New 2 You Hypno-fetish: A Re-release and sale on MP3s You May Not Have Heard

Did you miss the Service Is Bliss: Erotic Hypnosis MP3 last month? 

You weren’t alone.  Due to either a glitch, or human error (I admit nothing,) the links to last month’s release of the third in the five part, Total Slave Make-over Series were misdirected and no one was able to buy the Service Is Bliss: Erotic Hypnosis mp3.

For those of you who need just this one, last, ellusive MP3 to complete the collection, here’s your button.. I promise it works this time.

Never let it be said I leave my pets lacking.  I am now making up for the teaseof keeping you waiting, and then some.



Hypno-Fetish Total Slave Make-over Series: 5 Parts, 100 Minutes, 50% Off

If you’re missing more than two of the series, I’ve got a treat for you.

This week I’ve put together a premium promotion on a popular hypno-fetish series, the Total Slave Make-Over five part series is now packaged together for half the original publishing price.  MP3s in the series are titled Blank Slate, Utter Devotion, Service is Bliss, Beauty is Pain and Complete Obedience.  Isn’t it time you became the total slave you’ve always wanted to be?