Controlled Urges: Hypno-fetish MP3


I know it isn’t easy, Pet, controlling the urges which consume you, enflame you, distract you from your life and your goals.  You’re simply out of control, aren’t you?  Never fear, Poppet.  Mistress will take control and make it all better.

My latest Hypno-fetish MP3 will

correct those desires which cry for attention during undesirable times.  Surrendering control to me will allow you to go about your day productively, happily, and without distractions from your libido, until you can explore those feelings at controlled times and under controlled situations, because Mistress loves control.  And you love to give it to her, don’t you Poppet?


Under Mistress’ caring control, you will experience the most exquisite and intense orgasms, made more enjoyable for the wait.

As I always say, Poppet, obedience is its own reward, and when Mistress takes your urges and your mind under her control, the reward will be great.



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