Condense the Pleasure, Condense the Cock:Small Penis Humiliation Hypnosis mp3

Mistress is going to take such good care of you today, Poppet.  

You just sit back and relax and I’m going to make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before.  it’s gonna be pure, uncut,crystalline arousal and you’ve never felt anything like it before.  Of course, there’s always a trade off, and this time, the price will be the size of that nubbin you call a dick.. but what’s a little sacrifice like that in the face of so much pleasure?  hmm?  Go on, Poppet.  Make the trade.





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3 thoughts on “Condense the Pleasure, Condense the Cock:Small Penis Humiliation Hypnosis mp3”

  1. I just found your website browsing for locals on fetlife. You are a great combination of cruel and hilarious! I never knew I could get so aroused by a voice and pics of ladyboys. Well, I guess it’s time to jack off but I’ll certainly be following your future work. Regards!

    1. 🙂 glad to hear it. I’ll have to go look into that account sometime. I’m sure I lost the password years ago. Welcome to the site.. and yes.. girls can get off on pics of lady-boys. If you want a closer look at what makes me cum, you can also try my personal porn blog over on tumblr it’s chock full o’ feminizing, strap-on fucking, faggotizing fun.

  2. Oh… my… gawd!!!

    This file is awesome Mistress Shayna…. THANK YOU for making it!

    Your giggle is just SO nice to hear and just adds so much to the feelings of helplessness and humiliation… 🙂

    i REALLY enjoyed this file and the feelings it creates… feeling so aroused and at the same time so helpless as things happen… so turned on and getting even more turned on… so wonderfully wicked!!!

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