Sissy Dicks & Tranny Tricks

Sissy dicks, Hello!

Sissy DicksMy darlings,  I’m going to take a moment and break with my own tradition  here and address not you, my beloved pets, but rather, to those poor unwitting bastards that my feminized fuckers have seduced with their sissy dicks.  Why, they’re practically faggotizing poor, unsuspecting straight men without them even realizing it.  I tell you, it’s a downright disgrace and a threat to heterosexuals everywhere.  No wonder so many people were worried that gay marriage was a threat to marriage everywhere.  It seems you actually CAN turn straight men gay,  Or at least, gay-ish.

Come on you kinky fuck, you can tell us.

Ok, He-man, so you think you may just have been tapping a tranny?   You can tell Mistress.  Do you worry you’ve been nutting on nuts? Sucked by a sissy?  Pounding a prick?  Dicking a dude?  Do you have the growing suspicion your sassy toy is actually a sissy boi?  Do you suspect large clits of being sissy dicks?

Is it possible it’s not even your girlfriend you’re worried about.  Maybe she isn’t the one you think is secretly a dude who looks like a lady.  Is that it, Petal?  Do you think it might be you?  Are you feeling a little.. swishy.. on the inside?

In the face of so much potential delicious deviation and tranny transgressions, what’s a poor straight (homophobic) man to do?  How is a red blooded, all American he-man to know a trap when he spots one? (or maybe even is one.)

Fear no more, my poor, beleaguered, Trap-magnet.  Your homo-erotic nightmares are finally at an end, I promise you.  All the secrets to telling if your wifey has a willy will be revealed in the following video…  You’ll be able to go forth and fuck freely, knowing exactly what she is, what you are and who’s been floating your boat.

Oh, and You’re welcome.


For the rest of you.. my darling pets in petticoats, go ahead and give me a call.  We can giggle at the homophobes and have some sissification phone sex fun.

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Strapon Sissy Bag O Tricks

strapon sissy mistressOh, my sweet, Strapon  Sissy.

It won’t be long now until I take you.  It won’t be long before your boi cunt is mine. I can see the pulse twitching in your neck, as you kneel in silent anticipation of that sissification bliss and consider all that strapon sissy play.  I let the moment linger. Then, as though I’ve suddenly turned impatient, I push your head forward, putting you on your hands and knees. I leave you there.

You know better than to look around as I walk away. The only indication you have of where I am or what I’m doing is the click of my stiletto heels across the cool, hard tile as I head toward my magic toy box. You try not to shiver as you think of the things in that trunk. You realize Mistress must be looking your way because I chuckle at your attempt to remain composed in those silly, ruffled, panties. We both know how your tension builds in the minutes before the game begins in earnest. In that brief time when you don’t know what will be coming.

Will Mistress come back with the harness? If so, which dildo will it be? The difference between intense pleasure or simple pain can be measured in less than an inch of difference in girth.

And what if Mistress chooses to make you an animal today? Will you be my playful puppy-boy, with the puppy-tail butt plug in your ass and wearing a collar, all while chasing a dildo as though it were your favorite dog toy? Or will Mistress be strapping a saddle on you and digging in with her spurs?

Your skin ripples in gooseflesh as you consider it.

Sissification Ecstasy

Out of the corner of your eye, you see flashes of red and black. You bite your lips to keep from smiling. I return to you, the two lengths of rope coiled in my hands and hold them to your face. You kiss the ropes, with your pink cocksucker lips, first one and then the other, and sigh. You wonder what pretty designs Mistress will be tying your sissy ass up in this time before her shimmering strapon is put to use.

It’s my favorite time of the day.  The strapon sissy play-date


Sissified Rides

Hit the streets, sissified bitch!

Sissified LimoI couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this utterly sissified limo in London.  It really doesn’t get any more effeminate than a Barbie doll pink limousine now, does it?

Now tell me, what the fuck kind of cock worshiping, demasculinized bitch would get into a flaming pink ride like this one, huh?  Can anyone tell me?  Beuler.. Beuler.. oh.. shit, that’s right!  It’s you.  You would hop right into that little queen machine, wouldn’t you,  ya little faggot.

Yeah, I thought so.  And I know what kind of pink tinged femme fantasies go through your head (and your clitty cock) when you see this much  pink luxe in all it’s glory.

 I know some of you slutty motherfuckers can’t help but cream your ruffled panties over this shit.   Still,  try to remember it’s a limousine, so some decorum might be in order.  Oh, I know you want to hang out the sunroof and hoot at all the hotties like a drunk chick on prom night,  I get that you fantasize you’re about to get your ass cherry popped in the back seat.  But really we’re all adults now.  Your chance has passed to be the tiara wearing, dancing queen of central high.

Of course, slut that you are, it’s too late to pop your cherry in this pink dream on wheels.  Not with as many cocks and toys as you’ve had up that whore hole of yours.  But you can still celebrate the little whore that you are.  I’m sure we can manage to get you a cock or two in the back seat with you.  And after the ride, it can be left to you to give the driver ‘just the tip.’

And you know, when you inevitably need to reminisce or anticipate your pounding in a pussy pink ride, you know where to find me on Niteflirt.

The Mark of a Sissy

 Sissy tramp stamp. What does mine look like?

An addicted little sissy leaning fanboy of mine had a dream last night.   In it, he and his wife were getting tattoos with my mark on them.  I love those kinds of dreams.

If there’s one thing I love even more than turning a man into a sissy,  it’s him into a sissy and having him also coerce his wife or girlfriend into becoming my little slave fuck-toy.

sissy tramp stamp

The image above is a phrase in Hebrew that my ex-lover wears on his back.  (Sorry, I couldn’t find a picture of it on his skin.) He was more of a pain slut than a sissy, but being a devoted pet,  he took my mark as if I were bestowing a great gift upon him.

The original phrase is from the Song of Soloman where the words “Ani l’dodi v’dodi li” translate as “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”  Though, that’s a statement about a man  The female version is  “Ani l’ahuvati.”  (Thank you to the reader who corrected my weak Hebrew grammar. )

I Wasn’t Always a Sissy Mistress

When I was younger, I thought it would be nice to have the first part tattooed on my lower back. I planned to get the second half done when I was married.  It was kind of a romantic reminder that somewhere out there, the man I wanted was waiting, even if I hadn’t met him yet.  What can I say? I was young.  I probably had Cinderella singing “Some Day My Prince Will Come,” playing in the background when I came up with it.

The first time I was asked what sissy tramp stamp I would put on a slave, the answer was a no-brainer.  I would mark a sissy with that phrase.  “I am my beloved’s.”   What had once been a notion of romantic hope could easily translate into a sign of sissy ownership.  I made sure each sissy understood it was part of a longer phrase.  They know that intentionally leaving off the second half was accepting that they may surrender to me, but I would never be mutual.

The sissy boys and pseudo-slaves whacked off like mad as they thought about being branded like a piece of property.  Then they would forget about it until the next time.  Only the one had the balls and the temerity to take my mark.  Or was that just the lack of foresight?  After all, we’re no longer together.

What became of my marked sissy?

I haven’t seen him in years.  I hope he’s doing well.  Now he walks around with my mark on his back as a perpetual reminder of how he was owned by me.  That said, he knew the story of how I came up with that phrase as my mark, so perhaps he’s changed the message of the tattoo in his mind.  Perhaps now he looks at it and thinks, as I used to, “someday my prince will come.”  ..After all, I now know my grammar was wrong and his tattoo literally says he belongs to a man.

He’s just sissy enough to love it.  Are you?

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