Sissy Crate

Introducing a brand new sissy adventure.

We’ve all seen them, those boxes that deliver surprises to your door each month, so long as you keep up the subscription.

Well, I’ve taken that idea and improved it.. firstly, by eliminating the subscription, and next, by packing it full of the clitty-cock tingling treats Sissies love.

Each crate is guaranteed to be valued at well above the price you pay and to include at least one exclusive item, not found anywhere else.

They crates may have anywhere from three to six items included.  They’ll have things like sissy themed mp3s, sissy or tranny videos, sissy assignments, clitty teasing images, and miscellaneous treats to make your little sissy-stiffy sing.

You will always get more than you paid for and you will always be thrilled with your erotic rewards for having placed your faith in my hands. So dive in and check out what this month’s crate has to offer.

You’re welcome.