Alien Sissy from Outer Space! RIP David Bowie

An Alien Sissy Made Me A Mistress

Alien SissyLike most people on the planet now, I’m too young to have been around when that alien sissy known as Ziggy Stardust hit the scene with his androgynous look and his undisguised bisexuality. And I was pretty damned young when the Goblin King paired huge hair with a huge codpiece and sprinkled a ton of glittery fairy dust in between.

I don’t know of any budding, young kinkstress who didn’t fall a little in love with him at the line “I ask for so little; just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.” (Pause for a moment, please. Mistress has to swoon.)

But perhaps more importantly to me, isn’t the influence he had directly, but the influence he had on the people who influenced me. He really brilliant and influenced so many artists, writers, and musicians with his look, sound. lyrics, and candor. And because I’m a Sissy Mistress, my focus will naturally come back to the way he explored the fluidity that can be gender and sexuality.

No Original Ideas?  So  Fucking What?

Now, obviously, my favorite alien sissy isn’t the first person to have done it. People had done it before him and people have done it since… Truth be told, while I like Bowie, and love some of his song, I’ve never considered myself a fan.  But you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone under seventy who plays with gender roles who wasn’t influenced by him, either directly, or indirectly.

The New York Dolls, The Eurythmics, Divine, RuPaul, Richard O’Brien(Creator if Rocky Horror Picture Show,) Boy George, Madonna, Laverne Cox, Lady Gaga, and most importantly; my best friend from childhood,  are just a few of the people I can think of off the top of my head who have acknowledged Bowie’s interest on them.

Whether you were a fan, or just the fan of a fan, we all owe him a debt of gratitude for stepping up to take a part in the evolution of gender perception and sexual acceptance.

In the closet or out of the closet, the world is a slightly friendlier place to be a sissy these days.. And that’s in part because of Bowie and those he impacted.

You still may not be able to come out of the closet in your small, country town, but you can come talk to me.. and because of that, you’re life is vastly improved, now isn’t it? 😀

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RIP David Bowie

Mean Mistress? Me?

Mean Mistress Me

I’m not much of a mean Mistress.  I don’t suppose that’s news to many of you.  But I recently received an email from someone asking if I do anything a little darker than my usual, playful domination.

Check out that free gift recording up at the top of the page.  You’ll see.   My usual tone leans toward the playful.  I can sometimes grow a bit harsher toward the pinnacle of my recordings, but that’s more of a passionate tone than a mean one.

I get that tone in about half of my recordings, so I couldn’t even tell him which stories had it in them.  Even when I get like that though,  you may call me demanding, but I don’t think I’d qualify as a mean Mistress.

Meaner Mistresses and Masters

Slave of a mean mistress

For kink with a  darker theme,  I told him (and I’m telling you, for those who have an interest in it) about  a school of BDSM called Gorean.

There are many reasons I wouldn’t recommend a Gorean lifestyle to anyone.  It’s misogynistic, unrealistc, and relies on a set of rules created by a fictional world from some pulp novels to dictate the rules of engagement.  Oh… and it allows people to become “insta-Doms” by requiring any man to be called Master regardless of if has ever inspired a moment of submissive feelings in another person.

BUT.. there are some aspect of Gorean play that a sissy sub exploring her options for debasement might enjoy.

Gorean submissives are truly objectified.  They’re treated like slaves and dehumanized as little more than livestock.  They’re referred to without names, as simply “Girl” or “boy.”  They don’t even refer to themselves with an expression of personal identity.  There is no “me,” or “I” in the vocabulary of the Gorean slave.  They refer to themselves simply as “this girl” or “this boy.”

All men and women are referred to as Master or Mistress, unless they are slaves.  A distinction is made for the slave’s personal owner who is  distinguished by calling them “my Mistress” as opposed to simply “Mistress.”

Despite the problems I have with it, Gorean slavery can be beautiful.  It’s very ritualized and there are many rules to learn for slaves and Dominants alike.  For exampple, the positions in which a slave kneels and whether she keeps her knees together or apart are all dictated by her station as a slave.. and what services she’s required to silent offer to the masters around her.

