Sex Workers Picketing a Church

Lemme hear ya say AMEN!!!

Seems a Baptist church was harassing a strip club, it’s members hanging outside the club, shouting nastiness at the workers and customers, taking pictures of license plates on cars and of patrons coming and going so they can post it online.. and now the strippers are getting a little of their own back, picketing the church.. or the pastor, rather.  Unlike the church followers, the strippers aren’t harassing people who are coming and going.  They’re sitting quietly with their protest signs and having breakfast.. you know.. peacefully.. like good Christians.

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Is it wrong that a big part of me feels galled that they’re wearing bikinis to protest a church, not because it’s disrespectful, but because they’re giving the product away for free.  I have no doubt the girls, and the attention he’s getting from all this, are making that pastor’s cock buzz like a little honey bee.. I can picture him now, praying, wanking, cumming, and crying, all over his bible.

Doesn’t this all sound compelling? Not as compelling as Mistress Shayna’s Hypno-fetish phone sex.

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