicked bitches to some of my most popular BBC themed mp3s from the past.

 They’re chock full of big, black cock.. and you will be, too.

This  first one is called Big, Black Balls.. it’s a touch of hypno-fetish blended into a hot fantasy about a a long, stron, basketball team of black men tagging your ass.

  Then there’s my Black Friday sale forced-bi fantasy mp3

I’m sure you’ll find something of interest to stroke to in this one.

 And I also put out a sweet little cuckold fantasy mp3 called My Black Lover Takes Control.  It’s perfect for getting little pink-dicked cocksuckers like you all juiced up.

 Femdom mp3


If you’re too scared to just o ahead and buy, you could always listen to a clip while your dick makes up your mind for you.