Fucked Like a Girl?

ffmailI just had someone ask me MP3s  that take a sissy through the experience of being fucked like a girl and since it’s a question I’ve had before, I thought I’d post a short list here.

Now admittedly, some of these focus more on being a girly cocksucker than fucker.. but somehow, I think you’ll like them just as well, you dirty, dirty girly-man.



I know how badly you wish to be a proper sissy and a real girl. That’s why I’ve worked so hard to bring you all those feminine experiences in my feminizing hypnosis mp3s, from school-girl crushes, slumber parties and developing breasts, to learning a sissified trade like being a maid or a secretary, or even just going out for a day at the spa. You’ve gotten to experience them all through my little recordings, haven’t you pet? You’ve even gotten to losing your virginity to me… and then to a man.. and then to a few men.

But one experience has escaped you so far in all these feminizing hypnosis mp3s, And it’s a big one in a sissy-boy’s life. It’s her wedding day. What could be more enticing to your sissy soul than that most feminine and exquisite of dresses, the wedding gown? You and I both know that in your sissified heart of hearts, your dream wedding would feature you as the bride. Well here’s your chance, Petal.. Just close your eyes, take a deep, relaxing breath, and join me. Come walk down the aisle to you sissy destiny and say “I do” to the wedding night in today’s feminizing hypnosis mp3.


Is there any woman bitchier than a popular girl? The whips and ropes of the most sadistic of Dommes can seem like fluffy bunny kisses when placed along side the kind of Machiavellian machinations of a sorority sister who’s jockeying for power and social status. Frankly, I find it inspiring. This weeks sissifying hypnosis mp3 takes you into a dream where you become a sorority pledge, charged with keeping the fellow fraternity house entertained. Will you make it through the humping and the hazing to become a sister of Omega Pi? Or will you puss out and never, but never, have a social life during your college career? I think we both know the answer to that, you sissy cocksucker. You can’t wait to prove yourself and become one of the popular sluts. All you have to do is click and pay the $20 for this 20 minute femminizing hypnosis mp3.


You’ve heard it countless times about the superior pleasure of the female orgasm and envied women their intense, long lasting, and recurring orgasms. It’s all a part of why it’s so much better to be us than you.. and now, thanks to your beloved Mistress Shayna, you too can experience the powerful pleasure of the female orgasm.. all you have to surrender is your manhood.. and that’s not so very much to ask now is it?


a little break from the norm. Instead of taking you through a dream world of sissification and forced faggotry, this little gem is a simple deepener and intensifier to bring out your inner girl as you sleep. It’s intended to play on a loop as you sleep, so that not a minute of your day is wasted in shaping you toward your girly goals. There’s no real beginning, and certainly no end to the feminization you’ll experience through the night as you listen to this 10 minute MP3 on a loop, taking you continuously deeper and deeper into that blissfully feminine state. After a night of listening to this feminizing hypnosis MP3, you’ll find it harder and harder to ignore those teasing, tingling, girly tendencies that have already begin to fill your thoughts.



A little change of season, a little change of gender, but you’ll still bust a nut in the feminizing hypnosis mp3. Cum and get ‘em while they’re hot. Even without you’re balls, it’s a damned fine day for being a mind slave.