Five Dollar Fantasies This Weekend

You lucky, lucky pets.

My main computer died yesterday, taking with it the MP3 I had set for release today.  While I know that sounds like a sad thing for all you cock-loving little Shayniacs, it’s really a blessing in disguise.

For this weekend only, I’ve decided to put all my goodies on sale for just $5.  

Every mp3, video, and assignment is the same flat rate now.  Most of those MP3s are about 20 minutes long, and some goodies have more than one mp3 in them, so it’s a great time to get in there and make sure your Shayna collection is complete.

Also this weekend, I’ve lowered the price of my calls to just $.99 per minute.. but that’s a bit of a cheek to be honest, because I won’t be logged in for more than a couple of hours today, and likely nothin else for the rest of the weekend.  Still.. if you can catch me, you can have me for this unrecedented price.

Click here to heck out the Goodies tab of my profile and see for yourself what’s on sale today.

Have a fun weekend.