Sissy Secretary

The Sissy Pimp Life is Good.

And bless ’em, those little bitches worked their little faggot asses raw for me.  But the job sometimes takes keeps me away from my website.  But I’m nothing if not good at making someone else’s fetish work for me.  And even more luckily, sissy secretary is a really common fantasy.

Th Sissy Secretary Solution.

I’ve been turning a daytime executive into my night time secretary.  This executive sissy happily shrugs out of his suit and tie to don a dress and nylons and take dictation.  She types up letters, does light bookkeeping, and gets bent over the desk to take my fat strap-on.

I had other bitches in my sissy pimp stable and the were some jealous bitches.  They wanted to be the one who got to stay in and take my strap-on instead of trolling the glory holes looking for “dates.”  sissy pimp

Little do they know, she’s the one getting stiffed.. no pun intended.  There’s nothing my slutty secretary liked better than being a filthy little fuck puppet who gets to earn a living swallowing loads of jizz.  She watched with envy as the others traced slut-red lipstick on their mouths.  She knew the color would soon be smeared on a cock.  It’s all she could do not to whimper when she had to wear neutral make-up and a demure skirt.  She much preferred the cheek-baring hootchi skirts the sluts wear.  The kind that showed their panties-free ass, wet with load after load of cum leaking from their boy-pussies.

Talk about the grass always being greener on the other side.

The good news for you is that my sissy-secretary inspired an MP3 called The Sexretary: A Gender Bending Role Reversal MP3 and of course you can buy the sissifying mp3  anytime.

Oh well, I’m back on track for the moment.  If you miss me here, check out my other Femdom blog at  It’s chock full o’ sissy goodness.