ASMR: Braingasms for Sissies

First, WTF is ASMR?

ASMRASMR stands for Automous Sensory Meridian Response which is an obnoxiously pedantic way to describe the scalp tingles a lot of people get when someone plays with their hair or whispers in their ear.

While the sensation has been around since forever, it’s only been in the last few years that anyone named it and then, of course, immediately fetishized it.  Soon enough, there were videos on YouTube of people whispering and role-playing giving haircuts and make-overs.  As awareness of the phenomena grew, people shared their own ideas about what makes for a good, tingly video and the community at large had a broader spectrum of triggers.  Things like soft brushing sounds worked for some while others liked soft popping sounds, like Rice Crispies in milk.

As you can see by the examples I’ve given, the bulk of the videos and mp3s were not sexual in nature and many people in the ASMR communities online are intent on making sure people understand that it’s not about sex.  This much is true.  But this much is also true about massage and hypnosis, clearly, that hasn’t stopped people from making the crossover to the erotic.

ASMR and Hypnosis

With the phenomena being only so recently labeled and focused on, there haven’t been a whole lot of studies on it, but early on in the discussion, links were made to some experiences with hypnosis and meditation.  It’s a natural enough comparison to make, since soft speech is a vital part of induction and whispering has long been recognized as an effective way to focus a listener’s attention.  Many hypnotists, including myself, have inadvertently been involved in ASMR for years without realizing there was another label for what we were doing.

My own MP3s are usually very soft spoken and in a few, I’ve intentionally lowered my speech to a whisper for the sake of induction.  While I’d love to point you toward all of the ASMR erotica I’ve intentionally and unintentionally created, I’m afraid my having done hundreds of mp3s prevents me from remembering the details of each and every one.

With that said, if you’re keen to sample some intentional ASMR recordings, I can point you toward my Whispering Cathedral Hypnofetish mp3 and my Sissy Experiences: Hairdresser Roleplay mp3 each for just $20.

You’re welcome.

5 Dommes Who Give Mean Phone

Considering how little I take calls these days, I thought it might be a good time to turn you on to some of my favorite Dommes who gie great phone.

Don’t worry, Pets.  I’m not trying to brush you off on to anyone else.  For one thing, I’ll still be fucking with your minds every Friday or so with my new erotic hypnosis mp3s, but what better way to exert my ownership than to lend you out to my friends, hmm?

Click for the web's best phone sex on DIRTYANDHARDCORE

For full disclosure, I don’t know DirtyAndHardcore aka Champagne, but I’ve been privately fangirling over her for years.  A look at her profile and the accompanying feedback should be enough to explain it all.

This woman plainly tells prospective callers how much she hates them and how little she cares. And it’s clear she continues the vitriol during her calls.  Years worth of feedback show callers bemoaning their fate when she was a bitch to them, or simply hung up.  If ever I need a laugh, I take a look at who was foolish enought o get butt-hurt because they got exactly what they asked for when they called her.


Vicki and Erika are a tag-teaming duo of super-villanesses who like to unleash their cruel sense of humor on the most deserving of losers.  Remember those hot girls at school who were too cool to talk to you, but still managed to humiliate you with a disparaging glance?  Yeah.. well imagine how much burn they could have unleashed on your pathetic ass if they’d actually deigned to talk to you.  Well here you go.. pay them and they’ll talk.  But there’s not enough money in the world to get them to say anything nice.


For those of you who are members of my Sissies community on Google+, you’ll recognize Goddess Natasha from her occasional visits.  Her dignity, poise, and experience have made her a legend in the South Florida kink scene.  Not to mention her penchant for indulging castration fetishist.  She does things I’d never have the balls to do… every pun intended.

Mistress Pinky Galore

Pinky has the looks of a suicide girl and the words of a homicide woman as she seduces and emasculates her victims.  Of course, she’s perfectly sweet and charming to other women, so perhaps you could try dressing pretty and seeing if you can gain her favor.  She likes you better when you’re in panties, you know.

