Sissies and Trans women

Sissies or what?

I recently had a question from someone who asked “So are you a girl who likes turning guys into sissies or what?  Just wondering.  I’m transsexual.”

This question isn’t an unusual one, but it’s different in that it came from a trans woman, and I thought it brought up an interesting conversation about what I do, and also, about the differences between sissies an trans-women, and where they overlap.

How do I love Sissies?

forced sissification storiesI love to play with sissies, but it must be pointed out that  I don’t “turn them” so much as I help them explore the sissy desires they already have.

Given the nature of sexual submission and the fantasized notion of mind control through hypnosis, I understansd that many people enjoy fantasie of being forced to do things they secretly really, really want to do.  To some extent, it can release people from the responsibility of making a choice which is awkward for them.  But make no mistake.. they’ve already made that choice before they called me.  I’m very clear about what I do and what audience I cater to.  Nobody ends up being exposed to my stories and recordings by accident.

Still, I fully understand that the nature of a submissive enjoys the feeling of another person being in control.  And so stories of “forced” feminization for forced faggotization are popular.  I’m happy to cater to those fantasies, so long as everyone understands, they’re only fantasies.

What about Sissies and Trans Women?

For clarification, my definition of sissy means both effeminate and sexually submissive.  Sissy play isn’t exclusively about the erotic, but to me, getting the libido involved is what takes dressing girly from simply crossdressing to being a transvestite.. and the submissive element is what makes a transvestite into a sissy.

Not every person has the same definition, but I think I’ve hit on a common one, if not the only one, as it pertains to the sissy fetish.

As for  trans-women, I like them as well as any other women, but speaking in a really generalized way, trans-women aren’t sissies, they’re just women.  Even if they’re submissive, telling a trans-woman “good girl” won’t have the same sting of humiliation because you can’t emasculate a woman.

With all that said, it bares repeating that I do like trans-women (and trans-men) and I have had a number of trans-women for both submissives and also as my partners in Alpha-Couple type situations.

Truth be told though, my interest in trans-women may seem inflated to anyone who views my tumblr blog. I repost alot of images of trans-women with big, hard cocks because sissies have major appeal to the sissy community.  They’d  fetishized trans-women as being hyper feminine while still retaining the core of their masculine sexual pleasure. A huge number of sissies also like to fantasize about sucking a cock, but don’t want to go tumbling into fully homosexual porn and erotica.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag for trans-women, because fetishization can go hand in hand with objectification.  But then, it also encourages exposure, which leads to normalization.   Either way, being objectified by men is a very female experience, so it can be seen by some trans-women as one of those dubious wins.

I will acknowledge that my catering to this fetish could reasonably be seen as my being part of the problem.  I would respect anyone who thought so.  But I would also refuse to change.. because in the end, I think fantasy is healthy.  Even when it’s a fantasy that’s not very sensitive to diversity or political correctness.  I don’t have a problem with people who have what some might see as distasteful fantasies.  I just have a problem with people who don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality.

Besides, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. your erection does not necessarily define your world view.  But fair warning, if your erection makes you seem like kind of a douche bag, I’ll be watching  see how well the rest of you confirms what your dick is implying.

There ya go.. a very long answer for a very short question.. but also a subject I’m keen on.

Thank you for asking.

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