Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Been

Well, nobody knows except my latest partner in crime, Master Gage.

Gage is a friend, lover, and all round bad influence who gets to talk to me for free, unlike you losers, and better still, gets to deliver the cream pies you all salivate over.

He and I tag-team poor little bitches who desperately need it (yes, I mean you, Damien)  in between wrestling with me for Dominance.  Sometimes, he pretends to let me win, and sometimes I pretend to let him win, but mostly, we just have mad, hot, thrashing sex.

It’s much more than you could ever manage with me, isn’t it, my pet?

What you could only dream of doing, he does, and does well.  The cock you wish you had, the pussy you wish you could fuck..  But you don’t.. so you can’t.  Oh, if you’re a good little bitch for me, maybe we’ll let you watch, maybe we’ll even record our time together and let you hear what it’s like when a woman is fucked by a real man.  Maybe, just maybe when he and I are done with each other, I’ll even let him have you.

Be a good pet, say your prayers, and if you’re lucky, we’ll let you watch as we get together and laugh at what a loser you are.

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