Cuckolding Princess

Karin is the Cukcolding Princess who looks like the sweet, clean, girl next door.. who cheats on you with the handsome, muscular boy next door.  Whether she’s ignoring you to flirt with other men, or paying attention to you for just long enough to let you know why they’re so much better than you are, you’ll love every moment in her presence.


Is there anything more seductive than an English accent?  Probably not.  Just like there’s nothing more villainous, either.  M1stressX puts her viciously tempting voice and accent to profitable work as she preys on the weak men who get tangled in her web.  From fin-dom to sissification, or just some good old JOI, she’ll have you hotter than jalapenos in Hell.

All This And More

Of course, these are hardly the only women available to tease and torment you, but they’re a good place to start looking when I’m not around to play with you.  And you can always find more at  NiteFlirt.

Have fun and be well.

Sissy Tattoos

How dedicated a sissy are you?

Some sissy boys are great at dressing girly in the privacy of their own homes.. in fact, that’s most of them. And a few brave little bitches will even manage to go out to a place where cross-dressers, drag queens, or fetishists gather.  But how many of you clitty-cocked little mother fuckers actually have the ovaries to do something more permanent, hmm?

Oh, I’m not talking about getting breast augmentation, or gender reassignment surgery.  You’re sissies, not trans-women.

I’m talking about something that marks you as the sissy you are, forever and always. Or at least until the 30 or so laser removal sessions erase your sissy shame and leave you with a suspicious looking scar to explain to future partners.

Yes, I’m talking about getting a sissified tattoo to announce to the world your permanent status as a sissy.

Here are a few ideas to decorate your sissy skin.

The Tramp Stampsissy tramp stamp:

Lets face it, alot of you bitches just want to be cocksucking little sluts.  And nothing says “fuck me from behind” like a tramp stamp.

In case anyone’s still confused, you could always just spell it out for them.

3992428568_bb10265666Your Inner Fairy:

You know what you know what you really are.  Why not give the rest of the world a glimpse of your inner fairy.

Of course, a fairy like this could just be a manly appreciation for naked women.  But people will always suspect the truth.


Think Pink:

Any sissy can tell you, there’s nothing more sissified than enveloping yourself in shades of pink.

If you’re a dark skinned sissy, you may find you have problems getting a light colored ink to show.. the right tattoo artist can use light ink to create a very cool effect, but it wouldn’t be the same as it would be on fair skin.  Opt 8368666529_a2b0963bcffor a deep, bold pink as opposed to something light, unless you’re prepared for it to fade into a ghost of it’s former self.  Which is still a cool look.. just not the one you started with.

For light and dark skin alike though, you always want to wear sunscreen over a tattoo, to help it retain its color. And that’s especially true for light inks.

Neck_barcode_tattooMake It Known You’re Property:

Speaking of pink, the singer Pink has a tattoo very similar to the barcode pictured here on the nape of this slave’s neck.  What better way to show your status as someone’s property?

If you’d like to make it more official, The Slave Register has been assigning Slave Registration Numbers since 1999.  Registrants get a certificate on their profile page that has a barcode, corresponding to their registration number.  That certificate also says if you’re owned or free, and who your owned by.  Of course, these are things you can update as needed.

The beauty of a barcode tattoo is that it identifies you as property without having another person’s name on your skin ao there’s never a need to cover an old owner’s name.  And after all, a slave is still a slave when they’re between owners, aren’t they?


For Pussy Boys:

Does it get any more sissified than Hello Kitty?

I’m pretty sure Hello Kitty is reserved exclusively for teenage girls and the sissiest of sissies.

You gotta admit, this guy is coming off as pretty sissy, even with his hairy leg and thick calf.  Kitty trumps things masculine!

playboy-42527_960_720And of course, the bunny:

Does anything say “I’m a boy toy” faster than this, simple little icon?

The simplicity and brand recognition of this logo is so brilliant that even if you were to just get it painted on your fingernail, people would instantly recognize it, and you, for what you are.

Now matter how small or larger, this tattoo would tell everyone who sees it that you’re put on this planet to entertain men’s cocks.

Now go.. scar yourself for life!

