Mean Mistress? Me?

Mean Mistress Me

I’m not much of a mean Mistress.  I don’t suppose that’s news to many of you.  But I recently received an email from someone asking if I do anything a little darker than my usual, playful domination.

Check out that free gift recording up at the top of the page.  You’ll see.   My usual tone leans toward the playful.  I can sometimes grow a bit harsher toward the pinnacle of my recordings, but that’s more of a passionate tone than a mean one.

I get that tone in about half of my recordings, so I couldn’t even tell him which stories had it in them.  Even when I get like that though,  you may call me demanding, but I don’t think I’d qualify as a mean Mistress.

Meaner Mistresses and Masters

Slave of a mean mistress

For kink with a  darker theme,  I told him (and I’m telling you, for those who have an interest in it) about  a school of BDSM called Gorean.

There are many reasons I wouldn’t recommend a Gorean lifestyle to anyone.  It’s misogynistic, unrealistc, and relies on a set of rules created by a fictional world from some pulp novels to dictate the rules of engagement.  Oh… and it allows people to become “insta-Doms” by requiring any man to be called Master regardless of if has ever inspired a moment of submissive feelings in another person.

BUT.. there are some aspect of Gorean play that a sissy sub exploring her options for debasement might enjoy.

Gorean submissives are truly objectified.  They’re treated like slaves and dehumanized as little more than livestock.  They’re referred to without names, as simply “Girl” or “boy.”  They don’t even refer to themselves with an expression of personal identity.  There is no “me,” or “I” in the vocabulary of the Gorean slave.  They refer to themselves simply as “this girl” or “this boy.”

All men and women are referred to as Master or Mistress, unless they are slaves.  A distinction is made for the slave’s personal owner who is  distinguished by calling them “my Mistress” as opposed to simply “Mistress.”

Despite the problems I have with it, Gorean slavery can be beautiful.  It’s very ritualized and there are many rules to learn for slaves and Dominants alike.  For exampple, the positions in which a slave kneels and whether she keeps her knees together or apart are all dictated by her station as a slave.. and what services she’s required to silent offer to the masters around her.

While it’s never been my cup of tea,  I’ve been to Gorean parties and they’ve inspired a few of my stories.  In them, I treat my pet as little more than a piece of fuckmeat.

If you’d like to explore them, the first is called

Your Utter Debasement for My Enjoyment


and the other was called simply




I hope you like them

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