Erotic Hypnosis MP3: Service is Bliss

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Blissful Erotic Hypnosis

What could be more blissful and productive than an erotic hypnosis mp3 entitled Service is Bliss?  I’ll tell ya what.. nothing! That’s what!

Today’s erotic hypnosis mp3 will twist your mind and contort your sexuality so that all forms of service, from the most sexually explicit fuck-toy duties, all the way down to the most mundane things like cleaning for Mistress, will become delightfully, erotically charged experiences.  There will be no end to your productivity, nor to your sexual bliss as you listen, and relisten, to this erotic hypnosis mp3.


erotic hypnosis


Erotic hypnosis can be, quite simply, the most exquisite and intense experience a submissive can have.  After all, it’s easy enough to control the body, by using the carrot and stick that are sexual arousal and pain.  And it’s simple enough to make the body obey through the use of force or coercion.. but to control the mind.. to make a submissive’s very thoughts and desires reflect the wishes of a Dominant.  Now that is complete control.  After all, as I always say, if you control the head, the body will follow.

So now that we’ve established that it doesn’t get any better, it’s time for you to join your mind controlled brethren and surrender your thoughts, your actions, and your sexuality to Mistress Shayna.

More Erotic Hypnosis, Full Slavery Training

For those of you keeping track, today’s mp3 is the third in a five part Total Slave Reconstruction series.

While each works as a stand-alone product, creating that state of heavenly submission best acheived through erotic hypnosis,there is, of course, a more complete experience when you listen to all five in the series.

For the complete sense of freedom that comes with complete submission, you can begin with the other MP3s in the series.

Number 1 of 5 is Blank Slate:

Create the perfect canvas for the perfect Mistress.

erotic hypnosis


Number 2 of 5 is Utter Devotion

Know the emotion of devotion and the intensity of it’s lustful expression.

erotic hypnosis


A Special treat for my hypno-fetish freaks

It’s a bit sooner than my usual irregularly scheduled podcast, but hey.. I was thinking of you.  So here you go.[podcast][/podcast]


Personal Erotic Hypnosis by Shayna

For those who need more personal attention, you can always call Shyana on her hypno-fetish phone sex line at niteflirt, for the very best in erotic hypnosis.


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