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Hypno-fetish mp3s for Your Sissifying Needs

Hypno-fetish mp3s by Shayna

hypno-fetish mp3sMistress Shayna Domina has sissified and faggotized thousands with her Feminizing Hypno-fetish mp3s.  She’s put together a list of some of her most popular titles to get you started.  Mp3s are $10 to $20 and run usually run about twenty minutes.

Start your descent into blissful mind-fuckery with these Feminizing Hypno-fetish mp3s.

For more titles, including some videos and Sissy Assignments, check out the Goodies tab on her Niteflirt Profile Page.


Custom Feminizing Hypno-fetish mp3s

For custom MP3s, I charge $4.99 per minute. Half of the estimated final cost is due as a deposit to begin work and the rest is paid at time of delivery.

Recordings usually last twenty minutes, give or take a couple of minutes and are delivered to your Niteflirt inbox within two business days of the deposit having been paid.

So, as an example, an average recording may be estimated at 20 minutes, for $4.99 per minute at a total cost of $99.80. A deposit of $49.90 would be due to begin work. Within two days, you would receive your mp3 in a pay-to-view mail for the remaining cost, which would be anywhere from $39.92 to $59.88, depending on the actual run time of the final product.

Sometimes a customer asks for sound effects, or more than one track with voices on it. These requests cost extra and are subject to approval prior to the work being accepted.

Sometimes, a customer may want a custom mp3 made, but doesn’t need it to be personalized with a name. In these cases, I may offer to record the mp3 for general release to my audience. In this case, the cost of the mp3 would be my customary $20.00 for new releases and would be released sometime during the following weekend.

Contact Shayna to order your custom mp3