Erotic Hypnosis mp3: Beauty is Pain

The fourth erotic hypnosis mp3 in the five part total slave reconstruction series.

Beauty is pain and with erotic hypnosis mp3, you’re about to become a stunner.

In this week’s erotic hypnosis lesson you’ll learn to embrace and to take pleasure in erotic pain and submission.  By learning to relish pain and turn it into deep, intense arousal, you’ll find yourself that much closer to becoming the perfect pet you’ve always wanted to be.

erotic hypnosis


erotic hypnosis

This MP3 is the fourth in a five part erotic hypnosis series on Total Slave Reconstruction.

More Erotic Hypnosis

In case you missed them, the previous three are listed below.  Each works as a stand-alone erotic hypno-fetish mp3, but all together, the recreate you into the perfect slave you’ve always yearned to be.


Number 1 of 5 is Blank Slate:

Create the perfect canvas for the perfect Mistress.

erotic hypnosis


Number 2 of 5 is Utter Devotion

Know the emotion of devotion and the intensity of it’s lustful expression.

erotic hypnosis


Number 3 of 5 is Service is Bliss

erotic hypnosis


On a side note, I love the image in today’s post.  It depicts the results of a practice known as giving a submissive his “wings.”  I do it with a flogger for a set of wings that go down the back and flanks for a more butterfly wings shape.  The Domina who did this image used a knife to get the lovely, clear marks and crisp definition.   This was a fabulous job done by Mistress Sara Eileen.  She created a work of art in flesh.