Sissification Hypnosis MP3: Sissy Center of Attentionsi

sissification hypnosisSissification Hypnosis Is Your Life

Sissisfication hypnosis rules you.  We both know it.  I’ve been right inside your mind and I know your filthy little thoughts.  Hell, I’ve placed a few of them in there myself in previous sissification hypnosis phone sessions and sissification hypnosis mp3s.

The bottom line is, I know how you’ve always craved it and all the attention which comes with it. The attention you get during the session, the attention you get from the people who later knotice how much more of a mincing sissy you’ve become.  You love and desire all of it.  Sadly though, you’ve never been fully satisfied.  You’ve never quite gotten all the sissy inspired attention you’ve yearned for.  You’ve always wanted to be able to command attention from a room and be the focus of all eyes and ears. Well sissy, isn’t it lucky for you that you have a Hypnotrix who cares for you and wants to see you develop as a person and a sissy slut.

When sissification hypnosis meets your inner attention whore.

In today’s sissification hypnosis mp3, you’ll learn to garner attention and recognize when you’ve have it already.  It’s a sissy exhibitionist’s dream come true as I take you through a little creative visualization and erotic hypnosis to bring that inner sissy out to the front and center.  Just like you’ve always craved but rarely admitted, even to yourself.


sissification hypnosis


Sissification hypnosis by phone with Shayna

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