Freebie Of The Week

I’ve been crazy busy this past week.. I have more sissy pictures to upload to the sissy gallery.  After all these years, sissy Jessica will be “coming out” in my gallery.. no more blurred faces or images cropped to hide her identity.  Look for her later this week.

I also have Sissy-in-a-cage, Shelley to show you.  I love her latex.

I have little-dicked bitches to check up on over at and I have a picture of faggot John sucking a cock I really *must* send off to his wife for him… but this will all have to wait.  Right now, I’m off to torment a pony-boy who simply adores my spurs.

In the mean time, enjoy this transcript of some freebie humiliation I gave to a little loser who hasn’t a clue but somehow managed to find me on my messenger.

Loser whose name I’ve changed to “Loser”: hi

shayna_domina :  hello

Loser whose name I’ve changed to “Loser”: on ur cam pls

shayna_domina :  heh why?

Loser whose name I’ve changed to “Loser”: i wanna see u ok

shayna_domina : lol why?

Loser whose name I’ve changed to “Loser”: bc i dont wanna speakin to a ghost

shayna_domina :  lots of people want to see me, but I’m not a performing monkey… and I don’t come when I’m summoned

shayna_domina: I don’t know what kind of sweet little things do as you ask, simply because you ask it, but I’m definitely not one of them

Loser whose name I’ve changed to “Loser”: on ur cam pls if u are not a player

shayna_domina :  you contacted me.. I don’t give a fuck if you think I’m a player or not.. I’m a Dominatrix.. I don’t do anyone’s bidding.  If you want to know what I look like, go visit my website, there’s a picture there.. if you want to see me perform for you.. you can wait in a very long line

Loser whose name I’ve changed to “Loser”: my friend i hv u ok

Loser whose name I’ve changed to “Loser”: bt be nice ok

shayna_domina : be nice?  You have seriously misunderstood who you’ve contacted.. I’m not nice.. I’m a bitch by trade.. and I really don’t care what some stranger half way across the world thinks of me because I won’t jump at his command.. while you’re telling people to be nice, why don’t you think about your own behavior in trying to push and insult a stranger into getting on cam when she politely said “no”

shayna_domina : I hope to god other women you try that shit on have enough dignity to tell you where to go

Loser whose name I’ve changed to “Loser”is typing a message.

Loser whose name I’ve changed to “Loser”: well ur profile on facebook said u are in portland n u told me u re in us so i saw u as a lier

shayna_domina : oh wow..

shayna_domina : Portland is a city in the US

shayna_domina : and you said you’re in the “Country” of London.. but didn’t know the county right next to you… so.. why don’t you buy a globe, and try again

shayna_domina : ok.. Seriously. do you not know what a Dominatrix is?  Or are you just acting this dumb so I’ll humiliate you for free?

shayna_domina : ….. take your time, look up the big words before you say anything more.  That’s what Wikipedia is for, dear.

shayna_domina :  I’m a Dominatrix.. it means I’m paid to cause men pain and humiliation for a very comfortable living.. consider this a freebie.  And feel free to comment on my facebook page about what a bitch I am to you.. I love word of mouth advertising

shayna_domina :  good bye, loser

Savor the forced faggotization with Shayna’s Forced-biphone Sex.