Open Letter to a Wannabe Sissy Idiot

Sissy Idiot Attention Seeking

Sissy Idiot LetterAs the world is full of idiots, my world is home to the sissy idiot.

As you can imagine, I get my fair share of fan mail.  It’s always nice to hear from admirers and most are mature and respectful.  I have a great time chatting with people who share my interests and anyone who follows my Twitter or my Tumblr (NSFW… AT ALL) can see how often I chat with sissies. (Go ahead, message me for yourself and see.)

That said, there are a certain number of people determined to be a sissy idiot.  These people lack any sense of personal accountability.  Even to the extent that they won’t own what turns them on.

I get that sex is an awkward subject for many people and it can be embarassing.  I understand that religious morality sometimes conflicts with personal sexuality.

What I don’t get is people who try to pretend they’re not sissies, even while they’re surfing the sissy sites.  Why contact a sissification mistress only to feign disinterest in it?

Doing things like this makes you a sissy idiot.

When you take so many steps to explore sissification, it’s hard to pretend you don’t want it. We can all see through that lie like a pair of sheer stockings.

And making a big deal about how you don’t want to be seduced into it, when nobody has tried to seduce you?  Well, that’s just being an attention whore.

When people message me and say “I’m not into this, but tell me how you’d do it,” my answer is always “telling you how I’d do it is what I charge for.”   You may as well say “I’m not interested in buying the book, but tell me the story.”

Sissy Idiot Disappointment

I have to be honest.  If you’re into the whole “truck me/force me” roleplay, I’ll disappoint you.  I don’t care to tempt any person into anything.  If you want what I’m selling, I’m happy to offer it. If you don’t, I respect that.  I don’t care to push my brand of kink on anyone.  Just like I don’t want anyone pushing their kind of strange on me.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t care any more than I care if you like tea while I like coffee.  We don’t all have to drink from the same damned cup.

Most importantly, I don’t care.

I have thousands of customers.  If I just let them know I have new sissy mp3s out, they will buy. Why would I spend time trying to convince one person to buy anything?

Look, there are plenty of people who are into the whole “seduce and destroy” kink.  I’m not one of them.  No shade to those who like it.  It’s just not my thing.

If that’s what you’re looking for, I wish you the best of luck in finding it.  I don’t think you’ll have much trouble. There are plenty of very talented Mistresses on Niteflirt.

Go get ’em.