While it’s never been my cup of tea,  I’ve been to Gorean parties and they’ve inspired a few of my stories.  In them, I treat my pet as little more than a piece of fuckmeat.

If you’d like to explore them, the first is called

Your Utter Debasement for My Enjoyment


and the other was called simply




I hope you like them

A Thankful Sissy Mistress

A disclaimer about today’s sissy post:

Today’s post isn’t the usual fare of sissy-specific musings, so if you’re particularly focused on that, you can head over to a sissy story for entertainment.  I won’t hold it against you.

Now for a sissy Mistress’ gratitude.

Ok Sissy bois, I have a confession to make, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Not because of the food (though, I’m spoiled enough to have the most amazing chef do the cooking each year,) or the football (even though the players’ butts look so cute in those tight little pants they wear,) or because it’s the start of the shopping season and I fucking *love* to shop.. no.. those are all good reasons to appreciate the day, but the real reason I like the holiday, is because it celebrates the good things we have in our lives.

I know, I know, it doesn’t sound very greedy and cut-throat bitch of me to say such a thing, but it’s true.   For the most part, I’m agnostic, but I can’t help but think it’s one of the greatest sins to fail to appreciate what we have.

Some of you will have heard me say “it’s always good to be me.”  It’s an answer I give every time someone asks me how I am.  It sounds like an arrogant thing to say, and I’m fine with that perception.  After all, I’m a mind fucking sissy Mistress and I have a bad-ass reputation to keep up, right.   Still, it’s not said with arrogance, but rather with a sense of humility and gratitude.  I feel exceptionally blessed to have all that I do so to celebrate my favorite holiday with some of my favorite sissies, I thought I’d take a break from my strictly sissy pursuits on this site and share some of the things I’m thankful for.

So sissies, in no particular order, here they are.

1)      Despite my debauched leanings and sissy making tendencies, I’m very thankful for some more traditional romance.  I’m glad to live in a world where people are romantic enough to propose with a flash-mob.  If you’ve never seen the viral video entitled Isaac’s Live Lip Dub Proposal, you’re missing out.  This guy got over sixty of his friends together to help him propose to his girlfriend in a dance number lip synched to Bruno Mars’ I Wanna Marry You.  I almost hate to confess that whenever I see this, I get a bit misty-eyed.  Not so much for the proposal, but for all the friends who spent time rehearsing and cleared their schedule to do something wonderfully extraordinary for the couple.

2)      Which brings me to my next item on the list, I’m thankful for good friends and other sissy Mistresses.  Those people who forgive me for never calling them back, laugh with me about life in general, and understand the trade-offs we sometimes make to be in this sissy business we love.

3)      I’m so thankful for strap-on porn and all the sissy and pegging videos I post to my sissy tumblr stream.

4)      I’m thankful for coffee..  oh god.. so thankful for coffee.  And caramel, too.. oh and when you put caramel in coffee?  Yeah, I’m thankful for that.  I think I’m gonna have to go hump my favorite barista now.  If I had a sissy who could make me a good caramel latte, I think I’d let her move in.

5)      I’m thankful to be able to do what I love to do and be paid well for it.  (In case you didn’t catch on, I’m talking about playing with you sissy assed motherfuckers for a living.)

6)     I’m thankful form Feeldoe double ended dildos.  They’re like strapless strap-ons and great for pegging a sissy and just using that boi-cunt while I… um.. ahem.  Yes, well, I think you get the picture.

7)      I’m thankful for Dominant men who go sissy hunting with me and make for a good time whether we find a fuck toy to play with or not.  For those who think a Mistress needs a sub to enjoy herself, you’ve clearly never seen the heat two sexual alphas can create when they go at it together.

8)      I’m thankful for the internet and all the technology that allows me to work from home and reach sissy bois and submissives I would never be able to get to otherwise.  I’d hate to have my hunting grounds restricted to just my locale.

