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Hypnotic Mistresses: Following More than the Swinging Watch

hypnotic mistressesHypnotic Mistresses

Hypnotic Mistresses, for those not in the know, don’t just spend their days dangling watches in front of unsuspecting victims to turn them into their mind control fuck-zombies.

Well, not all of us anyway.  A lot of hypnotic Mistresses only, like me for example, only do it at parties to entertain our other guests.  After all, it does make for a great floor show.  Who doesn’t want a mind control fuck-zombie at their party?  I’ll tell ya.. no one! That’s who.

Hypnotic Mistresses at Work

But no.  As lovely as that scenario would be and as much as I may daydream about having legions of dressed up, lubed up, skewered and fucked sissy cum dumps ready to service my lover, my friends, and myself.. that’s just not the way reality works, even for hypnotic Mistresses,  whose realities are most people’s fantasies.

For most of us hypnotic Mistresses, every hour we get to spend enjoying the fruity fruits of our labor was preceded by dozens of hours of work.  We have to learn and stay up to date in our craft, promote ourselves online and in person, network with others who share our interests to stay current with trends, information, theories and technology in hypnotism and other overlapping fetishes.

Hypnotic mistresses even have to do a bit of market research to know what trends our audiences are following and what they’re growing bored with.  It was this kind of consideration that prompted my deviant little mind toward my most recent hypno-fetish MP3.

This week’s delicious descent into erotic mind control bliss is a little something that tickled my mind and my libido while I was considering what kinds of things I could present to my beloved audience of cock obsessed kinksters.  My goal was to put a little variation into my usual theme of sissification and faggotization.  Of course, I really, really love sissification and faggotization, so they, along with strap-on fucking, are always going to be the main features of all my MP3s.. but aside from that, I’m always thinking of new and unusual ways to get my little sissy faggots to line up for the cock like pigs to the trough.   So it was that while doing my market research this week, it occurred to me I’d rather just bend the market to my will than to appeal to their interests.. let’s face it, hypnotic mistresses, and mistresses in general, kind of prefer to have things go their way than to cater to the whims of others, even if we do, ultimately, use people’s desires to get what we want anyway.   As I daydreamed, thinking of how I would go about turning my research subjects (IE: those who love hypnotic mistresses) into my little puppets, the fantasy began to weave itself into a surreal story of experimentation and manipulation with the listener set as the center of my depraved machinations.

I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.. if not, at least I’ll have gotten your $15 for this 22 minute faggotizing mind control MP3 chock full of trannies, cock sucking and mistress controlling your mind and your body.

hypnotic mistresses

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The button below will let you know if I’m taking calls or if you can email me to make an appointment.. go on. click it.. you know you want to.  After all, how many hypnotic Mistresses are there in the world, much less one who’s going to take you deep down into your dirty little cock-desiring fantasies.  Not many, that’s how many.  I’m a golden fucking unicorn for a sissy like you.  Ok, well.. me and the few dozen other hypnotic mistresses who do it.. but you’re here now.. go on.. do it. Dooooo eeeeeet!
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