Now that you have a few ideas, keep in mind that tattoo artists don’t usually just copy pictures of somebody else’s work.  Research your tattoo artist, find one whose work you really like, and then tell them your ideas.  Trust them, and listen to their advice.  They’re the professionals, and even if you have sleeve tattoos, you still don’t know shit by comparison.

Oh.. and don’t forget to tip.

… I mean me, for the advice. Them too, of course. But mostly me.

 Tribute Me

Dirty Little Secrets of the Transphobic

Transphobic Thick-Heads

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’re probably aware of North Carolina’s House Bill 2 restricting transgendered men and women from using the bathrooms appropriate to their identified gender.

What you may or may not know is that other states are proposing similar measures.

Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. All have measures proposed to restrict trans-people from public facilities.  Other states who have tried and failed are Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia.

It seems to me a whole lot of fear of such a small and powerless portion of the population.  And that got me wondering.

A 2014 study American Psychological Association confirms what gay men have always been saying since forever.  They proved that homophobic straight men are more likely to have homosexual tendencies than their straight counterparts who have no discomfort with gay people.

So what might that mean about those who are transphobic?

Well, I don’t have the American Psychological Association doing a study for me, but I have my own ways of finding out.

A quick search in Google Trends shows us that the highest searches for the phrase Tranny Porn come from the states who are proposing these bills.  Throw in a search for shemale porn and you get Kansas in the top ten as well.

But let’s get back to North Carolina..  You know what they like there better than Tranny porn?  They like animal porn. And more than that, they like incest porn.  And more than that, they like rape porn.

So apparently, a child in a North Carolina bathroom is more likely to be molested by a man in a dress if that man is her father.

This week, Tend Cruz tried to lend his support to the movement by saying “”I’ve spent a lot of years in law enforcement dealing with child predators that are sick individuals. That doesn’t mean that that is the people who are transgendered. But there are predators in the world, and just saying that you’re a man, you can go in the girls’ restroom if you feel like it, opens the door for criminals.”

And yet, in no other situation do we punish an innocent group of people because a criminal has pretended to be a part of that group.

It’s ironic he mentions law enforcement though, because while there are no documented cases of predators posing as transwomen to be able to commit sexual assault, each year, dozens of women and girls are raped by men posing as police officers.  If Cruz’ logic were to be applied evenly, he’d be keeping police officers out of public bathrooms.  Of course, that would be ridiculous.

You know what else is ridiculous?

Sending this woman..

target of transphobia in to a men’s bathroom.

And sending little girls into a men’s room, just because they were born with a penis.

A 2011 Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey tells us that one in two transgender individuals are sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives. 12 percent of transgender youth report being sexually assaulted in K–12 settings by peers or educational staff. Last year, 22 transwomen were murdered in the US.  And the life expectancy for a transwoman of color is just 35 years old.

But if you really need to come back to how comfortable you are with a man in the women’s bathroom.. let’s take a look at who the HB 2 law is sending into the ladies’ room.

surcivor of transphobia

Does he really belong in the women’s room?

Actually.. never mind.. He’s kinda hot.  You can send him into my bathroom any day.

Giant Introductory Super Sissy Hypno Package

A special sissy offer exclusively for my special website visitors.

You’ll be wetting your sissy panties again and again with 10 of my best selling mp3s, videos, and assignments.

At just $50, it’s about  25% percent of the original price, this is the best deal I’ve ever offered. I can afford to practically give it away because, as with any addictive substance, I’m confident you’ll come be back for more.

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Included in this Super Sissy Hypno Package is:


sissy indoctrination

A Hypno-Indoctrination Video  File name: hypno-indoctrination.wmv

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sissy assi8ngment

Beginner’s Sissy Assingment File name: begsisassignment.png

Time for you to prove your feme-intentions.  This assignment will have your wrist limp and your clit stiff in no time, girly-man!


sissy zombie

My Sissy Zombie mp3 File name: szfbmc18.mp3

I want a pet zombie… oh.. not the gross, shuffling kind from the movies and TV.. I want the kind of zombie where a voodoo priestess has captured a part of your soul to control you with.  I want my pet zombie to be fully alive and aware of how I can make him do any depraved thing my filthy little mind can think of.  I want a sissy zombie.  Lucky for me, I already have one.  And lucky for you, the zombie is you. 


