Religious Domination Addiction: Another Jew-boy Comes Back From Under A Rock

Jews are known for their comedy, and I have to say, Rosalind and Barry are making me laugh my ass off.

It all began early this year when I started getting these sniveling, whiny calls from a little self-hating Jew-boy in England who got off on the idea of worshiping Aryan pussy.  It made his little dick squirt to think of licking shiny Jack boots and when I told him I was gonna fuck him with a shiny red dildo with a swastika on it, the little fucktard was addicted.

Enter the whining fiancée:

Fulfilling yet another stereotype, this time for being shrewd, Barry the uber-slave’s fiancée figured out what he’d been up to and followed his hot and sweaty little clicks to my website, where she saw my first post laughing about the Nazi loving Jew.

Rosalind hit the roof.  She starting screaming at me in email, and then in more comments on my blog, threatening to have my site taken down.  I found her so amusing, I put a countdown timer on my site, waiting to be removed.  I took the timer down about six months later.. it was just taking up space and giving her undeserved attention.

Over the next month, two things became clear to me.  1) Rosalind was obsessed with me and couldn’t resist coming back for more public humiliation, and 2) her fiancée was too much of a sniveling little whiny-ass to speak to, even at $120 per hour.

You see, while she was blazing and ranting in my comments sections, she broke up with her loathsome little fiancée Barry.  He proceeded to beg, plead, and when that didn’t work, threaten to have me take the posts and comments off my website, in the hopes of calming his fat-assed cow of a woman down.

Here’s a lesson, folks… Mistress Shayna does not respond to threats.  For one, I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done and don’t care who learns about it.. and for another, I don’t get into power struggles with subs who have buyer’s remorse once they realize how badly they’ve fucked themselves.  I held the cards, and I knew it.  I had something he wanted and he was just another little bitch who could be, and was, replaced by the next in line.  I gave him one warning, and then I blocked him from calling me.

Barry becoming persona non grata to me didn’t stop his now ex-fiancée from seeking out more clit tingling  humiliation from me for a while.  I told her if she wanted to continue to receive my abuse, she could call like her boy did before I blocked him and left it at that.

Well folks, after more than six months, the bitch was back.  Another visitor had triggered another discussion on Religious Domination and little Miss Addicted-to-Shayna couldn’t help but jump in again.  I love it when she says I should be ashamed of myself.  It makes me giggle.

The funniest part about this all is, aside from her obvious obsession, is that she rekindled Barry’s craving by bringing it all to his attention again.  He created a new account, just so he could slip past my block and beg me to take him back, and confessing his love on my blog under the appropriate, albeit generic name, “loser.

Barry/loser is on probation now.  I’m awfully entertained by the whole thing and love to play the homewrecker bitch yet again. It’s made up for some of his snivelling…

Not enough for me to tolerate it again though.


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