Complete Obedience: Hypno-fetish

Complete Obedience, Complete Bliss, Complete Hypno-fetish

At last, the hypno-fetish mp3 you’ve been waiting for since my Total Slave Reconstruction series began.

The Complete Obedience hyono-fetish mp3 is here to turn you into the mindless drone and liberated slave you’ve always wanted to be.  No thoughts, no concerns, just simples acceptance and obedience.

 Five Hypno-Fetish MP3s

This is the final installment in my five part, Complete Slave Reconstruction hypno-fetish series and the one which turns you into an exquisite example of the perfect, no-limits slave.

Surrender your will and accept that your life is no longer under your own control.


Previous MP3s in the series were:


Blank Slate:

Create the perfect canvas for the perfect Mistress.


Utter Devotion

Know the emotion of devotion and the intensity of it’s lustful expression.


Service is Bliss


and Beauty is Pain

Because it’s not just about making you pretty and turning you into a sex toy.