cocksucking lessons

Cocksucker Lessons: Hypno-fetish training mp3 File name: cslhf25.mp3

You poor, cock craving slut.  With all that need, and so little experience, how’s a poor sissy to know she’s going to be the best little cocksucker she can be when she finally has that dick in front of her?  Fret no more, sissy.. I have the solution.  This 25 minute hypno-training will have you deep throating in no time.


sissy bimbo

Bubble Headed Bimbo: Forced-bi Hypno mp3 File name:bbhf191.mp3

Your clitty-cock gets hard as your brain dissolves.  Before you know it, you’re just a bubble-headed bimbo, sucking and fucking without a thought in your vacant little head.


Intermediate Sissy Assignment #1 File name: intsisass.png

I hope you’re ready for some Femme Fun that will stick with you after completing this intermediate level assignment.  This one is not for little bois who are afraid of stepping out of the closet, afraid of being laughed at.


 Tick Tock Shrink Your Cock: Dick Shrinking Fantasy Hypnosis File name: tt15.mp3

Your manhood is diminished in every way in this mid-fucking, face-fucking, ass-ramming MP3


Glory Hole Sissy Video #1 file name: Shaynas_Glory_Hole_Sissy__1.avi

Cock sucking at a glory hole and Mistress Shayna’s bemused direction.  What could be better?  Well, I suppose it could be better if it were you.


Humiliation Day at the Spa: Sissy Humiliation mp3 File name: sdh15.mp3

Juats a day at the spa with Mistress, it all began so innocently, or so it seemed…



Cocksucker Breast Enhancement Hypno-fetish File Name: behf19.mp3


I know what you want, you silly sissy.  You want a pair of big, full, luscious breasts.  Oh.. not on someone else.. you want them growing from your own body.. and the bigger, the better.  Well aren’t you a lucky pet?  Mistress is gonna let you have that experience with this lip smacking, cock slurping, nipple tingling hypno-fetish mp3.

Hours  of Sissifying Mind Fuckery for just $50

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5 Best Male Sex Toys For Boy Toys

The Male Sex Toys for Boys Shopping List

One of my favorite pets is on his way to the store tonight to buy  himself some male sex toys to use while he listens to my mp3s.  Before he made any decisions though, he naturally asked my advice on the matter.

Of course, being a Sissy Mistress means I’ve had my fair share of experience with male sex toys and so I’ve established some strong opinions and established some solid favorites.. here they are.

Mistress’ Favorite Male Sex Toys

  1.  The Ryder by Tantus

Tantus male sex toysI love Tantus… aside from making the Feeldoe, my all time favorite toy for couples, they have a full line of male sex toys made from %100 medical grade silicone with FDA approved pigments.  What that means for your sexual health is that it’s phthalate free, safe to put in your body, and can be sterilized with boiling or bleaching.

What that means for your experience is that it is firm enough to penetrate  you without bending like a limp noodle, but soft enough to have a little give.  It doesn’t have any weird perfume smell and it won’t  irritate your tender tush.

tantusThe Ryder is three inches tall with about a two inch bulb and it’s about an inch thick.  While that’s on the bigger end of medium for a butt plug, once inserted, the rounded top combined with the firm give of the silicone creates a pleasantly full feeling without discomfort.   I know from extended research and personal experience that it’s a comfortable plug for extended length insertion.

I’m a huge fan of this plug, and I’m not alone.  I once saw that another Mistress had created an adorable little Tantus Ryder cell phone charm.. talk about a ringing endorsement.. no pun intended. (Ok, maybe just a little bit intended.)

2. The Booty Glove by Saporno Brothers Inc.

more male sex toysFor once, you won’t have to sit on your hand until it’s numb to feel like you’re getting a handy from another person.  The Booty Glove is thick enough to simulate the experience for your hand, while giving your cocklet a textured treat.

So far as I can tell, the Booty Glove is the only thing Soporno Brothers makes, and I have to hand it to them for specializing.

With nubbed fingers, a ribbed palm, and a tight little mouth added to the webbing between the thumb and index finger, you’ll have all sorts of fun jerking and fingering.  It’s textured on both sides, so you can use it for whichever hand you prefer.

