Hypno-Fetish MP3: Sissy Center of Attention

Sissy Hypno-fetish

We both know I’ve been right inside your mind.  I know your thoughts.  Hell, I’ve placed a few of them in there myself in previous phone sessions and hypno-fetish mp3s.

I know how you’ve always craved more attention than you’ve gotten.  Always wanted to be able to command attention from a room and be the focus of all eyes and ears. Well sissy, isn’t it lucky for you that you have a Hypnotrix who cares for you and wants to see you develop as a person and a sissy slave.

When hypno-fetish meets your inner attention whore.

In today’s sissy hypno-fetish mp3, you’ll learn to garner attention and recognize when you’ve have it already.  It’s a sissy exhibitionist’s dream come true as I take you through a little creative visualization and erotic hypnosis to bring that inner sissy out to the front and center.  Just like you’ve always craved but rarely admitted, even to yourself.



Hypno-fetish by phone with Shayna

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