Perfect Gifts for Sissies

Sissies This Season!

Sissies don’t need a special occasion to get gifts (or get gifts for themselves) but they could sometimes use a shopping guide.

Here are some shopping tips for where to go and what you can get for that special sissy in your life, even if that sissy is you.

Anal Toys

I have to admit, when choosing what types of gifts to talk about first, it was a hard choice between panties and anal toys.  I gave up trying to decide which was more popular with my pest and went with alphabetical order.

Anal toys are just some of the ways a sissy can separate herself from your everyday, run of the mill crossdresser.  While both enjoy their feminine side, sissification takes it a step further, a step sexier, and a step more submissive.  So of course, that all adds up to being a bottom.  

And now that we have that established, here are some toys for a bottom’s bottom.  Whenever possible, insertable sex toys should be made of 100% silicone (medical grade is best.) Silicone is easy to clean and can be boiled to sterilize it.  Use water-based lube with silicone toys and if you’re going to share them with a partner, cover them with condoms.  Silicone also makes for a nice texture that’s not too hard but is still rigid enough to fuck.

All of the toys I list below are in my personal collection.  I’m not a representative of the company and I make no money off of recommending them.

Tantus Perfect Plug  A small plug, great for beginners.  It’s no thicker than a finger and the silicone makes it comfortable for extended insertion.

Tantus Ryder  A larger plug that can take some working up to, but is comfortable enough to sleep with once it’s in.  A good intermediate size toy.

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Thruster  Once you can take the Ryder, you can take the Thruster.. and oh.. my.. god!  The thruster is an amazing toy that does just what it says.  Once it’s in, just turn it on and let that boi-cunt enjoy the sensation of getting a steady fucking.. albeit with just a few inches of thrust.  Still, I understand it does amazing things to the prostate and from how quickly it works to make my pets cum, I’m sure it does.

Sissy Panties

Of course, it goes without saying that sissies love panties.  Sadly, the panties don’t always love them back.  The gussets are too narrow to contain balls.  The waistbands are too low to contain a semi.

Fortunately, there are companies who cater to molls with balls and sell pretty, flattering, girly panties with enough room for even a swollen sissy-clit.

Check them out:

Secret Male

XDress Panties for Men

MayBethisPair Panties for Men


It’s a little misleading to call some of these strap-ons since my favorites are called “strapless strap-ons” but the point is the same.  Sissies love ’em.

Feeldoe  Once again, I’m going to rave about a Tantus product.  A silicone toy, the Feeldoe comes in different sizes and you can get them with or without vibrators in them.  The feeldoe is the original strapless strap-on and my personal favorite.

Vixen Creations Nexus is another strapless strap-on.  Also silicone, it’s good for those who want more insertable inches for the female player.

Male Chastity Devices

Chastity and sissies go together like peanut butter and jelly.  It’s a nice little reminder for a sissy that her clitty-cock is a useless little distraction and that she focus on her duties.  They serve as a reminder that she’s an owned pet.  Best of all, they’re the best way to ensure that an orgasm is actually “hands free.”

cb-300  The CB-X series of male chastity devices are by far the most popular, and with good reason.  They’re expandable, shrinkable, lockable, vented, and they come in a variety of pretty colors and patterns.  In addition to the standard cb-300, they’re the shorter cb-600, and the Curve for uncircumcised penises.  They’re perfect for extended wear.

Sissy Chastity Belt  Sometimes, a gurl just wants something more traditional and girly.  While the Sissy Chastity Belt isn’t good for extended wear, it’s great for being able to look down and see a perfectly girly shape under those sissy panties.

Cock Cage with Plug  Of course, what’s kinky time for if it doesn’t include a little penetration?  A cock cage with a plug allows a sweet nancyboy the chance to enjoy some comforting anal usage as she’s locked safely away in her steel cage.


 Last but not least, we come to collars.  A collar is as personal as a wedding ring and can represent the same commitment between it’s giver and wearer.

I won’t recommend what kind of collar is right for any particular sissy, but I will recommend some of my favorite sites to shop for collars.  From the simply symbolic,  like an ordinary necklace with a lock charm, to an “eternity collar” that is screwed together around a slaves neck and requires a special tool to remove, to anything in between.  It’s easy to find any manner of collar to represent any manner of relationship. 

They come in all colors and can be found to reflect your personal interests.  Puppy boys can find them with paw prints and dog bone details.  Sissies can find bows and sparkles.  There are even collars that are made to reflect your favorite fandoms, like comic book or Disney characters.

Look for them at


Etsy (Great for finding unusual collars.)

Eternity collars

Collar Factory