It’s made of Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) which is non-toxic and phthalate free.  That means it’s softer and stretchier than silicone, so it will flex as you do.. but it also means it’s a little more porous, so care should be taken to clean it with anti-bacterial soap.  You can NOT sterilize it with boiling water, to you may want to slip a condom over one of those nubbly little fingers if you’re going to use it for insertion.

I love this toy for its versatility, though if I had one wish, it wouldbe that the mouth were a little more open.  It would take a real pencil dick to be able to fuck that tiny mouth hole.  ..On second though, it should be fine for you.

3. The Tube by Doc Johnson

Fuck the Fleshlight.  Or better yet, fuck the Tube.

the tube packageThis toy is seriously the most under appreciated pocket pussy I’ve ever come across.  It’s got a tight fit that will squeeze even the slimmest pencil dick, but it has enough stretch to take a pounding from the most well endowed stud who’s probably fucking your wife right now.

When it comes to male sex toys, Fleshlight has got nothing on this cock hole, and at under $20 bucks, you can buy your own fucking flashlight to hide it in and tons of extra batteries so you can see the mess you have to clean up after, too.



This toy is so simple and sooooo tubesideeffective for teasing the fuck out of anyone with a dick.  It’s just a plain, tight tube with ribbing inside it.. but those ribs are defined enough to make you feel every one of them as they slide over your shaft and cock head.  It’s like packing twenty, tightly gripping strokes into each jerk.

I use it all the time for edging, because it can seriously bring a guy from zero to near orgasm in just seconds.  Even my most stoic and hard to impress stud goes weak in the knees for this toy.

It’s another toy made of phthalate free Thermo Plastic Elastomer so it’s soft and stretchy but again, should only be cleaned with antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner.

4. G-Force by Tantus

g forceA milked prostate is a healthy prostate, and while I’m a rather handy milk maid that way, it’s not always easy for men to manage it on their own.  Soooo.. back to my favorite sex toy manufacturer with the G-Force by Tantus.  After all, what would a talk about male sex toys be without a mention of prostate massagers?

The G-Force is made of the medical grade silicone I’m so happy with and has about the same firmness and pliability at the Ryder.  I say “about the same”because while they’re made of the same material, the length and width of the G-Force seems to allow for a little more give along the shaft, which is to be expected.

The angle and the handle make for convenient self-milking and allows my slutty little fuck-subs to fuck themselves from a more relaxed position.

It’s 10″ long and about 1.4” wide at the bulb and handle.  A nice, good size for massaging without stretching too far.

For cleaning, boil, bleach, or throw it in the dishwasher.. though, you might want to check with whoever unloads the dishes, first.

5.  Miracle Massager Accessory- For Him by California Exotics

massagerLast but not least, we have.. well, half of a sex toy, really.  The Miracle Massager-For Him is more of an attachment than the sex toy itself.

The Massager Accessory is a textured sleeve attached to a cup that fits on the bulb head of a Hitachi Magic Wand.


The first reason I like it is because it gives men a taste of what women enjoy when they play with what is arguably the best fucking sex toy ever invented in the history of sex… EVER!  Did I say arguably?  Scratch that.. anyone who would argue is demented.

This Miracle Massager Accessory turns this blessing from the gods of electric into a make sex toy that slides over the cock and gives it a good, strong, buzzzzzzzzz!

The second reason I love this toy is because, let’s face it, I’m a Sissy Mistress and there’s not alot that’s girlier than getting off with a magic Wand.

The slight drawback that put this lovely little thing is that it’s a bit of an investment, between the wand and the attachment.. and then, it may be too powerful a vibration for some people, in which case, you could invest in a speed controller.  But after all that, you may find the sleeve is a little wide for your cock if you’re below average, or even average width.  It’s just a little too much of a gamble if you’re not already sure you’ll like it.

But.. if you have access to a wand, or if you already know you love vibrator play, this fucker is for you.. and it most certainly is for me.

Oh.. and this is a TPR toy.

Where to find these male sex toys of which I speak?

