Natural Born Sissy

Small Penis HumiliationHere’s a biology lesson for ya, sissy.

In the animal kingdom, there are sissy critters. 

Yup, that’s right.  There are little sissy birds and reptiles running around on this planet all dressed up to look like their female counterparts.

Just like the panty-clad human sissies I train, these animal pansies are usually heterosexual and really, really dig the chicks.  So why, you ask, would they have developed feminine traits as opposed to the big, colorful plumage that drives all the birdy girls wild? 

Well, it’s simple. Again, much like my ass licking panty-waists, they’re just not big and butch enough to score some pussy by the normal means.  So in an attempt to be sneaky, they either develop female traits or keep their juvenile colorings, which are similar to the females’.  With their gender disguised, the effeminate males are able to get closer to the girly birds who would have otherwise shunned them. 

What’s more, the naturally dominant males will ignore the sissy birds as being no threat.  Of course, the masculine bird will also think the effeminate bird is a female and try to breed him.

All that sounds like it would be birdy heaven to you, doesn’t it, Bitch?

Have you learned anything from all this?

I should hope not.  While you may well be a natural-born sissy, I’m not a fucking bird, and if you try to get that clitty cock next to me I’ll have it sucked off by a newly trained sissy bitch with an overbite and a vicious retainer.

Now, if you want to learn more about human sissification, we’re on.  You can get those lessons from my Niteflirt Listing.  I’ll see you there.