9)      I’m thankful for the thousands of sissies and sissy Mistresses following me on twitter and the thousands more who are on my mailing list.

10)   I’m mostly thankful for the best man in the world who accepts and encourages a partner whose lifestyle would send most men running.  He’s the reason you sissies will never be able to catch me on the phone in the evenings when he’s off work and available to spend time with.  It takes an amazing man to get past the occasional pangs of jealousy or insecurity and to know that no matter how many men are in my life, he’s the one who matters.  I’m thankful I found that in a man I admire and respect so much.

Sissy ToDo List: 55 Ways to Go Fuck Yourself

Ok Sissy, you clearly can’t get enough of that deep down, depraved sissy fucking.

sissy fuck it list You want it any way you can get it.  Lucky for you, there are so many ways to get your sissy needs, and your sissy holes, filled.

Here’s a starter list of ways to go fuck yourself.   It also works well as a list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  You’re welcome, Sissy.


Sissy Fuckit List

  1. Shove a finger up your ringer
  2. Stuff it in a pocket pussy
  3. Pop a pen in your pooper
  4. With a hair brush handle up your hairy hole
  5. Boogie with a banana up your butt
  6. Back up to a butt plug
  7. Get it on with a glue stick
  8. Make out with a medicine bottle
  9. Zip a zucchini up that ass
  10. Lube up a lipstick tube
  11. Pump your dick between the pillows
  12. Corn-hole with a candy cane
  13. Spoon with a spoon handle
  14. Dildo your dung hole
  15. Cut a love tunnel into a honeydew
  16. Fist your dick
  17. Sit on a soda Bottle
  18. Cuddle with a carrot
  19. Flush out that cum with a toilet brush handle
  20. Cuddle with a candle
  21. Get baseball bat in your dugout
  22. Go dogging with some doggie toys
  23. Pop a popsicle in your pooper
  24. Make it with a marker
  25. Frig a flashlight
  26. Pound on a hammer handle
  27. Get it on with a condom filled with gelatin
  28. Shuck a shaver handle
  29. Cum with a cucumber
  30. Buddy up to a broom handle
  31. Stick it to a lubed up rubber glove
  32. Hum with a vibrator
  33. Cum on a condom filled with water and frozen
  34. Travel with a mini shampoo bottle
  35. Roll up with a roll of coins
  36. Cozy up to the couch cushions
  37. Ketchup with a condiment bottle
  38. Be all about the anal beads
  39. Perfume your ass with a cologne bottle
  40. Tug it with a Tenga
  41. Lay a PVC pipe
  42. Love a lint roller
  43. Fuck a Fleshlight
  44. Take a toothbrush handle
  45. Sit on a Summer squash
  46. Catch an orgasm with a fishing rod handle
  47. Cornhole yourself with a Corn cob
  48. Do a douche nozzle
  49. Screw a screwdriver handle
  50. Wave on a Magician’s Wand
  51. Sink a model submarine
  52. Slip the soap up there.
  53. Inflatable dong
  54. Beat off with a bratwurst
  55. Cum on a cock!


If you need more ideas, you could always check me out on Niteflirt.

Now go, be fruitful, ya fruity sissy fuck.  And have a happy Thanksgiving.


Open Letter to a Wannabe Sissy Idiot

Sissy Idiot Attention Seeking

Sissy Idiot LetterAs the world is full of idiots, my world is home to the sissy idiot.

As you can imagine, I get my fair share of fan mail.  It’s always nice to hear from admirers and most are mature and respectful.  I have a great time chatting with people who share my interests and anyone who follows my Twitter or my Tumblr (NSFW… AT ALL) can see how often I chat with sissies. (Go ahead, message me for yourself and see.)

That said, there are a certain number of people determined to be a sissy idiot.  These people lack any sense of personal accountability.  Even to the extent that they won’t own what turns them on.

I get that sex is an awkward subject for many people and it can be embarassing.  I understand that religious morality sometimes conflicts with personal sexuality.