While I believe all of these male sex toys are available on Amazon, you’ll notice I’ve also included links to the actual manufacturers.  While some of the companies have shops on Amazon, I believe it’s always a case of buyer beware when it comes to things you’re putting in your body.  If you don’t want to buy directly form the manufacturer because you found the product cheaper elsewhere, that’s fair enough, but you might want to check if the place you’re looking at is an authorized seller so that you don’t end up with a cheap knock-off of a good quality product. ..after all, that’s my ass you’re fucking.  Don’t fuck it up.


Fucked Like a Girl?

ffmailI just had someone ask me MP3s  that take a sissy through the experience of being fucked like a girl and since it’s a question I’ve had before, I thought I’d post a short list here.

Now admittedly, some of these focus more on being a girly cocksucker than fucker.. but somehow, I think you’ll like them just as well, you dirty, dirty girly-man.



I know how badly you wish to be a proper sissy and a real girl. That’s why I’ve worked so hard to bring you all those feminine experiences in my feminizing hypnosis mp3s, from school-girl crushes, slumber parties and developing breasts, to learning a sissified trade like being a maid or a secretary, or even just going out for a day at the spa. You’ve gotten to experience them all through my little recordings, haven’t you pet? You’ve even gotten to losing your virginity to me… and then to a man.. and then to a few men.

But one experience has escaped you so far in all these feminizing hypnosis mp3s, And it’s a big one in a sissy-boy’s life. It’s her wedding day. What could be more enticing to your sissy soul than that most feminine and exquisite of dresses, the wedding gown? You and I both know that in your sissified heart of hearts, your dream wedding would feature you as the bride. Well here’s your chance, Petal.. Just close your eyes, take a deep, relaxing breath, and join me. Come walk down the aisle to you sissy destiny and say “I do” to the wedding night in today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3.


Is there any woman bitchier than a popular girl? The whips and ropes of the most sadistic of Dommes can seem like fluffy bunny kisses when placed along side the kind of Machiavellian machinations of a sorority sister who’s jockeying for power and social status. Frankly, I find it inspiring. This weeks sissifying hypnosis mp3 takes you into a dream where you become a sorority pledge, charged with keeping the fellow fraternity house entertained. Will you make it through the humping and the hazing to become a sister of Omega Pi? Or will you puss out and never, but never, have a social life during your college career? I think we both know the answer to that, you sissy cocksucker. You can’t wait to prove yourself and become one of the popular sluts. All you have to do is click and pay the $20 for this 20 minute femminizing hypnosis mp3.


You’ve heard it countless times about the superior pleasure of the female orgasm and envied women their intense, long lasting, and recurring orgasms. It’s all a part of why it’s so much better to be us than you.. and now, thanks to your beloved Mistress Shayna, you too can experience the powerful pleasure of the female orgasm.. all you have to surrender is your manhood.. and that’s not so very much to ask now is it?


a little break from the norm. Instead of taking you through a dream world of sissification and forced faggotry, this little gem is a simple deepener and intensifier to bring out your inner girl as you sleep. It’s intended to play on a loop as you sleep, so that not a minute of your day is wasted in shaping you toward your girly goals. There’s no real beginning, and certainly no end to the feminization you’ll experience through the night as you listen to this 10 minute MP3 on a loop, taking you continuously deeper and deeper into that blissfully feminine state. After a night of listening to this feminizing hypnosis MP3, you’ll find it harder and harder to ignore those teasing, tingling, girly tendencies that have already begin to fill your thoughts.



A little change of season, a little change of gender, but you’ll still bust a nut in the feminizing hypnosis mp3. Cum and get ‘em while they’re hot. Even without you’re balls, it’s a damned fine day for being a mind slave.


Tough Calls on Girls with Balls

Bouncing Girls with Balls

Girls with Balls  As many of you know , I’m involved in a few sissy communities.  One of them is the Google+ community called Sissies where I’m the owner and, usually, the only moderator.  I’m pleased and proud of that little project.  It’s grown to about 5,000 members and it’s always active.   That’s a lot of balls in the air, and a lot of girls with balls.

