Mistress Humiliation

Reward: Lost DildoNo, I didn’t type that wrong.

I didn’t mean sissies, I meant Mistress.. as in yours truly.  Because few things in life are more embarrassing than going on vacation with your lover to a spa resort owned by his business associate and coming back to find you’re missing a bag that had carried a good number of your toys.

And by toys, I mean specifically:

  • 1 30 inch flogger
  • 1 14 inch pussy whip
  • 3 butt plugs of varying sizes
  • 1 strap-on harness
  • 1 7 inch dildo
  • 1 cupping set
  • 1 set of cuffs
  • 1 3 ring collar
  • 10 condoms
  • 1 tube of Astroglide Gel

I’m sure more things will be added to the list as I remember them, but that’s all I can think of for now.  Thank god I didn’t have all my stuff in that bag.   There were plenty of butt plugs, restraints, and dildos and vibes to go around when I got home.

Though I have to say, as happy as I am to still have all my favorites, (I’d have noticed any of my Tantus stuff missing the moment it was out of reach,) it’s a bit mortifying to wait for my lover’s friend to realize who the bag o’ tricks belongs to.

There’s a small hope the resort staff won’t know who it actually belongs to, since we checked in under a pseudonym and it will all just go away under a cloud of speculation and mystery.  But even that isn’t a guarantee, as my lover is a bit well known and was recognized by at least some of the staff while we were there. When people who saw him realize his name wasn’t in their computer, it won’t take a brainiac to figure out who was in the room registered to “Inigo Montoya.”

In the mean time, we just wait and see if we get any calls or interesting packages.

Sooooo… that’s been my summer so far.

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