What I don’t get is people who try to pretend they’re not sissies, even while they’re surfing the sissy sites.  Why contact a sissification mistress only to feign disinterest in it?

Doing things like this makes you a sissy idiot.

When you take so many steps to explore sissification, it’s hard to pretend you don’t want it. We can all see through that lie like a pair of sheer stockings.

And making a big deal about how you don’t want to be seduced into it, when nobody has tried to seduce you?  Well, that’s just being an attention whore.

When people message me and say “I’m not into this, but tell me how you’d do it,” my answer is always “telling you how I’d do it is what I charge for.”   You may as well say “I’m not interested in buying the book, but tell me the story.”

Sissy Idiot Disappointment

I have to be honest.  If you’re into the whole “truck me/force me” roleplay, I’ll disappoint you.  I don’t care to tempt any person into anything.  If you want what I’m selling, I’m happy to offer it. If you don’t, I respect that.  I don’t care to push my brand of kink on anyone.  Just like I don’t want anyone pushing their kind of strange on me.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t care any more than I care if you like tea while I like coffee.  We don’t all have to drink from the same damned cup.

Most importantly, I don’t care.

I have thousands of customers.  If I just let them know I have new sissy mp3s out, they will buy. Why would I spend time trying to convince one person to buy anything?

Look, there are plenty of people who are into the whole “seduce and destroy” kink.  I’m not one of them.  No shade to those who like it.  It’s just not my thing.

If that’s what you’re looking for, I wish you the best of luck in finding it.  I don’t think you’ll have much trouble. There are plenty of very talented Mistresses on Niteflirt.

Go get ’em.

Begin Your Hypno-Fetish Addiction

A gift for my sissies to begin their hypno-fetish addiction.

hypno-fetish mp3s

All you have to do is tell me where to send it, and you’ll receive one of my most popular feminizing hypno-fetish mp3s, just for visiting my site.

Mistress Humiliation

Reward: Lost DildoNo, I didn’t type that wrong.

I didn’t mean sissies, I meant Mistress.. as in yours truly.  Because few things in life are more embarrassing than going on vacation with your lover to a spa resort owned by his business associate and coming back to find you’re missing a bag that had carried a good number of your toys.

And by toys, I mean specifically:

  • 1 30 inch flogger
  • 1 14 inch pussy whip
  • 3 butt plugs of varying sizes
  • 1 strap-on harness
  • 1 7 inch dildo
  • 1 cupping set
  • 1 set of cuffs
  • 1 3 ring collar
  • 10 condoms
  • 1 tube of Astroglide Gel

I’m sure more things will be added to the list as I remember them, but that’s all I can think of for now.  Thank god I didn’t have all my stuff in that bag.   There were plenty of butt plugs, restraints, and dildos and vibes to go around when I got home.

Though I have to say, as happy as I am to still have all my favorites, (I’d have noticed any of my Tantus stuff missing the moment it was out of reach,) it’s a bit mortifying to wait for my lover’s friend to realize who the bag o’ tricks belongs to.

There’s a small hope the resort staff won’t know who it actually belongs to, since we checked in under a pseudonym and it will all just go away under a cloud of speculation and mystery.  But even that isn’t a guarantee, as my lover is a bit well known and was recognized by at least some of the staff while we were there. When people who saw him realize his name wasn’t in their computer, it won’t take a brainiac to figure out who was in the room registered to “Inigo Montoya.”

In the mean time, we just wait and see if we get any calls or interesting packages.

Sooooo… that’s been my summer so far.

Erotic Hypnosis, What is it?

How have I never explained Erotic Hypnosis before?Erotic Hypnosis

I just had a message from a lovely crossdresser who asked “What is Erotic Hypnosis?” [1] It surprised me to realize that I’d never before addressed this very basic question on my website.  I mean certainly, I’ve occasionally heard the question posed before.  Usually from some unsuspecting party when they learned I’m a professional Domme and asked for details. But for the most part, I tend to attract people who already know about Erotic Hypnosis.  Hell, of my tens of thousands of contacts, most found me because they were already searching for Erotic Hypnosis or feminization to begin with.