Being an active community, people post pictures every day and for the most part, it’s a smooth ride.  They seem to know Google’s community standards, or have at least had a good guess that there’s no nudity or sexually explicit content allowed.  A lot of sissies and subby gurls are just there to show off photos of their latest sissy outfit, and the rest of us are happy to see them.

Sissy principles being what they are, though, the clothes can sometimes be a little bit slutty, and most everyone wants to show off their panties…  You slutty, slutty sissies, you.  That’s fine, though.  In the last few years, I’ve been allowing it and Google hasn’t shut me down.

But I’ve recently had a conundrum on my hands.  Sometimes, girls with balls are also girls with man-boobs.

I’ve recently had people posting images of themselves in sheer bras, or with their shirts open.  So this now begs the question when do man-boobs become just plain boobs, and how big do boobs have to be before they’re subject to censorship?

My first instinct is to recognize that this is clearly a man’s chest and so I should let it stay, right?   Because Google doesn’t have a problem with men’s chests, even if they’re as big as most women’s out there.

But then I recalled a gorgeous transwoman named  Courtney Demone.  If you haven’t heard of her, you should give her a  Google, a Bing,  a Yahoo, or whatever you give when you want to have an online look-see.

About the time Courtney began her hormone replacement therapy, she started a campaign to challenge gender specific censorship by posting images of herself topless with the hashtag #DoIHaveBoobsNow to see when social media sites would begin flagging her images as being unsuitable.  It turned out her pictures were fine, until they realized she identifies as female, at which point the same images that had been up and unchallenged for months, were suddenly subject to censorship.

Why is this my (and perhaps your) problem?

The way this impacts me, is that in my capacity as moderator of a social media community, it’s my responsibility to not only decide what I deem to be too adult, but also try to predict what others might find objectionable.

Personally, I’m a #FreeTheNipple kinda gal.. there’s probably no surprise there.  With enough age verification and warnings posted before adult content is visible, I’d love it if consenting adults could share their freaky fun with the world.  But I don’t get to make up those rules.

To be honest, I think Google probably wouldn’t challenge me on it if I allowed a moob in a sheer bra to show up in the community.

But here’s the rub, Google has decided that they don’t want visible girl nips.  That’s Google’s right to decide and I agreed to live by those rules and enforce them in my community.

So, even if the nipples showing in my community were born male, shouldn’t I be treating them as female if they’re presenting as female?

I realize that most of my sissies are straight men in girl clothes.  They’re no more female than a dog is a human for the time it’s wearing a sweater.  (And yes, it’s very unoriginal to compare men to dogs, but the comparison works.)

Not all of my sissies are men though.  Some are trans-women, some are gender fluid, and at the very least, if they identify as male, during the act of cross-dressing, they’re expressing their feminine tendencies.

So, after all that explaining, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to respect and honor my sissies is to discriminate against their femininity.

If you want to be treated like a girl, for however long.. I’ll treat you like a girl, and block your nip-slip from the community.

Welcome to the club, ladies and lady-ishes.

Sissies and Trans women

Sissies or what?

I recently had a question from someone who asked “So are you a girl who likes turning guys into sissies or what?  Just wondering.  I’m transsexual.”

This question isn’t an unusual one, but it’s different in that it came from a trans woman, and I thought it brought up an interesting conversation about what I do, and also, about the differences between sissies an trans-women, and where they overlap.

How do I love Sissies?

forced sissification storiesI love to play with sissies, but it must be pointed out that  I don’t “turn them” so much as I help them explore the sissy desires they already have.

Given the nature of sexual submission and the fantasized notion of mind control through hypnosis, I understansd that many people enjoy fantasie of being forced to do things they secretly really, really want to do.  To some extent, it can release people from the responsibility of making a choice which is awkward for them.  But make no mistake.. they’ve already made that choice before they called me.  I’m very clear about what I do and what audience I cater to.  Nobody ends up being exposed to my stories and recordings by accident.

Still, I fully understand that the nature of a submissive enjoys the feeling of another person being in control.  And so stories of “forced” feminization for forced faggotization are popular.  I’m happy to cater to those fantasies, so long as everyone understands, they’re only fantasies.

