My Mellon Baller: Femdom Phone Sex Fantasy

I have a melon-baller.

By this, my little Femdom lovers, I do not mean to say I have a handy kitchen utensil used for scooping bits of honeydew into little spheres perfect for wrapping in prosciutto and serving at cocktail parties. Rather, I mean to say I have a pet who has put a new spin on fetish phone sex but loving his fruit.. carnally.

WatermelonBallerLittle Mr. Fruit-fucker has his food fetish down to a science. He knows which melon is best and at what stage of ripeness he will enjoy the firmest and fleshiest melon ecstasy.

He picks a hard cantaloupe, ignoring advice in the produce aisle from well-meaning mothers who try directing him to the sweetest, juiciest fruit. Once home with his intended victim, he cuts a small hole in the skin, a bit narrower than his lilliputian love-digit and spoons out a tunnel into the meat of the melon. Next, his recipe calls for the cantaloupe to be heated in the microwave for 90 seconds on high. (I never asked how many times he burned his mili-peter before he figured out how long to cook the melon.)

Once his only lover has reached a more life-like temperature, he lubes her fruity fuck-hole with Vaseline and goes to town. Sometimes, if he wants his beloved to suck him off, he’ll cut a small channel through to the opposite side of the melon. By allowing his inward thrusts to push any air out through the channel, he can place his finger over the opposite hole as he withdraws, creating suction.

Now, my dear wee wanker, pathetic though he may be, has been a very good slave. He’s been a regular caller for a long time and always remembers to leave a tip to show his appreciation. I recently received an Amazon gift card from him in my email address and we spent an hour long session picking out some pretty things for his Mistress to wear.

As a reward for such good behavior, I thought it was time he had a play date with some other fruity friends. I had one of my sissies and a puppy-boy join him.  Together, they bore three holes into a seedless watermelon and humped it senseless in an all out, three on one melon gang bang. The vegan fuck-fest went on for three and a half long hours, eventually incorporating other fruit and a few root vegetables into the act.

For the grand finale, I treated them all. He and my sissy-slut enjoyed their first real live, honest to goodness blow job. Sissy kimmie went down on her first cock, and melon-ie felt his first real mouth on his dicklet. Rex, the wonder dog, spent the final act humping their legs to orgasm and a good time was had by all.

Note from the chef: Honeydew may be used as a substitute for cantaloupe when in season. Microwave ovens vary, your cook time may differ.

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