I realize I’ve been a little insulated in the kink community.  Increasingly, Erotic Hypnosis is becoming a go-to tool in a Mistress’ bag of tricks. These days, Erotic Hypnosis is almost as much a part of the sissifying game as the strap-on and panties. But all through the kinkster community, Erotic Hypnosis is being put to good use. It’s grown noticeably in both demand and supply over the past ten years.  For those who haven’t tried it, I highly recommend doing so. It can be a safe, sane way to ease into all forms of BDSM. And despite how hypnosis is portrayed in movies and TV, it’s always consensual. No one can be hypnotized without their consent.  No one can be made to do anything which goes against their moral compass. [2]

So again.. what the hell is Erotic Hypnosis?

Ok, so Erotic Hypnosis is when a hypnotist guides a subject into a trance which has an erotic element to it. The hypnotist in question may be a Dominant or not. The hypnotist could be the subject himself (self-hypnosis) or could be another person. It could be done face to face, by phone or voice-chat, through a prerecorded video or audio recording, or it could even be done just by having written text that the subject reads and follows as they relax.

Erotic Hypnosis may be used to guide a subject into a deeply relaxed, dream-like state where fantasies seem more intense.  In a trance, improbable or impossible fantasies become easier to accept and respond to. In this way, I’m able to guide them through a vicarious experience they could never have in real life.  In fantasy, they can become becoming a bubble-headed bimbo for a day, put on this planet only to take cock. In a trance, drinking cum can give them breasts.  Nothing is too unlikely.

Erotic Hypnosis could be used to intensify a reaction to erotic imagery.  It can also encourage an erotic response where there would have been little or none before. For instance, in Sissification Hypnosis, I often encourage my submissives to react with arousal to sissifying ideas or situations.  Things like wearing panties or putting on make-up will make them hard or harder than before.

Now, we come to another common question…

Does Erotic Hypnosis really work?

My answer is “it depends on you.”

I’ll explain. I’ve already stressed that hypnosis can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. That’s absolutely true. But for people who actually want to do what a hypnosis session prompts them to do, then absolutely. It can help reinforce their commitment, help them visualize success, and keep their mind on their goals.

I’ve made a good living making many, many Erotic Hypnosis mp3s. You can see for yourself by my reviews, that there are people who have come back to buy every one of my MP3s. All 200+ worth.  While I will flatter myself that it’s because I’m good at what I do, I’ll also be honest enough to say that it’s because this is what they want for themselves.

Everything about hypnosis, erotic or otherwise, is dependent upon the subject being hypnotized. No one can put you into a trance without your willingness to be tranced, no one can make you do anything, and frankly, the post-hypnotic effects of a single session generally last all of a few minutes. But as with anything, the more you do it, the more it will stick with you.


  1. Notice how I didn’t call her a “sissy?” If you’re unclear about the differences between a sissy and a crossdresser, feel free to call or contact me and I’ll be happy to clarify for you. The differences are subtle and sometimes take a series of anally invasive toys and cocks to figure out precisely where in the scale you fall.

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  1. For the sake of fantasy, a hypnotist will often portray imagery in which the person hypnotized has no control over what is happening to them.. while this may enhance the experience and feeling of submission, it is ultimately a lie. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do, even in Erotic Hypnosis.

Boyzilian: A Challenge for Brave Sissies, a Fantasy for the Rest.

boyzilianIt’s time to do some very personal Spring cleaning, pet.. and I don’t want you to leave a nook or cranny untouched.

For those of you brave enough to take my challenge, I’ll explain to you in exquisite detail what your day at the salon will be like as you strip down and prepare to be sissified, right down to your balls. Of course, being the mischievous Mistress I am, there will be a titillating and embarrassing twist to your adventure.. but that’s what makes it so delicious now, isn’t it?

Whether you want to be the best girly-man you can be, or just want to imagine what it would be like, you’ll love this teasing little adventure of an MP3.Buy from MistressShayna through

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