What about Sissies and Trans Women?

For clarification, my definition of sissy means both effeminate and sexually submissive.  Sissy play isn’t exclusively about the erotic, but to me, getting the libido involved is what takes dressing girly from simply crossdressing to being a transvestite.. and the submissive element is what makes a transvestite into a sissy.

Not every person has the same definition, but I think I’ve hit on a common one, if not the only one, as it pertains to the sissy fetish.

As for  trans-women, I like them as well as any other women, but speaking in a really generalized way, trans-women aren’t sissies, they’re just women.  Even if they’re submissive, telling a trans-woman “good girl” won’t have the same sting of humiliation because you can’t emasculate a woman.

With all that said, it bares repeating that I do like trans-women (and trans-men) and I have had a number of trans-women for both submissives and also as my partners in Alpha-Couple type situations.

Truth be told though, my interest in trans-women may seem inflated to anyone who views my tumblr blog. I repost alot of images of trans-women with big, hard cocks because sissies have major appeal to the sissy community.  They’d  fetishized trans-women as being hyper feminine while still retaining the core of their masculine sexual pleasure. A huge number of sissies also like to fantasize about sucking a cock, but don’t want to go tumbling into fully homosexual porn and erotica.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag for trans-women, because fetishization can go hand in hand with objectification.  But then, it also encourages exposure, which leads to normalization.   Either way, being objectified by men is a very female experience, so it can be seen by some trans-women as one of those dubious wins.

I will acknowledge that my catering to this fetish could reasonably be seen as my being part of the problem.  I would respect anyone who thought so.  But I would also refuse to change.. because in the end, I think fantasy is healthy.  Even when it’s a fantasy that’s not very sensitive to diversity or political correctness.  I don’t have a problem with people who have what some might see as distasteful fantasies.  I just have a problem with people who don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality.

Besides, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. your erection does not necessarily define your world view.  But fair warning, if your erection makes you seem like kind of a douche bag, I’ll be watching  see how well the rest of you confirms what your dick is implying.

There ya go.. a very long answer for a very short question.. but also a subject I’m keen on.

Thank you for asking.

Alien Sissy from Outer Space! RIP David Bowie

An Alien Sissy Made Me A Mistress

Alien SissyLike most people on the planet now, I’m too young to have been around when that alien sissy known as Ziggy Stardust hit the scene with his androgynous look and his undisguised bisexuality. And I was pretty damned young when the Goblin King paired huge hair with a huge codpiece and sprinkled a ton of glittery fairy dust in between.

I don’t know of any budding, young kinkstress who didn’t fall a little in love with him at the line “I ask for so little; just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.” (Pause for a moment, please. Mistress has to swoon.)

But perhaps more importantly to me, isn’t the influence he had directly, but the influence he had on the people who influenced me. He really brilliant and influenced so many artists, writers, and musicians with his look, sound. lyrics, and candor. And because I’m a Sissy Mistress, my focus will naturally come back to the way he explored the fluidity that can be gender and sexuality.

No Original Ideas?  So  Fucking What?

Now, obviously, my favorite alien sissy isn’t the first person to have done it. People had done it before him and people have done it since… Truth be told, while I like Bowie, and love some of his song, I’ve never considered myself a fan.  But you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone under seventy who plays with gender roles who wasn’t influenced by him, either directly, or indirectly.

The New York Dolls, The Eurythmics, Divine, RuPaul, Richard O’Brien(Creator if Rocky Horror Picture Show,) Boy George, Madonna, Laverne Cox, Lady Gaga, and most importantly; my best friend from childhood,  are just a few of the people I can think of off the top of my head who have acknowledged Bowie’s interest on them.

Whether you were a fan, or just the fan of a fan, we all owe him a debt of gratitude for stepping up to take a part in the evolution of gender perception and sexual acceptance.

In the closet or out of the closet, the world is a slightly friendlier place to be a sissy these days.. And that’s in part because of Bowie and those he impacted.

You still may not be able to come out of the closet in your small, country town, but you can come talk to me.. and because of that, you’re life is vastly improved, now isn’t it? 😀

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RIP David Bowie

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