Mind Control Hypno-fetish MP3: Losing Your Mind

mind controlHypno-fetish Mind Control: Your Wasted Mind is Mine Now.

You know you must have lost your mind to chase after such a destructive mind control and hypno-fetish fantasies.  You know you must be completely mad to be here, reading this.. thinking of buying my latest mind control and hypno-fetish mp3, even though you know it will only further your mind control and hypno-fetish addiction.  You know you must have lost complete control.  Well you know what they say, pet..  it’s time to admit you have no control and surrender yourself to a higher power.

I am your higher power, Poppet, and this is your audio thorazine.  I’ll take the control you’ve lost… control of your mind, control of your body, and control of your life.  It will all be alright and you need never think again.

Come.. get yourself a nice, cozy straight jacket and a comfy padded room.. you know you’re a Shayniac, and this is your mind control and hypno-fetish addiction.

mind control



Mind Control and Hypno-fetish MP3s, customized just for you.

On occasion, I take suggestions for mp3s that pique my interest and may appeal to my usual listeners.  For those who want something more personalized, or something I don’t think I could sell to my listeners, you can still get a custom mp3.

The cost is $4.99 per minute with a usual running time of 20 minutes.  A deposit of 50% of the estimated final cost is due before  recording begins with the remainder do upon completion.   Turn around from the time a deposit is paid and the time you receive your mp3 is usually within 2 business days.   It’s best to email me at niteflirt phone sex  to be sure I’ll do the recording you have in mind and confirm I’m not on vacation that week.

mind control