Religious Domination Discussion: Phone Sex Fan Mail

For those of you who didn’t see the comment, a poster called HonestPower wrote

“This brings up an interesting point I’ve thought about before: a Domme requiring a Sub to alter their religious, political, or moral beliefs through punishment, mind control, strength of command etc.

For example if a Domme were a devout Catholic would she be tempted to require her subs to convert to Catholicism?

I’m very liberal but I know if Sarah Palin were my Domme she could probably convince me, through her erotic dominance, to vote republican.

Not sure if she could convince me to agree with her…”

It’s an interesting point.  I personally have no religious affiliation.  I’m cynical, skeptical and buy into the theory that religion is the opiate of the masses.  I was raised Jewish and identify as a Jew, despite my agnosticism.  I embrace the culture and the community I’ve known all my life.  In my adult life, I’m agnostic and don’t truly consider myself a Goddess, but that hasn’t stopped me from forming my own cult.  🙂

When it comes to Domination, however, I have men pray to me.  Hell, I’ve had a man pray to my girlfriend, when he admitted he was normally her pet, not realizing I was a friend of hers.  I had him get down on his knees led him in prayer, making him beg her forgiveness for his disloyal ways.

I have men do things which are contrary to the faiths they practice, or practiced.  I’ve abused men of all faiths, including one self-hating little Jew bastard who tried desperately to make me remove what he called anti-semitic comments on my blog, about him being a Jew bastard… the Jew bastard.  To this day he makes me giggle when I hear he’s been calling me a Nazi again.  But I digress.

The point of it all is about Domination.  Playing with a man’s religion and making him do things he’s been taught all his life will damn him to hell.. that’s a powerful, powerful form of Domination.  Unless they are perfectly, truly, and assuredly atheist, there has to be a niggling worm of anxiety that worshiping a living Goddess and/or performing a sacrilege upon their holy books and symbols will damn their souls and commit them to their choice of submission for eternity.

When they turn their backs on their religion for the sake of submission to a Mistress, they have to deal with all their lives’ worth of being told how wrong it is, and how god sees everything.  They might be able to hide what they are to the rest of the world, but as they pray to me, they will feel the eyes of their god upon them, judging and disapproving.  They commit to being mine, then.. for they have turned their backs on their god and their souls are now homeless.

I’m sure a Dominant woman could get you to follow any creed, but the important part isn’t what the target becomes, whether that be Catholicism, Rebublican, or a little cult I like to call The First Shaynaic Church; no, the important part is that they turn away from something they believe, the importance is not on what they turn to.  It’s the sense that they are making choices they can’t take back, which makes Religious Domination so exquisite.

You don’t have to believe I’m a Goddess… after all, I don’t.  You only have to believe that when you cum on your old prayer book for me, you’re gonna burn…. or in your case, when you vote along Republican party lines.

Savor the forced faggotization with Shayna’s Forced-biphone Sex.