How Are You Prepared To Please Your Mistress?

Mistress Isn’t A Mind Reader

Whenever I meet a new pet, I ask one, simple question. “How are you prepared to please?”

 It’s not a trick question but I’m not merely asking what qualifies you to be a servant, slave, submissive, disciple, or pet.  I’m asking what you hope for and expect out of a session with me.mistress is no mind reader

I ask because there are as many ways to submit as there are submissives, and then some.  Each person brings something new to the table. I treat no two submissives in exactly the same way, because each is an individual and each has different desires, uses, and weaknesses.

Every once in a while, I get a call from someone who, for one reason or another, doesn’t want to tell me what it is he’s looking for in Ds.  Either through a sense of shyness, or simple mule headedness, he hoardes his fantasies, expecting the Mistress to know how to control him without offering him having to make any confessions.

Such behavior is inexcusably ignorant. I am not a psychic. I’ve said before, each pet keeps the handle to their proverbial leash in a different part of their psyche. The fun is in finding it and giving a little yank. Clearly, there is no way for a Mistress to know, from the moment she answers the phone, what secrets lie in a submissive’s heart if he is unwilling to tell her.

I just got off the phone with a silly little tart who, within one minute had refused to tell me what interests he was calling to pursue, except to say he had served a Mistress before and wanted to “try something new.”  When it was pointed out to him that I could hardly know what was new to him if he refused to tell me what he’d done before, he said “no Mistress has ever been strong enough to get me to..” and then he ended the call.

I understand that sometimes, the appeal of submission is the ability to surrender control and with it, the sense of responsibility.  But there really is one thing you have to be responsible for.  If you are fighting your submission to the point you refuse to admit by word or by gesture, what you want, it is not the Mistress who is not strong enough.  Until you can claim some responsibility in bringing on your own pleasure, you’ll never find the exquisite release you’re hoping for.  And you’ll waste not only your own time, but the Mistresses you pester with your unrealistic and unreasonable expectations.

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