Erotic Hypnosis mp3: Utter Devotion

Erotic Hypnosis Swirl

An Erotic Hypnosis MP3 to bring out the delicious, delightful, devotion in you.

As promised, today’s addicting, mind twisting, and erotic hypnosis fetish mp3 is the next step in becoming the complete submissive you’ve always wanted to be.  Serene comfort and erotic bliss await as you surrender your heart and mind to Mistress Shayna in this erotic hypnosis MP3.


Erotic Hypnosis: Utter Devotion is the second in a five part series on total slave reconstruction.


While they work best as a part of your ongoing training to achieve the perfect submissive state, each MP3 in the series also works well as a stand-alone product.  Each mp3 in the series addressed a different aspect of the submissive mind and personality. And each mp3 will bring you into that deeply erotic hypnotic trance you so crave, using your own compulsions and desires to make you in to a better, more submissive slave.

If you haven’t already begun, you can tart your journey.. or is it descent, with the first mp3 Blank Slate: Hypno-fetish mp3.

Go on.. what have you got to lose?  Aside from your heart, your mind, your soul, and your free will, that is.  It’s nothing compared to what you will gain when you’ve achieved that exquisite freedom which only comes from complete submission.  Surrender, pet.  And be made free.



And once you’re addicted and can’t get enough, you can always call Mistress Shayna and speak to her personally though her erotic hypnosis listing on NiteFirt.

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